VSDC Free Video Editor: How to Completely Remove Green Screen

Hi! Most likely if you clicked on his
video you need a little bit to help Using green screen and VSDC Free video editor. I can help you with
that Let’s get started. First, of course you
open up the program. You click new project and then you go to finish. Then you exit out the wizard, go to add object And go to video. You click on your
green screen video Then you readjust that video Now you go back to add object, back to video, click on your background video Click okay And then readjust that video Now, right click on the green screen video
and bring it to top Then Double-click on a green screen video, go
to video Effects, then go to transparent, then go to Background remover. Adjust As you see fit To get the green out of the background Okay, so you still that there is
green in the background. So Don’t fret. What you do is that you rinse
and repeat But, this time you go to get the color From scene. Then you click on that color And it goes away. Now, you still see That there’s some green left. So, what you
do is that you rinse and repeat. Go back. Go to video effects. Go to
transparent The background remover. Go to okay. Then
click on get color from scene Then click on that bit of green Unfortunately, there’s some green in my
hair, so my hair disappeared just a Little bit but, I adjusted it as I saw fit and boom
boom boom Is just that simple. It’s so Easy tell me why it took me four hours to
do it. Four. Four hours. Four hours I will never get back. The only consolation is that I helped you out. So, if I help you
out Tickle that like button. If you have any
questions Leave it in the comments and I make
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  13. VSDC Free Video Editor PDF Download February 6, 2015 at 7:59 pm

    Great instructional video! There is also a PDF download that will help get through this program.
    Get the PDF download guide here:
    Detailed step by step instructions with color photos.
    -Creating a New Project,
    -Split Screen (Picture in Picture),
    -Text and Text Effects,
    -Adding and Adjusting Audio,
    -Chroma Key (Green Screen) – How to insert effect, movement and zoom, masking, How to download green screen videos from Youtube,
    -Editing Basics – Cutting and Splitting, Transitions, adjusting the speed (slow motion)
    -Record Screen (Screen Capture)
    -Converting Finished Video
    Just Download, print, and you'll have it at your fingertips!

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    I can't get the color from the scene, as you say on the video, there's still a little green in the background and I cant remove it, please help!!!

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