Tripods-Choosing and buying camera support for video and photography

Hi, I’m Tony Northrup and I’m in the studio
today for my book Stunning Digital Photography to talk about tripods. Now, I have every tripod in my collection
here which I count to be 11 different tripods, plus quite a few accessories. So
i’m going to go over them one by one starting with the smallest and working
my way up to the largest. So here’s the smallest class of tripod I have, this is
a tabletop tripod these are only good for supporting a
very lightweight camera like a point and shoot camera. It’s good enough if you want to use a
point and shoot camera for a self-portrait like taking a picture of your family for a
christmas card, or if you wanna grab a night shot while you’re on the go. They’re exceptionally portable and they
only cost a few dollars. Just about every camera ever made has a common tripod
port. They have the exact same threading which allows you to use any tripod with
any camera so you never have to worry about compatibility issues. There’s one big oversight though and
that’s the most popular cameras today, the camera phones. don’t happen to have a
tripod mounts up i want to show you this accessory. There are a few different models you can
get, this particular one I found it’s really simple and it works great, it’s
just a clamp. And you secure it to your camera phone and it’s got two different
tripod mounts, so from here I could attach it to any tripod and it would allow me to
hold my smartphone either horizontally or vertically. Up next I
have this very versatile Joby tripod. The legs are stiff yet flexible, allowing
you to wrap them around smaller things or hang them over the edge of something.
It doesn’t support a lot of weight acting as a tabletop tripod, but it’s
good enough for a lightweight SLR. If you were to try to put something heavier on it would
end up bending a little bit, but it’s good for what it does. Up next I have this Eddie Bauer ultra
pod, it’s a very small tabletop tripod with one really useful feature and
that’s this velcro strap. This allows me to stick it to the side
of something. Of course is not going to support a lot
of weight, it’s really lightweight, but i find it really useful for smaller
cameras or my smartphone. Now on the top of this you’ll notice that it has a hot shoe.
This is useful for attaching a flash to. If I’m using an off-camera flash I can attach this to one of the legs of
my tripod and then put a flash here and trigger that flash. Up next is this Delkin Fat Gecko. This
is a suction cup based camera mount. So what I can do with this is I can
stick it to any window or basically any flat surface. Now you see that i use this
in some of my videos to attach it to the side of my car. I find it holds really well. Now, I don’t
want to take any responsibility if you don’t have the same luck, but for me it’s
worked great. Up next I have this terrible Samsonite
tripod. Now, this is the first tripod i ever
bought and I got it free with a camera bag or something, and that’s about what
it’s worth. It’s not a great tripod. It’s aluminum, you can hear it creaking.
So you’ll notice that like most tripods, it has collapsible legs that allow me to
adjust it to different heights and it makes it smaller when i’m packing in a bag and I want to
store it. This one goes up to about three or four feet which means if i’m going to
be using it I’d have to be crouched down the whole time. I want to point out a couple of features
of this. You’ll see that the legs and the head are all one unit. Up next
I’ll show you one that’s a little bit separate. I’ll also point out that this head
has a stick on it and it pans from side to side or up and down, this is called a
pan tilt head and it’s used primarily for video. Up next I have this Manfrotto MKC3H01
tripod. This is an ultra small tripod that
extends pretty far and it’s got an integrated head in it. This is both a ball head and a pan and
tilt head, it’s a hybrid head. And it allows me to either rotate anywhere
including a vertical orientation for photography, or it allows me to switch it
to pan and tilt mode, to video mode, where I can do smooth pans and tilts. This is the first tripod with a quick
release plate. A quick release plate allows you to attach your camera to a
separate piece. You can then easily slide your camera in
and out of it. I’ll also show an interesting feature of this tripod and that is that
it has an adjustable tension grip. By turning this dial here, i can adjust just
how firm or loose this is. One more feature that i want to
show on this tripod is an extending center column. Most tripods will have
this feature. You can loosen that up and then get a couple more inches maybe a
foot out of your tripods height. That allows you to get closer up to eye
level but it has a big downside and that is a lack of stability. Once you extend that extra length you’re
going to find it’s a little more wobbly especially in wind. So it’s okay if
you’re doing short exposures but if you’re doing a long exposure, for
example at night, you’re going to want to do your best to not use that center
column. You can do this by choosing a tripod of
an appropriate height. People recommend having a tripod that is as tall as you
are. You don’t actually need that, you can go about a foot shorter than you are
because the head attached to it and the camera attached to it elevate the camera up quite a bit. Up
