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trick photography – the best creative
photography and trick photography secrets hi, I just wanna let you know that
if you have a DSLR or any kind of camera that you can start taking
pictures just like the ones that you’re seeing on this page right now, you do not need an expensive
camera to take pictures like this you just need
a basic DSLR and here’s why a lot of people think
that if they have the best gear that they can make the best photographs… now that is completely untrue especially
if you don’t have the right knowledge and creativity for proper trick photography if you have creative photography ideas and you know about things like composition and light you can make way better pictures with
your camera then the photographer who doesn’t know about those things but has
the most expensive twenty thousand dollar camera, which is
not important at all see in trick photography and special effects you want to focus more on the artistic and creative photography ideas and
less about your gear, the gear is just complementary for a good photographer you need all the know how to use the basic
fundamental principles of photography to take a good image with any camera at all, even basic DSLR’s they all have a manual mode and that is
what I’m gonna be showing you how to use in this trick photography course to create artistic images so if you have
a DSLR in your house right now I don’t care what it is or what it’s
called I’m gonna show you how to use it to create really artistic images these pictures
that you’re seeing right here all these pictures were made with the
Nikon d50 camera which if you don’t know what have a camera
that is it’s the first basic entry-level DSLR the Nikon released back
in 2005 now because it’ll make this camera
anymore can actually get this one used for 230 bucks on TV that’s what I found recently or you get
a and your camera and it would still have it be the most
basic entry level model and still be able to take cool pictures
just like we’re seeing right here track let me show you a little trick
that you can use with any camera Rafah bad see the little thing this is
shutter speed if you raise that number to make it
longer whenever you take a picture now your camera will be on for several
seconds taking a picture for that amount of time now
this is really cool because what you can do is take a light and move it around the frame and you can
actually record like trails with that and people if you’ve heard this
technique before it’s called light painting but most people think that oh I just I’m a judge’s we have a
flashlight around and then it’s done well actually it’s a whole art form in
and of itself because there are dozens a bit different types
have lights that you can use in my painting and all of them have a specific use you
have to know how to move the lights in certain ways in order to create certain
shapes and things like that nap is the tough
stuff that I’m going to be showing you inside the course now if you also have Photoshop you can’t
get really creative in addition to just using a camera you
can do both won’t be using Photoshop for about a
third about everything talk inside so if you don’t have
Photoshop don’t feel left out you can still too many many tricks inside the course for example when this
picture our love giving this as an example cuz it its
gets a lot of people’s attention and just it’s just funny and this picture I have a my camera on a
tripod and I’ll just photograph in this room here and what I
did is I went down to my bank and I withdrew about eight hundred
dollars 871 to be exact and then after that I went around
placing the money in different areas of the frame and then taking a picture and then I moved the money into a
different place at the frame took another picture and I kept repeating that process over
and over again until finally it looks like a half a million dollars
insider this room which is really cool I like showing how to do this one is one
the simpler tricks and anyone could do if they have Photoshop
such as one trick I like to show our show in much more detail on side the
full course but you don’t need the latest and greatest
version of Photoshop you can use Photoshop cs2 cs3 cs4 are the latest switches cs5 and if
you’re using Photoshop Elements you can use Photoshop Elements 10 and
you can still get away with doing that many things including this trick and South the course alright so just to
wrap everything all up inside the course you’re going to be giving up three
hundred page ebook the gives step-by-step instructional
content on how to create artistic images I’m not going to be
showing you how to take born pictures love flowers and trees here actually
gonna show you all my hard core secrets how to take
really interesting photos that grabbed people’s attention and have them wonder how you took this
shot because I get that question so many times you
never show my pictures to anyone all ask the same thing how the heck did
you take that picture after done with the course your gonna
know how to get people to ask you that same question and how you can
actually get a heads up on getting more views on your pictures
winning photo contests and things like that possum top a 300-page ebook gonna give
you I’m also going to be sending you 9 hours a constructional video-content
you can visually see each and every individual but and I’m
gonna be pushing on my camera each click that I make inside a
Photoshop see you can replicate my results exactly
step-by-step without any confusion gonna be seen
everything I do behind the scenes will be like literally spending the weekend
with me having me show you all the cool things I
know about photography in weekend that’s what this is plus on top for that
if there’s anything you don’t like about this course for any reason her even know reason just email me and I
will refund your money completely because I don’t want your money if
you’re not satisfied with my product have been much happier if you’re happier so if you find you
want to learn how to use creative photographic techniques to create exciting fun creative images that get people to glue their eyes on
the screen looking at your picture not wanting to look away this course is
definitely for you because I’m going to be showing you some
in the coolest trick photography techniques you’ve probably ever come across!!! Creative photography ideas and the best trickphotography tutorials is all you ever need to make the best photos of your life….


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