Types Of People During Indian Weddings – PART 1 | Ashish Chanchlani

Eight out of ten. No, man. She’s a nine! Look at the blue one! Man, this is a nine. You’re right, man. She looks like a nine, man! Look at that ten! Oh my God! Man, you’re completely right. She’s the perfect ten! Hey man, look at that 11! She’s my sister! I’ll make her tie
11 ‘rakhis’ to me. Your sister is like my sister. Your wife is like my wife. Nine! Nine? Eight! Seven. Nine! Six. What did you call my sister? 9, 9, 8, 7, 6, 3… …35, 12… That’s my number, man. I have the contract for
cleaning up this place. All the sisters here have a special
discount from me. Don’t forget me. Good bye. Hey! Who are you? Get out of here! Hey, I’m not just anybody! I’m the bride’s brother. What is this that
you’re doing then? What can I do, man? They make me do all the work. And I distributed all
the wedding invitations… …to Virar, Vasai,
Visakhapatnam. Man, who lives in Visakhapatnam? Silly man. Make a group of all your
relatives on Hike messenger… …and send everyone
the wedding invitation together. Hey, my family has 300 people. How can I send it to 300 people? You can make a group of
1000 people on this! Even if I lose a blue
pen in my classroom… …I add the whole university
to the 100 people group… …and ask them
about my blue pen. That’s how I find it. Mayur, come here! Go work like a dog! Yes, uncle? Tell me? Dear,
your brother-in-law is thirsty. He wants some juice,
not water. Get juice for him. Juice won’t do, dear.
Go get a soft drink instead. Not the white one,
bring the dark one! Show him how you open
the bottle with your teeth, dear! What did you do, man?
He can’t have it now. God get a chocolate for him. What more do you need? Tell me. Three… …two… …one. Give him a ball. Oscar! Golf-kit! Itching powder! Aux cord! Plastic coated pink aux cord! Urgent ticket. Urgent ticket to Ahmedabad! Return ticket! Oh, is that the case? MacBook Pro, i7, 6th generation,
16 GB RAM, 500 GB HDD! Darn it! Get me a three legged dog. You couldn’t even do one
job that I gave you to do! Go and pick up the garbage! Go! Greetings, aunt! I see that you have grown a beard. Do women also follow
no shave November? I’m not your aunt! Then, who are you? I’m your uncle! But my uncle is married to my aunt. I am your aunt’s husband! Are you my uncle, my aunt
or just someone’s wife? What’s going on? Forget it. Congratulations! Congratulations, grandpa! Happy birthday! The boy and his sister
share the same birthday! It’s not their birthday! They are getting married! Uncle, are you getting married? No! I’m not getting married! Is aunt getting married? Old people are getting married… …while young men like me are… …unable to find a woman
and have kids with her. You’ve become very naughty! What is going on… Hey! They are getting married! Is the woman getting
married to the waiter? That is the bride’s father! The bride’s father is a waiter! The bride’s father is not a waiter! He is the waiter while
he is the bride’s father. Whom is the bride
getting married to? She’s marrying my son! Is your son a waiter too? The bride’s father and your
son are both waiters! Then why are we waiting here? Come on, uncle.
Aunt is waiting for you. Come with me. I’ll take you to her. The lights in the
hall are quite dim. I was just kidding! Sir, step to your left. Sir, step to your right. Stand closer to each other.
A little bit more, please. Stand closer to each other. Stand closer to each other. Please stand closer to each other. Excuse me.
Stand closer to each other. Stand closer! Ma’am, stand closer to him. Don’t hug your husband! Just stand closer to him! Closer! Stand closer! Closer! You monkey! Stand closer! Stand closer! Stand closer! Stand closer! Stand closer! Yes! This is the best pose! Perfect! I captured the perfect pose! I will eat everything served
at the wedding feast! Hey! Where are you going? This video has a second part. Yes. The second part of this
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