Video Editing (for non-editors)

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And cut, that’s a wrap, oh! Hi there welcome to the ultimate guy video editing for non editors. I got it, alright,
so here business owner and you’ve been wanting to use video but your kicking and screaming
cause of editing, is the last thing you wanna do, stay tune.
Hey, how you doing? So today i gonna show you how to make better looking videos that
build your brands, attract new clients and getting take action and I promise it’s gonna
be simple, easy and famous, Let’s go! And action, allright, so after four years that
are really expensive film school and over 600 hundred videos on youtube on over half
of dozen channels later i’ve discovered that the real secret the scene actual R.O.I on
al your video marketing efforts, is speed and the efficiency. The quicker you can go
from idea to implementation the quicker you can see results but for most results but for
most of us the video editing process seems to be the big that bottleneck
that slow most of us down and causes us to procratinate. Yeah i know i should be doing
video i’d still have the time, look i don’t have a time either but when you actually see
the results you can be getting from video you find a way, and today, i’ve been most
my video editing myself, huh., and naturaly it’s my goal for you to attract someone in
your business, who can do these type of things for you, but James I can’t afford the outsource,
I can do it all myself, Look if you can’t afford the outsource right now is for one
reason and one reason only. You haven’t been outsourcing. Until you actualy invest in your
business and decide to treat you as a C.E.O, you continue to sabotage your growth, cause
you spent way too much of your time, effort and energy focusing on the things, that someone
could be doing way better than you, like editing, but wether not you decide to hire a talented
video editor for you, i’ve put together a basic guide to video editing in order to help
you make your videos proffesional, engaging and effective. Now believe it or not, the
goal of great editing is to make your viewer completely unaware that edit even exists.
So when you see a poorly edited sequence your viewer ends up getting distracted, turned
off and eventually then leave, Let’s go ahead now and take a look at some of the basic elements
that play a vital role in editing your video to profection. First the basic cut, when you
think of your footage linearly moving from left to right a cut happens we simply decide
to splice or remove the footage you don’t want people to see. So if you want to remove
that upward moment of at the end of your video, you’re getting off to formal with the camera,
now you can with the simple cut, the magic of editing begins, when we start stringing
these cuts together to bring your story and your video to life. Now let’s talk about the
jump cut, the jump cut is a quick face almost during style of editing that cuts out the
dead spots and quikens the dace of your video, most my videos a film this way and i’ll show
you exactly how to do this, here. Let’s talk Transitions, now most newbies get really excited
about myriad of option available to them inside their editing software about how they can
transition their shots, you know what i’m talking about, the page peel, the mosaic,
that’s work and my personal favorite the leaves, these transitions are unprofessional and not
recommended, for most cases just putting your two cuts together is the only transition you’ll
ever need, huh, B-ROLL, you can never have too much B-Roll or footage for your videos,
you’ve heard the term a picture is worth a thousand words,will my good friend Deam Rainy
of like to say, a picture saved a thousand words. With the right B-ROLL you
can take a 10 minutes talking head video down the two minutes, let’s go to and see this
action right now, recently i went to costa rica for sun and surfing and one of my favorite
experiences was zepline to the rain forest hundred of feet up in the air. Not only did
you hear about my trip to costa rica, which you also saw it, through my extra B-RoLL footage,
film by my gopro. The next thing you wanna look at multiple shots, Now the more we can
change with our shot, the more we can keep our video alive and our viewers engage. Now
simple trick for doing this is to take your medium shot and enduring a key moment in your
video, simply cut and zoom in for a close-up, Now you don’t need a second
camera in order to create these, you just zoom in and zoom out while your editing, but
don’t be crazy with it, increasing the size your footage more than 30 percent will cost
reduction in video quality. I was a lot more we can do to ofcourse of your video such as
adding music and sounds effect or even text or images on your shots and created helpful
tutorials for both of these here and here. James, I just like a video about video editing,
i had a question, what? I’m still filming, can you talk about what editing software can
you recommend? Sure, okay, if you decide to edit your videos all by yourself you can need
an editing platform that simple, quick and easy to use. If you are a mac i highly recommended
screenflow over the standard imovie, you can master it rather quickly and the best part
is it doubles as screen capture software cost it’s only like 99 bulks. Ah, it’s good enough.
If you are in PC camtasia or sony vegas are excellent alternatives, how’s that? Huh sorry.,
Can’t wait them all, well before we wrap up our video editing one on one for beginners
i want to leave you with these parting words, you don’t need to learn, how to do everything
under sun you just need to get clear on what’s important and what’s not, then you simply
find the right people to do those things for you, now that you can clearly know what differentiates
a good video from a bad one, you’re ready to go out and create on yourself or delegate
with clear and directed, what is this, no, no, no you made me look, do this all over
again. Allright if you looking to leverage the power of video in order to transform you
into an authority in your market place i know of better platform in in order
to generate more traffic attract more leads and make more sales on the internet to get
started, i wanna give you a copy of my proven three steps strategies to getting more results
on, all you have to do is click the link on your screen over the link below,
and don’t worry your video i want to look at anything like mine in order for you to
see, real results on youtube, you know the real secret is just, you know what, i’ve said
already. To get started simply click that link an i see you on the next page. Take care!


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