What Is Reality? [Official Film]

– I want to tell you about the universe. What it is, how it came to be, what its building blocks are. I want to tell you how the
future creates the past, which then creates the future. But first, I want to
tell you about crystals. You might be surprised
to know that a crystal isn’t an expensive piece of glass or a chandelier in some fancy dining room. The word crystal simply means
a pattern that is periodic. Look at this checkerboard pattern. See how it continues to spread out infinitely in each direction? That means it’s a periodic pattern. So that’s a two-dimensional crystal. This is another two-dimensional crystal. This is another. You can also have
three-dimensional crystals. By the way, this 3D glass
is called crystal because its atoms are actually arranged
in a crystalline pattern. So, see how I’m projecting
this three-dimensional crystal to a two-dimensional image on the sand? See how the 2D projection looks distorted because of the angle of the projection? That 2D image also has a pattern but it isn’t periodic
so it’s not a crystal. But there’s a deep connection
between the 2D object on the sand and the 3D mother crystal. This distorted 2D pattern
is called a quasicrystal. A quasicrystal in a certain
dimension, in this case, 2D, is a projection of a crystal
in a higher dimension, in this case, 3D. A group of physicists in
Los Angeles is working on a new physics theory where
a particular 8D crystal, yep, that’s right, an
eight-dimensional crystal, is projecting to 4D at
a very particular angle which forms a 4D quasicrystal
and from this 4D quasicrystal, they derive a 3D quasicrystal,
which they believe is the fundamental
substructure of all of reality. This 3D quasicrystal has a
fundamental building block, a tetrahedron, which
is a three-dimensional equilateral triangle. The size of each edge on
this shape is the smallest possible length that can exist. This is called the Planck length. It’s 10 to the 35 times
smaller than a meter. So you know how your TV
screen is broken down into building blocks called pixels? A pixel is the smallest
possible indivisible unit of the 2D screen, so think
of reality as your TV screen but in 3D and think of the
tetrahedron as a 3D pixel, the smallest possible
indivisible unit of reality. The tetrahedra in the
quasicrystal combine with other tetrahedra using complex
mathematical rules to fill up all of the
space in the universe. Each tetrahedron only
has a few specific states in which it can exist at any given moment. And because of the rules
of how these pixels connect to each other, if one tetrahedron
is in a certain state, this dictates the states of many other tetrahedra throughout all of space. But here’s the weird thing. If a certain tetrahedron can be in any one of just a few possible
states in a given moment, who or what chooses the state it should be in at any given moment? Well, for such a choice to be made, we need to scientifically,
mathematically, and logically bring in a new element into physics. And that element is consciousness. If you’re not a scientist,
you might be surprised to learn that nobody actually knows the exact value of the speed of light. We have a close approximation,
but not the exact value. The closest we can get to measuring it has to do with the
precision of our machines, but no matter how
precise our machines get, we will never be able to
measure the exact speed of light without a theory that tells
us what it is and why it is, and none of the current
physics theories do that. – [Woman] Oh look, Professor
Einstein, you look so cute! – [Einstein] Do I look pretty here? – Yes, yes.
– No wait, that’s my bad side, what if I go? – Yes, that is good.
– What if I stick out my tongue like this? – Good!
– Uh-oh. – Our best physics theories,
Einstein’s Theory of Relativity and Quantum Mechanics both use the speed of light as a starting point. In other words, they use
an inexact measurement of the speed of light
without explaining why it is, what it is, or why the universe even has a speed limit in the first place. We need a new theory. And such a theory is what the
physicists and mathematicians of Quantum Gravity Research
in Los Angeles are working on. They call it emergence theory and it will, really for the first time ever, provide an explanation
for the speed of light and the other constants,
such as Planck’s constant and the fine structure content. Basically what is needed
is a theory of everything, a theory that explains the very fundamental aspects of reality. String theory, which once
held a lot of promise for possibly being a successful
theory of everything, has not made any successful
predictions and regardless of predictions, the theory
itself isn’t actually a theory of everything, it’s just
not, because it can’t explain the speed of light or the other constants. Quantum mechanics and general
relativity, on the other hand, do make good predictions,
but they don’t explain the fundamental constants either. – [Man] Professor Einstein,
why does the speed of light have the exact value that it does? – [Einstein] Well, to put
it plainly, well, security! – So what clues does nature offer us for what a theory of
everything should look like? We’ve identified seven. Information, causality
loops, non-determinism, consciousness, pixelation, E8
crystal, and the golden ratio. A growing number of physicists are saying reality is made of information. What does that even mean? Well, information is meaning
in the form of symbolism. A language or code provide this kind of information conveying symbolism. A very different type of symbol is one that represents itself. Geometric symbols can do that. A cube can represent love,
