What do Chinese people think about foreigners? Dating, picture taking, assumptions

Would you ever date a foreigner? No Would you ever date a foreigner? That man is taking a picture of us right now Which food is better? Italian food or Chinese food? Of course China! ooooooh Hi everyone! We are hitting the streets of Shanghai and we are going to find some Chinese people to ask them some questions on their perception of foreigners so we haven’t found any people to ask yet but we will settle on a place.. but guys it has to look nice,
It can’t just be this shiii… Do you have any foreigner friends? Yeah None Foreigner fiends? None Do you have foreigner friends? Do you or do you not have any foreign friends? I have. If so how many? How many do you have? About 3 or 4. 3 or 4? How did you meet them? In university In my university when I studied abroad. Why don’t you have a foreign friends? Have you had any contact with foreigners before? I haven’t had any contact with foreigners. There aren’t any foreigners in my social circle What do you think Chinese people’s perceptions of foreigners are? What do Chinese people think of foreigners? What do you think Chinese people’s impression of foreigners are? Great! Nice people. Gentle. Very gentle? Outgoing. They have strong personalities (They have a strong sense of individuality) They are open and free It ought to be a good impression Chinese people think foreigners are a bit more…. open Anything else? And also…. I don’t have more to add. What do you personally
think of foreigners? eeeh, amici… friend Why do you think Chinese people take pictures of foreigners? Compared to Chinese people, foreigners are a bit easier to approach Easterners aren’t as open or friendly but Westerners will even smile or say hi. Chinese people wouldn’t smile in this situation. – same find us more opening or going and
chains more fashion fashion or in Because we have different facial structures To keep as a souvenir Just as a souvenir? Yes Would you ever go on a date with a foreigner? Yes, I could Date? Yes As a friend. I could go on a date with a girl but only as friends. Cultural barriers There are too many reasons For example? Shanghai Delicious food The bund There are too many reasons The women Women? Foreign men say that they like Chinese women because they are different Culture Chinese culture, right? Sichuan’s spicy hotpot They won’t have a problem or be offended if I don’t guess correctly, right? This is very difficult America All three of those options seem applicable! Incorrect! I am South African South Africa. Very clever! Where do you think this young gentleman is from? The first option is France, The second is Brazil The third is Cuba I think Cuba is wrong so it has to either be South Africa or Spain congratulations! You are wrong! Brazil Incorrect Cuba Very Smart! The third student Is he from Spain Portugal The third option: Italy Where do you think he comes from? Spain! Congratulations! You are incorrect! Portugal Congratulations! You are incorrect! It’s because last year I went to Italy on holiday Which city are you from? I am from Napoli/Naples If I would go to Naples I would be scared Korea yeah second option Russia and
third option Japan Can she please speak so I can hear her [accent] She can even speak English, I just want to hear her speak Her English is too good, I thought she was Chinese. No, I am Russian You’re Russian? Korea Congratulations! You are incorrect! She is Russian

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