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Hi nice to meet you, my name’s Jess So I can see you’re looking for a video editor that’s self sufficient and gets things done look no further rather than talk about how good I can edit videos, I thought I might as well just show you in this video proposal I know you’re a busy person so I’m gonna make this quick and instead of pasting links to all of my videos I’m just gonna put a short selection of clips so you can see what my editing style is like and hopefully you’ll like it 3 things I learned going back to the motherland aka Hong Kong where my family is from I do actually stay in quite a lot because there’s free wifi in Hong Kong there’s not any free wifi anywhere and there’s no stairs though so I have to just walk up and down but I don’t mind, it’s cool but I live in Causeway Bay and there’s loads of it’s so dead quiet, there’s no one here it’s kind of weird not gonna lie, I’m kinda scared that’s me, heading towards England’s tourist attraction and it’s meant to be spooky, hence why there was no one on the train and why I was feeling a little nervous and yes I can move my toes thanks for watching, hope you liked my video if you wanna work with me just send me some video clips and we can take it from there if not, then have a good day and thank you for considering my proposal I shall see you later, ciao!

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