if we say it does, or it can represent, really, with
minimal subjectivity, itself. Could there be a language or
code made out of geometry? What type of information
would such a language express? Quantum physics theory
and classical physics indicate that reality
is made of information and there is no evidence
that reality is made of anything other than information. Many physicists agree
with this and many don’t. But those that don’t
agree that reality is made of information have no
explanation for what reality is. If it’s not information. Gentlemen? – [Man] Reality is made of information. – [Man] Nope. – [Man] Yes, it is made of information. – No.
– Okay, so what is it made of, if not information? – Energy.
– Energy is information! – That’s stupid.
– Energy is the potential for a particle to change its position. Potential is information,
energy is information! – Nope.
– It’s information! – Mm-mm.
– Then what is it? – Not information.
– Then what is it? – [Man] Not information! – Reality is geometric. A geometric language in the
form of geometric symbolism, the type of symbols that
represent themselves, might explain how a geometric reality can be made of pure information. Information implies meaning,
but what is meaning? Meaning is a comparison,
that’s what we do, but we do it so fast, we
don’t realize we’re doing it, we look at something and
we match it to something from our database, we
say, that is a crosswalk, that is a building, not a
crosswalk, that is a window, not a building, so meaning is
the perception of something relative to something
else, so therefore meaning is subjective and requires choice. Can we get some dramatic music here? (dramatic music) Because meaning is subjective,
for it to even exist, it needs to be perceived or measured by some form of consciousness. Einstein showed how
the past and the future exist simultaneously in
one geometric object. So all time exists all the time. Let me say that again, all
time exists all the time. I know that sounds kind
of weird and unintuitive but we have to kind of
suspend our common sense and accept that mathematically,
and according to the best physics formulas we have,
that actually makes sense. So, let’s visualize the geometric object that Einstein spoke about as a block. Remember the tetrahedra,
the building block pixels of reality I told you about? Now imagine the entire
universe, everything, everywhere, in one frozen moment in time. Like a single frame in a
movie, in this one frame, all of reality everywhere appears frozen in this one position. Let me give you an analogy. In a movie shot on 35 millimeter film, there are 24 frames a second. There’s no actual movement in a movie, there is just a sequence of frozen frames. Now remember how I told
you about the Planck length of space, which is the
smallest length possible? Well there is also a Planck length of time and it is much shorter
than 24 frames a second. In fact, it’s 10 to the 44
times shorter than a second. Okay, so back to our
frozen frame of reality. The entire universe in one
frozen moment, one frame, but instead of a frame in a movie, it’s a frame in all of reality. Now, imagine the next frame. Each frame is different
from the previous one, just like in a movie. See how all frames exist in Einstein’s space-time all at once? Okay, now here’s where things
get really really weird. We assume that the past
influences the future. That’s how we appear
to experience reality. But when you look at this block, why would one side be the past
and one side be the future? Why go left to right
and not right to left? Why can’t the future influence the past? Take away the names past and future if that helps you think of this concept. So what if the past influences
the future and the future influences the past in
an endless feedback loop? So then the question is,
which part of the past is influencing which part of
the future and vice versa, and the answer is all
time is affecting all time all the time.
– Oy vey, I need a drink. – Is this even possible? Can me 20 years from now influence me now just as I influence her? So can me five minutes from now
influence me 10 minutes ago, just as me 10 minutes ago
influences me as a baby, just as me as a baby
influences me on my deathbed? This is too weird to even grasp. But everything we know
says this is the way it is. Am I stoned? Okay, so if every moment is
co-creating every other moment, both forward and backward in
time, then reality would be this massive neural network
spanning space and time. This type of network would
have one even way stranger quality than anything
we’ve talked about so far, it would be its own creator. But the fact that all
time exists all the time does not mean that the
future is written in stone and we’re some kind of programmed
animation or something. (cheerful music) That’s what they used to believe, though. Years ago, it was popular to believe in the somewhat bummer
idea of reality being a deterministic program
playing itself out. The famous double slit
experiment ruled out determinism. Look it up if you’ve never
heard of it, it’s wild and is one of the cornerstones
of modern physics. But for now, take my word for
it, it ruled out determinism and ushered in a new
era of non-determinism, or basically, free will. So how does free will work? One of the most surprising
discoveries of quantum physics is that reality only
exists when it is observed, that literally particles do not exist until they are observed. Famous physicist John Wheeler,
he’s the guy who came up with the term black
hole, says that reality is made of information, which
is created by observation. The observation must be made, he says, by something conscious. And Nobel prize winner Frank Wilczek said that quantum theory is
