Top 5 Best Video Editing Apps For Android 2018!

What’s up guys welcome back to our channel and in this video i am going to show you top 5 best video editor apps for android 2018 and i am sure you would definitely like it So let’s start First video editor app in our list is Vlogit, It is absolutely free. With this app, there will be no watermark in the video. We get lots of feature in Vlogit which we could not find in any other video editor app You can add multiple clips in it You can cut any part of the video and join it. You can trim and crop your video easily. To give a video professional look, transitions are very important. You tend to get pleasant transitions in this app. You can set any transitions between your clips. You will also get a lot of filters effect which gives our video a cinematic touch While using filters always take care that filter strength is always low otherwise our video will look over edited. you can increase or decrease the speed of video with this app. In the last clip of this video to give it slow motion touch I have reduced its speed. If you want to make video like fast motion, time lapse then you can increase the speed of video. you can easily make an intro for your video, you can add voice over in video and can add text of various styles It’s a quite nice video editor app, The things you need for video editing are available in a single app, Must try You will definitely like it. Next app in our list is Movavi video editor app Movavi is a powerful and easy video editor app which is available for both android and IOS. You can edit video of any length and can export in the same length also. If you want to cut any portion from your video, You can easily cut it To give video a perfect look Color adjustment is really important And in this app, you can change brightness, Saturation according to your need, You can add smooth transitions in a video You can add decent stickers, text in the video. You can change speed of video and can add audio as well. It is a skillful app, And it is also free in playstore There is only one drawback in the free version is after saving video, a watermark comes on your video But if you want to remove watermark then you will have to buy it’s paid version. Next app in our list is vizmato and vizmato is a different video editing app. You will get those video effects in this app which you will not find in any other app Like effect of zoom, lens, mirror you get as many effect in this app with which our video looks more cool and attractive You can reverse your video and can add text also. You will get lot of audio effect in it You also get themes like old school, haunted, hollywood. You can easily apply these themes in your video And in this app, developers have given their more effort on effects. If you want to use these kind of effects on your video then definitely try this app. Okay so next app is YouCut video editor app Its a new video editor app of InShot We get simple and handy feature in this app Like while editing video we can trim it Or if you want to make video for Instagram and YouTube then you can crop it in accordance with it. We also get lots of filters in it And color correction can also be done in a video. We also get built-in audio library and you can also edit 4K videos easily. It’s a pretty much basic editor. This app is also free and no watermark comes along with it. Lets move ahead to new video editor app Next video editor app in our list is Quik And it is a popular video editor app. We don’t have to make much effort in this app All we have to do is to add our video and then we have to select the given theme and that’s all Then it will automatically cut out clips from our video smartly, set awesome transitions, add effec add music and you can easily watch the preview to know how your video has edited. You tend to get a lot of video themes in it You can select any video theme. If you want to customize video as per your need, you can do it easily. You can add filters accordingly, You can trim videos. If you want to highlight any portion, you can also do it. It is a pleasant video app. No need to put out so much effort and it edit our video so nicely. Ok guys that’s it for today hope you enjoy our video and if you liked our video so please smash the like button thanks for watching have a great day.


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