next we have my travel photography tripod. As opposed to my travel video tripod.
You can see this has four legs sections so it can collapse really tight. These are flip locks, which are my
preferred method. Some people prefer locks that screw, I like
the ones that flip, it just makes a little easier for me to expand and
collapse. Now this tripod has a couple of great
features. First there’s a… I can extend the center
column here and push in a little switch here to rotate it into a horizontal
position. This is useful if you want to get really
close to the ground or if you’re gonna be holding the camera in a vertical position
for a long time. So I don’t use it that often, but it’s nice to know that it’s
there. Just like any tripod, you can replace the head on it, so i use this
joystick style tripod head when I’m in the studio or not traveling very far. It allows one-handed adjustments, i can
just grip it and then move the ball head to any position. I can switch the head
out with a smaller lighter head though, this is the head that I use when I
travel. As you can see it basically requires two handed operation, i have to grip it
and then twist this and then I can adjust it freely. The extra weight makes a big difference
when it’s in your bag, especially when the airline is charging you for the
weight of your bags. So up next I’m going to move over to my travel video tripod. This is a little bit heavier tripod
because you need to have your tripod for video, it’s really important that nothing
moves. A couple other things make it unique; first it’s got this center column here. If I twist it like this to unlock it I can then level the tripod head. With
photography it’s ok if the shot’s a little bit off
kilter, it almost always is, because you go in Lightroom and straighten it out and
post, no big deal. But in video it’s really
important to get it level because it’s not as easy to adjust it, things getting
up getting less sharp So you want a leveling head like that
and it makes a big difference. Second, the head attached is a pan and
tilt head rather than being a ball head that means it can’t move into a vertical
position easily. However when I’m filming I can really easily and smoothly pan
left and right or up and down. The next item is not a tripod, it’s a monopod. A monopod is just a one
legged tripod but it’s primarily used to help support the weight of your camera. It’s really useful when you’re shooting
wildlife with a big huge telephoto lens because your arms will get tired and with the
500 millimeter lens I use, I can only hold it up for maybe 30 seconds or so. And
if you want to stalk a bird for a couple of hours, you’re gonna need something to take the
weight off. I also use this a lot in the studio.
Chelsea, for example, will use it to support the 70-200 millimeter portrait
lens that we have when we are doing stock shoots. This monopod has a couple of nice
features. First, notice that the foot here allows me to easily extend it. All I have to do is step on that and
then i can pull it up to any height that I want. It will not go down on its own, it’s got a release here. I just need to
push that in with my pinky, squeeze this and then i can adjust it down. Combined, those two features allow me to
be easily adjust it to any height, which is really important when you’re moving
around a lot. The head i have on here is a another
type of joystick head, so it allows one handed operation. I grip it and then I can twist it. So I
have one last tripod i want to show you. It’s the biggest in my collection, so to
do that I’m going to put this camera and point it towards Chelsea so that we can
have her talk about it. I’m using a Manfrotto tripod here. I think it’s about the biggest model that
they make, it’s model number 475B. It extends to be about seven and a half
feet tall and its really sturdy and really heavy, so I don’t like to carry it around
much. I’m also using a Manfrotto video head. It’s really nice because it has the
fluid drag system so you can pan really smoothly both sideways and up and down. You can adjust the tension here with
this knob. This is model number MVH 5028H. Another thing that I really like about
using this head for video is that it has this long quick release plate. So you can move it
back and forth to balance even a heavier camera. This accessory here is really great, we
use it to put our audio recorder on it but you can also put an umbrella or your
pc or even some notes. This video’s just meant to supplement our book, Stunning
Digital Photography. So if you’d like more in-depth
information check out our gear section. If you like this video, click Subscribe
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Northrup Photography. Thanks.


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  97. John Smith May 27, 2019 at 6:20 pm

    1:21 this things is known for being not so reliable and losing the tension of mechanism after certain period of use, so eventually that thing wouldn't be able to hold any position at all

  98. marcus Thomas July 18, 2019 at 3:54 am

    What is the name of the travel photography tripod you talked about before the travel video tripod.

  99. Awesomeplanet Vlogger August 13, 2019 at 3:05 pm

    Kindly add the links of the tripods with their names in the description box. Then the video will be useful

  100. balint alovits August 15, 2019 at 11:58 pm

    What is the name if the head at 6:34?

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