contentious and obscure, and that it will remain that
way until someone constructs, within the formalism of
quantum mechanics, an observer, a model entity whose states correspond to a recognizable caricature
of conscious awareness. An entity, an observer, so
Frank Wilczek is basically talking about an entity, not
necessarily a human being or an animal that is capable of generating information by observing and measuring. But what would that conscious entity be? Well we definitely know
that consciousness exists in the universe, I mean, at
least in us humans, right? I mean, I’m conscious, you’re
conscious, he’s conscious, I think.
– I’m conscious! (cheering) – Consciousness relates deeply to physics in ways not yet fully understood. In fact, consciousness is
kind of like one of the least understood things in all of science. Nobody knows exactly what it is. Weird, right? So if reality is pure
information, if everything, energy, matter, thought,
if it’s all information, then it becomes clear
that reality deeply ties into consciousness in some
way, as if the fundamental stuff of reality is somehow consciousness. Did consciousness and
information somehow emerge in a causality feedback loop? German physicist Werner
Heisenberg developed the first equations of quantum mechanics using a type of math called matrix theory. He deduced that space
and time were pixelated into indivisible three-dimensional
Planck-length units just like the two-dimensional pixels on your computer screen.
– It’s good to be made of pixels. The mathematics indicated this.
– Mathematics! I love mathematics! – Your pizza, professor!
– And pizza, oh, I love pizza,
especially pixelated pizza. – [Marion] And interestingly,
there was no solid experimental evidence for smooth, in other words, not pixelated, space-time. – [Werner] Mm, pizza. (crowd shouting) We are NOT PIXELATED!!! – [Einstein] We are not pixelated! – Yes, you are, morons.
– Your mother is pixelated! – Space is smooth.
– There’s no evidence of that, and the mathematics show it is pixelated, so it must be pixelated.
– Well that’s interesting, bullshit.
– It must be pixelated! – [Einstein] Bullshit,
bullshit, bullshit, bullshit! – [Marion] On the other
hand, most scientists agree that a length can be no
shorter than Planck length, which suggests reality is pixelated. – [Einstein] There is no length shorter than the Planck length.
– That means reality is pixelated.
– I’m not pixelated, I’m not!
– Dude, you’re kind of being a little
like one of those people who deny evolution
because they can’t handle the fact their ancestors were monkeys. Are you a monkey, huh,
are you a little monkey? – We believe that until
a quantum gravity theory of pixelated space-time is discovered, the issue will remain
confusing for everyone. What type of geometric code would describe a pixelated reality? 80 years of smashing
particles together in particle accelerators such as the
famous large Hadron collider in Geneva have given us a strange clue, that all the fundamental
particles and forces convert into one another,
like they literally transform from one to the other
according to a process called gauge symmetry transformation, and all of these conversions
correspond to a shape, and not just any shape, an
eight-dimensional shape. Now this shape forms a crystal. Now remember crystals
are periodic patterns of a certain shape, like that checkerboard is a 2D crystal made up of squares, so this crystal is of a
particular eight-dimensional shape and this crystal is
known as the E8 Lattice. (jazzy music) To generate that 3D quasicrystal, the substructure at the
pixelated fabric of reality, we project this 8D crystal to 4D. And then we convert that to 3D. Now, just like the basic cell
shape of the 3D cubic lattice is the cube, the cell
shape of the E8 lattice is an 8D shape with 240 vertices. We call it the gosset polytope. When the gosset polytope
is projected to 4D, it becomes two identical
shapes of different sizes. The ratio of their sizes
is a unique number, 0.618, also known as the golden ratio. (explosion) The golden ratio may be the
fundamental constant of nature. It is a ratio that is
fundamental to circumscribed equilateral triangles and
it’s weirdly ubiquitous in the universe, appearing everywhere from the quantum to celestial scales. Ever so interestingly, it
appears in black holes. – [Einstein] I don’t want
to fly into a black hole! I wish I never theorized your existence! (burps) – Okay, let’s get serious for a second. Here are three quick facts
for you science heads. The golden ratio is the precise
point where a black hole’s modified specific heat changes
from positive to negative and it is part of the equation for the lower bound on black hole entropy. The golden ratio even relates
the loop quantum gravity parameter to black hole entropy. Why does this support the
claim that the golden ratio is the fundamental constant of nature? Because a theory of everything must unite general relativity with quantum
mechanics and a black hole is where these two theories
converge at their limits. Okay, so bear with me through
some really weird math right now and I’ll reward
you with some amazing footage of John Malkovich getting
a pie in the face. There’s a type of mathematics
called matrix mathematics. No, not that type of matrix. (upbeat music) Matrix math is the type of math that quantum physics uses in its formulas. Without getting too technical, this is an example of a matrix. A matrix is just a group of numbers that are arranged in columns in rows. And there’s a certain
amount of combinations for these numbers inside the matrix, like if a matrix has
