Vuzix Blade AR Smart Glasses, with Amazon Alexa Built-in, HD Camera and Voice-Controls

Well, they’re not Google Glass, but the Vuzix
Blade are no Warby Parkers, either. The frame of the Blades are made of thick
black plastic, as are the arms, which are are about an inch thick at both the temple
and behind where the glasses rest on your ears. Display : After turning on the Blades, the
home screen appears in front of your right eye; it’s a simple green square with the time
and date and shows up clearly in all but the brightest of lights. In the middle is an icon of a smartphone that
shows how many notifications you have. This includes everything from text messages
to missed calls, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. When a notification arrives, the message appears
in its entirety in the middle of the screen. Camera : At the moment, the small 720p 8MP
camera in the Vuzix Blade can be used to take photos and video ó a small red LED in the
front of the glasses turns on when you’re recording. The quality of the photos and video taken
by the Blade’s camera were OK given its size, but not nearly as good as you’ll find on a
smartphone, even one a few generations old. I took a photo of my cat using both the Blade
and an iPhone 6S; the former image was less detailed, and the device struggled more with
moving subjects. My cat, who is not the most patient subject,
was a bit blurry in the Blade’s photos if he was moving. Are smart glasses the wearable of the future? AR glasses certainly have a lot of potential,
and there could even come a time when we use them more than our smartphones. However, a number of things have to happen
before we get to that point. For starters, the glasses will have to be
something that people will actually want to wear, and they’ll need to have more compelling
features and apps. I’m reasonably certain that Vuzix will make
progress toward the above goals, but its first-generation Blade smart glasses are just that: a start. I found that their bulkiness makes them uncomfortable
to wear for extended stretches of time, and, as of now, there just aren’t enough apps to
justify keeping them on your head. Kindly see the description for this Amazon
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