Tips To Survive Adulthood When You Don’t Even Know If You’re An Adult Yet ?

– Hey YouTube world, it’s me, Evelyn. On my side of this melting planet, youths are going back to school, and according to my YouTube
channel’s analytics, about 30% of y’all are 18 to 24 years old. I lovingly call this group
of people alleged adults. You spent your whole life in school and now suddenly without the structure of institutionalized education, you’re out here rolling in the deep. One day, you’re scored on your
ability to follow directions and the next you’re
told to take initiative. One day you have to raise
your hand to ask permission to go pee, and the next, you’re in charge of your future, figure it out. It don’t make sense,
I’ll be the first to say it don’t make sense. Listen, life is not a ’90s
sitcom on network television. I mean, if it was, it
would look like this. (corny music) (laughs) Wigs aside, real life
isn’t scripted or organized in any sort of predictable way. You don’t even know when
the season finale is or if there will be another season. (sad piano music) Think about that. Hold on, stay with me, stay with me, I’m trying to encourage you. Whether you’re starting a new school year, a new job, or you just took
a shower today to reset and that’s about all you
did, I have three ideas, tips, notions, tools for you to consider, and I think it’ll really
elevate you, okay, and make you feel like you got some sense. (xylophone music) Number one, it’s not a mistake if you didn’t know any better. Now if you knowingly make bad choices, that’s just self-destructive,
but let’s say you decide to get a job at a bank or major in chemistry
because you truly feel like that’s the right move for you right now. And then you get there
and it royally sucks. It’s trash. And if you’re like me and
most humans in the world, you’re gonna beat yourself up about it because you feel like you
made the wrong decision. But you didn’t make the wrong decision, you just made a decision
based on the information you had at the time. All this suckage that you’re
experiencing right now, you didn’t have access to that information before making the decision. You truly didn’t have the range. The only way you can know
is by experiencing it. So now that you have this new information, what will you do next? I basically explained
life, I mean I don’t know if you caught that, but
that’s what life is. Number two, practice asking
for exactly what you want. I’ma go on the record and
say that the number one cause of all malfunction in human relationships is unmet, uncommunicated,
mismatched expectations. It is extremely unfair to not tell people how they can help you and then get mad when they don’t help you
in the way that you needed. It is extremely unfair to not ask for help and get mad when don’t nobody help you. And we’ve all done it, all have sinned, and fall short. Imagine you have an idea
for a creative project, you’re feeling kinda iffy
about it and you need someone to encourage you. When you go to text your
friend about this idea, start with “hey, I have
this idea, you know, “I’m feeling kinda self-doubty,
and I wanna run this “idea by you real quick
to see if you can give me “some words of encouragement
or some advice, “’cause my impostor syndrome is rowdy “right about now on swole.” You’ve clearly communicated
your expectations for their response, they are
aware of how fragile you are, and now they know to give you
more than a “That’s dope!”. And your little feeling’s not hurt. Don’t set your people up
to fail and get your little feelings hurt, don’t do it. Just ask for what you want. And number three, instead
of asking yourself what you wanna do with
your life, ask yourself what kind of person you wanna be. I know, I know it sounds hippy-dippy, but your character is your
legacy, not your career. This also removes the
pressure to have your job be your life’s passion. ‘Cause that’s not required,
you don’t have to be in love with your job,
it can just be a job. I mean really think about,
think about obituaries. They say things like
“Jennifer brought a smile “to anyone who crossed her path.” They don’t say Jennifer was a nurse. If you focus on what kind
of person you want to be, you’re actively shifting focus from things you can’t control to things you can. You can’t control who’s hiring. You can’t control the fact
that you can’t afford tuition. But you can control being
helpful, being kind, being that person that makes people feel like when you’re at a
restaurant your food, you see your food coming, finally. Okay, if you can make
somebody feel like how tacos make me feel, you’re
doing something, okay? You’re living life. To all my alleged adults
out there, I believe that with these three tips,
you gon’ be ahead of the game. Or at least you gon’ peep game, okay? Stay woke. You might have to go
out and live more life and have more examples in
order to truly understand what I’m saying, but at
least you’ll be making moves with these tools at your disposal. Some struggles, this is
me touching your face, some struggles are
unnecessary, love, okay? So allow me to release you of that stress. (blows) Growth. (flute music) Shout out to Audible for
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learned and what advice you would like to pass down to the generations behind
you, and I’ll see you on the internet somewhere, bye! (calm jazz music) (corny music) Yes! Listen, listen, do you
have the skills it takes?! (laughs) Woo! Do you have the skills, huh? We’re all just trying to make do. Woo!

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