four numbers inside it, there are 24 different
possible combinations for those four numbers. Quantum mechanics uses
matrices that are binary, so they only contain various
combinations of two numbers. Each of these combinations
of numbers has a value. It’s called an eigenvalue. Some eigenvalues are called trivial. These are values like one, two, and zero. And some are called non-trivial, and those are all sorts of
more complex-looking numbers, so here’s the interesting part. Where’s that interesting part? Oh yes, here, the highest
probability non-trivial eigenvalues that show up
in binary matrices are, ready for this? The golden ratio and minus
one over the golden ratio. So we now see a deep
link between black holes and quantum mechanics
because the golden ratio appears deeply in both black hole physics and in quantum mechanics. Okay, good job bearing with
me, so here’s your reward. John Malkovich getting a pie in the face. – No, I won’t, no no,
But… I’m not John Malkovich. – Pie! The golden ratio appears
to startling accuracies in many other ways throughout the universe in scales both large and small. It is so prevalent that its existence simply cannot be looked
at as coincidental. In the past, the appearance of this ratio has usually been ignored by scientists because they had no way to
explain it, so interest in it was considered the stuff
of amateur scientists. But now, for the first time,
a rigorous quantum gravity theory is being developed which predicts the golden ratio’s existence
literally everywhere. So what would a theory
of everything look like that answers these seven
clues we just presented? Information, causality
loops, non-determinism, consciousness, pixelation, E8
crystal, and the golden ratio. (KLEE) So we think reality is a
mosaic-like code or language at the smallest scale of reality possible which is called the Planck length. Particle accelerator data
tells us that all particles and forces relate to
one another according to a higher-dimensional crystal
called the E8 lattice. But reality appears to be
3D, so we project a slice of this E8 crystal down to 3D, which produces a
quasicrystal code or language and that allows these
geometric symbols to build up to the ordinary world of particles and forces that we see around us. Now this geometric language has rules but it also has syntactical
freedom like any language and that requires some notion of a chooser to choose the free steps in the language. Now, the notion of randomness
doesn’t work so well when it comes to codes because
meaning starts to break down. Besides, there’s no decent
experimental evidence for randomness in nature
in the first place. A universal collective
consciousness is one answer, but that sounds new age and religious. Nowadays, a good number of physicists discuss the idea that our
whole universe is actually a code-based simulation in
some fantastically powerful quantum computer in another universe. Now, if true, then by the same logic, that other universe,
where the computer running the simulation of our universe
is would also supposedly be a simulation in another universe, so the idea is a little shaky
but it’s being discussed seriously by a lot of credible people. But it turns out that a
universal collective-like consciousness of some sort
may be physically inevitable. Now we don’t need to
anthropomorphize this idea or make it religious or spiritual. To follow why, let us start with the idea of the collective behavior
of cells in your body, each a single-sized
microbe living its life. A long time ago, only
this sort of cellular life form existed here on earth. These little guys were not
too smart, but they did choose what direction to swim
and could chase nutrients, reproduce, and run from dangerous things. They made choices with
their very simple systems of environmental awareness
and desire to survive. Then they self-organized into
colonies that were smarter as a group and had more environmental awareness than the individuals. Eventually, animals
such as humans emerged. Sophisticated forms of
awareness and consciousness now float on an ocean of
37 trillion living cells, self-organized as a human being. It is specifically the laws of physics that caused electrons and
quarks to self-organize into 81 stable atoms and from there, into human consciousness, and
physics places no upper limit on the amount of energy and matter that can self-organize
into conscious systems. – Physics allows the
possibility of all the energy in the universe to eventually convert into a single conscious system
that is itself a network of other conscious systems, a massive, technologically-based
collective consciousness. Given enough time,
anything that can happen will eventually happen. By this axiom, this system
of universal consciousness has already emerged
somewhere in the frames of space-time ahead of us. Because it is possible, it is inevitable. In fact, according to the
evidence of retro-causality time loops, that inevitable
future is co-creating us right now, just as we are co-creating it. When humanity discovers
the theory of everything, it will usher in a new age of prosperity. For example, clean, cheap energy leading to the eventual elimination of poverty. As a nonprofit, Quantum Gravity Research relies on crowdfunding to
support our scientific progress. Even a $5 donation is meaningful and moves this mission forward. To participate in the adventure, visit QuantumGravityResearch.org and click on Support Our Work. And please spread the word
by sharing and posting this video and follow the journey on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Visit QuantumGravityResearch.org
to get more information.


