Youtube Video Editor – Youtube Video Editor Gone – Let’s Talk About The Big Elephant In The Room ☑️

hey how you doing
it’s Eddy and today I’m going to talk to you about the demise of the YouTube
video editor I searched for some videos about it and people were upset it was a
nice tool not so complicated it helped you trim and make effects – it’s dead
you’ll have to find another editing tool in order to edit your videos but people
don’t talk about the big thing because it’s a big move and YouTube just
minimized it: “we’re just taking off the video editor”… and nobody is addressing
the big elephant that is in the room and what is it? The video editor wasn’t just
an editing tool it was a database a database of Creative Commons videos, you
could take videos from there and use it as your own and now, they’re not gone the
Creative Commons, you can make a search filter by Creative Commons and you’ll
find them but it was so simple taking a video and uploading it to your channel
in a matter of five minutes… it renders you know and we’re not talking about it
right? It’s like the Library of Congress has vanished and you’re worried about a
computer or something like that. A database is gone! not completely gone but
you can’t upload as fast as you could if you wish to use Creative Commons videos what you have to
do is… I’m reading it from the YouTube help: “to find Creative Commons material
to use in your videos filter your search results by feature=Creative
Commons you can send a private message to the uploader if you find a video that
is licensed as Creative Commons to ask if they could share the original video
file with you”. That’s quite a headache and now let’s talk about the reason that
they did that. YouTube are not stupid okay? The problem with that I think that
there were too many “instant channels” with this database you could have a
functioning full-fledged functioning channel in a matter of a week or so and
people paid money to gurus that told them: go to the video editor, find the
videos that suits your niche, upload them, monetize and make money.
No more instant channels okay? and why is that? It happened to me a couple of days
before I saw two similar thumbnails, two similar titles, it had the picture of
Morgan Freeman – the lecture that you need to hear something like that, different
channels – same video it’s not original content it’s okay it was okay to do that
it’s still okay to do it now it’s just recycling it’s not a bad thing
you could do it you can still do it but you have to work for it you need to
obtain the video file it’s a big thing and nobody talks about, a
database is gone and don’t complain about an editing tool and you can find
various editing softwares a lot of them are free that can do better than this tool
okay? so second reason why they did that the first reason was YouTube wants more
original content and they didn’t like the instant channels I think second
reason is YouTube’s facilitated this thing there was a blue button: “create video”
sorry, it’s hot in here create video and that’s it now,
YouTube wash their hands off it you’re on your own and they took a lot
of weight off their backs with the Content ID and Copyright strikes they
will still do that but they just narrowed it down so those two things… oh!
I have a prediction that can happen or not, it could happen if it will be played
right. “Networks” the flourishment of networks. A Network if you don’t know a
network is… these are companies, I’m not affiliated with any network that keep an
eye on new channels that start to make money and they approach you, you can
approach them it’s two ways and in the in the past they offered you a custom
thumbnail now everybody can do it or the changing of your homepage basically they
took a cut of your Adsense revenue I don’t know the share because I was never
affiliated or partnered with them they gave you maybe free music okay? now if
they play this right and they will offer some creative commons videos, public
domain videos to new channels people may consider signing up with them
I don’t know why but you can. Oh! and they can they can approach the video file
owner instead of you, another service that they can offer they can see a
rise in the signing ups to them. okay that was it yes I talked about it that’s
it I just had to talk about the elephant that nobody addressed and it was stupid
so go and check my website: F-IL-8-MARKETING.COM always when I say: “com” the translation is: “calm” (spelling the word calm) C A L M Diction! COM COM… dot com so Like, Share, subscribe, comment that’s it I think I
said everything I had about this and see you in the next video ok. Peace guys and
women of course 🙂

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  1. Flint Given October 24, 2017 at 4:39 am

    I totally agree,it also ruins people who did compilation videos. U can't just find a bunch of ur videos and mash them together. U now have 2 individually download them and then use an editing software to do it now. I know there is a okay way to get the files from ur videos off utube but it is a hassle compared to b4.

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