Using True360 View Designer | PowerDirector Video Editor Tutorial

View Designer is a unique PowerDirector innovation that enables you to use 360 video footage in standard video projects. It’s like you’ve filmed a scene with multiple cameras from multiple angles. You can dynamically pan between different Fields of View (FOV) in 360 footage, then output the result as conventional video. In this tutorial we’ll show you how to put together non-360 videos that look as if they’ve been shot with multiple cameras, using 360-degree footage. To demonstrate, let’s take some footage of a garage band filmed in 360 format, and cut a short video using View Designer. Open PowerDirector and select “Full Feature Editor” mode. Drag and drop the 360 footage into the media library, then drag the footage to the timeline. In the dialog box that pops up, select “Create a conventional video using 360 footage”. You will now be taken to the “View Designer” interface. In the viewer window you can click and drag the view to explore through 360 degrees. Using View Designer is all about keyframes. If you haven’t used them before, don’t worry, it’s pretty straightforward. Click and drag around until you find the Field of View (FOV) you want to start the video with. Click the diamond shaped icon that turns yellow when you hover over it to add a keyframe. This is now where your video will begin. Click the Play button and pause at the point you want to change the shot. You can then click and drag the scene in the viewer window to find the next shot in your video. You can also use the zoom and rotation tools to apply a shot style that suits the project. Click the Play button again when you’re ready to move on to the next shot. Two things to note: Firstly, after you pause the video, as soon as you start to drag the viewer window to the next shot, View Designer will automatically add a keyframe for you. This keyframe is constantly and instantly updated with each adjustment you make to position, or if you add zoom or rotation. Then secondly, view Designer automatically applies smooth panning and zooming between keyframes, so all of the heavy lifting is taken care of for you. It even applies ease in and out effects that makes the panning appear very natural, as if it was done by a professional film crew. When you’ve gone through the footage and applied all the keyframes you want, click “OK”. View Designer will close and you can preview your creation on the PowerDirector timeline. If you want to make any further changes you can simply enter the View Designer again through the “Tools” drop down, and adjust, remove or add keyframes as desired. To produce your video, click on the Produce tab as normal, and then choose your output profile and destination.

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  1. Roloxtv2 January 11, 2020 at 3:57 pm

    Hi, I have PowerDirector on my Android phone. Can I do this in Mobile app?

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