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    What is far more subtle, if even the word "subtle" will ever cover it, is what seems reasonable to assume is a common enough occurence. I recall acquiring another dog, doubting the wisdom of taking on the responsibility. Until you and the four-legged one get used to one another merely feeding it tends to be haphazard without respect to keeping to a ritual. The 2nd day ( maybe ) I was suddenly aware of his presence sitting quietly and looking directly at me steadfastly, when he could have been rounding up the cats, sniffing around the environs or resignedly waiting to get taken out for a walk. I realised(?) that somehow this must have been the time I fed him the day before and he came looking for a repeat performance. It should be noted, in the interests of "science", that dogs don't read the time on the clock or take note of such ponderations in any way consciously. That, for me at least, explains the nature of the psyche that records all sorts of details; some, most or perhaps all permanently.

    He did get his walk, averaging 1 to 2 hours, that first day ( and all days afterwards but very few until he could no longer keep on his feet for long enough ) and somewhere around the point of certain return he disappeared, ie some miles away on Forestry owned ground, probably chasing a deer. I had little option but to go back home and think of who to 'phone first that would be likely to become aware of his whereabouts. When I got back to the house, there he was, waiting on the doorstep.

    A certain celebrity sustained woman, associated with the term "walkies", used to contend ( if memory serves ) all dogs are trainable unless they are "mental". If ever we were in doubt about "Language, Truth and Logic" ( A J Ayer ) being entirely subjective then she proved totally unaware of the general somewhat exaggerated faith in her own particular blethers, ie lingo – but we've been into that already. There never seemed a moment in her 2D persistence of moving images shimmering away in interlaced fashion, 25fps/50i, on "the box" where she failed to insist there was no doubt regarding her rattling claims. Seems a case of "The lady doth protest too much, methinks" ?

    Apparently, to probably understate the advents, many dogs are treated in an inappropriate fashion that results in them becoming sensitised, so when approached by an innocent child, say, to give it a bit of petting, react to the associated raised hand in defensive snarling and biting. If serious injury ensues the inevitable destruction of the dog could be a mere decision away, even if the lawyers get their whack out of it. This doggie reaction can and did happen to me quite a few years afterwards. A child got the upper lip warning and I got bitten on the head; just for leaning back against him in the easy chair behind me.

    I've often wondered if folk, in particular or generally speaking, might come out with the notion "my eyes can only see three dimensional(ly)". If you analyse how we "see" around us then to be able to discern 3-D would absolutely preclude knowing where we were at any time. We are aware of 3-D but navigate in 2-D because the human eye, in conjunction with language, discerns in turn the attributes that give each label, term or delineation its meaning, ie a unique set of fundamental criteria associated with the noun; which is to say that lingo comes first THEN the so-called identification, in utterance – silently or otherwise; by focusing on each attribute serially, at lightning speed; like the computer in fact that seems to be able to do many things at the same time in what we call "multi-tasking" but nonetheless one at a time. As someone said the only reason the computer is useful is in its speed of execution.

    You can easily test your ability to see in 3-D. Get someone to hold up, say, 2 fingers – the index and middle together, and at a distance where you can just comfortably discern both. Focus on one of the 2 THEN keeping your eyes steady – ie absolutely still, try to focus on the other finger – you can't do it without moving your eyes that tiny fraction. Case closed, isn't it ? I recall an English master at school, when I was around 13 ( at a guess ), saying that some Greek/Roman celebrity ( Homer ? – was he Greek/Roman – whatever ? ) could open a book with two pages facing him and without actually reading the lines would know everything that they had to say. I was dying to put my hand up and disagree with such a preposterous idea; but having already experienced his rigid narrow outlook decided it would be asking for trouble if I did. A certain author of around the early part of the twentieth century ( Francis Robinson ? ) once stated that Caruso could blow a man's hat off by singing a High C – dearie me. Maybe that's why a bit of scenery apparently fell on the tenor one time ? No doubt they had to fasten the decor down with chains and scaffolding everywhere he sang.

    It may well be true that he pinched a woman's behind at the zoo however; though reportage may not have been taken seriously in those days. Just think, had he been on the go nowadays; he might well have ended his career singing to Rolf Harris' accompaniment on the didgeridoo with wobble board obligato.

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    Great video, well defined and expressed(inspiring). Fascinating theories backed up on scientific research, a time where consciousness and scientific fact together finally find a path, one of observation within fact and fiction, and ends at truth. Many lessons in my life bring me to a simple conclusion of continuality within human conscious connection. A hidden frequency circle that's hidden, out of sight yet sight itself.

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    The language of geometry would express physical shapes which make up the physical aspects of the human world.
    Dad always said Reality is Real while hiding from reality behind a bottle or camera.
    But exactly what is consciousness? Is consciousness just Awareness+self-awareness+thought which is information ?

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    This is a glaring alarm bell on this videos credibility.

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    That's why we have bodies. A vehicle for our conscious to traverse and navigate through the physical World.
    And again, we are all one. So we can't move on to the next phase until we drop our egos as a whole. Until we are one and all on the same page. And so we will keep on coming back here until we achieve that one common goal. Until we finished our jobs. Our physical life's goal.

    The physical realm is just a place where anything is possible. We all just don't even know it yet. But anything here really is possible. Life is what you make it. And so then also, there are these star kids all around us here now, who are here to help show us this. To "awaken us" and to show all of us how to do this, so to speak.

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    If there is no reality then there is no information.

    I think scientists in many ways get mixed up in the way they sometimes think about or see things.
    For example, the double-slit experiment seems to suggest that reality changes depending on whether we observe it or not.
    However, when we look closer at the experiment, we realise too that the tools we use or could ever use in fact affect the results too, the tools interact with the thing being observed and pretty much always will do.
    This in no way suggests that when something isn't being obseved it doesn't exist.
    I get the Schrödinger's cat thought experiment might suggest this but there is no evidence of it being factual.
    Just because it can be thought of in one way doesn't make it reality in the real world.

    It seems to me that one of the biggest problems when it comes to things on a small scale and things on a larger scale is a scaling problem.
    Plus there are a great many variables to take into consideration and must be applied in a particular order for the answers to be correct.
    Putting just one equation in the wrong order would fundamentally break it so to speak, being greatly incorrect.

    Also, when it comes to the subject of time, the reason the future can't influence the past is because of the arrow of time, in other words, Entropy.
    Things go from order to disorder and not the other way around.
    You can scramble an egg but you can't unscramble it.
    For that to happen, every atom would have to remember where it was before it ended up where it is now, each step, every moment.
    That isn't something we see when we observe the universe.

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    “Time affects time all the time.”. But how? How do we experience that? How does that information get there?

    ?Dreams. The dream state(and most likely other states of consciousness i.e. psychedelic states) are the extra dimensional informational pathways.

  90. Runa Ulrinhaaega August 17, 2019 at 6:07 am

    Where does Love factor in, in all of this?

    “Every man and every woman is a star." (AL I:3).

    "Come forth, o children, under the stars, & take your fill of love!" (AL I:12).

    "For I am divided for love's sake, for the chance of union." (AL I:29).

    "Nuit is All that which exists, and the condition of that existence. Hadit is the Principle which causes modifications in this Being. This explains how one may call Nuit Matter, and Hadit Motion."

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    Great presentation. I have been contemplating the relationship between electromagnetism, the harmonies of classical music (sound wave representation of resonance over time), and the relationship between long time spans and the refresh rate of reality. The mathematical relationships between intention, causality and the spacetime continuum are clearly expressed as fractals in the physical time being of matter. Everything is co-existent, at least from subjective human instrumentation. As an IT architect, I have been thinking that time slicing information is a useful human evolutionary path, given our history, and our current state. Can water be used as an intentional information store? Can we use neural networks to connect functions with data? Can we use natural environmental features as network nodes. Clearly the universe is thermally intelligent, and we would be fools not to mimic the evolutionary development of matter in our technologies, the relationships between the elements of matter. Solar energy, atmospheric thermals, hydro energy, geothermal masses all hold clues for developing long range telematic devices, as yet relatively unexplored by people. Gravity is essentially simple, it is a regional measure of universal thermal balance, which is causative to mass. It holds true in terms of the mass balance of each region. To me, the conversation of physicists seems to be coming from a perspective of linear measurement systems of construction. Women have definitely had to either adopt the perspectives of the dominant paradigm or shut up. Observations from the Late Time Universe.

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