Thoughts on the Fujifilm X-Pro3 & Street Photography Photo Walk Bath

good morning welcome back to the
gorgeous city of Bath absolutely beautiful place now if your regular view
of my channel you know that I came and spent a couple of hours we’ll make Julian
and doing some street photography not so long ago probably but a month or two ago
we only had two hours to spend in bath so yeah first opportunity to get back
and spend some proper time here straight on it the reason for coming down here
today is I’ve actually arranged a photo walk with a few of you guys who follow
me on youtube and on Instagram so it’s gonna be good to meet up with you guys
spend a bit of time wandering around taking the sites in but also I wanted to
give something to try basically it’s the middle of October and Fujifilm haven’t
even announced the xpro3 officially yet although we know it’s out we know
the spec we know what the camera isn’t it’s already built quite a lot of
interest and opinion online so I thought what I do
I’d actually shoot today with my ex pro 2 and normally use makes 100 f because a
lot the size of its fits in your pocket I thought I’d give the expo to ago and
as you can see I’ve actually taped up the back screen to make it look a bit
like x-ray 3 give it a go just to see how much I actually miss using that back
screen now obviously there’s a lot of people that are sort of just going on
the specs of the cameras see it seeing what the camera hasn’t got as opposed to
who the cameras aim for who it’s aimed at and purest and people that like like
the camera just to be a box just an extension of your arm not to get in the
way not to interfere with your shooting and obviously just using the eyepiece
are gonna love the expo 3 I’m really really excited to get me hands on one I
know for sure it fort agra feel absolutely love it I’m a bit confused as
to whether or not I’ll get on with it with my weddings and stuff because
sometimes you need to go to use the back screen and stuff so yeah that’s partly
one of the reasons why I’ve taped up the screen on this Expo 2 you can see that
just to just to see how much I actually do because I think I shoot with it with
the EVF I 99% of the time I’m pretty certain I can get away without using the
the back screen so this can be a good challenge I’m gonna let you know at the
end of the video how will liberating or how frustrating it was and forgot to
mention actually on the way into bath probably go the wrong way
I passed a an artist gallery and I see through the door the God was painting
and now there’s really really nice light so I popped in spokes him for a few
minutes and then he very kindly let I’d allow me to take a photograph so really
really cool but what I wanted to do I didn’t want to disturb him I wanted to
because he was just enjoying his painting he’s joined getting on with it
so I wanted to just I put the camera on electronic shutter and I fired away f
2.8 just got some nicer low-light shots something they look really really cool
especially black and white alright another thing I’m trying to use today is
I’m trying to get on with this gimbal it’s a new Tsar Ukraine m2 that’s the
first time I’ve used it properly and the buttons fell off the front of it so
we’re yeah it’s gonna be difficult challenge trying to use this gimbal but
we’re heading off now we’ve got everybody together there’s good number
actually and who’s gonna do wand around we’re going to get a loop there’s a few
people here that know the area so I’m looking forward to seeing they know any
cool places to do some shots but yeah quite a good turnout really
come forward to this if it goes fun alright so I’m back at a location came
to with Julian and put weights back and it was really very overcast I really
love these pillars that are all around it’s just evasive wandering around
looking for a composition and then waiting I suppose for some weeks to come
into the set so that’s been in the bank crucifying me such a shame that’s there
yeah really I have to get a good shot here what we do is wait on this corner
camera down low just pre-focus probably around about
five meters in front of the scene I’m dad’s by eight five point six now
but we want to keep the settings and easily just abort on when the Sun
because it’s gonna be cold saying that since coming out again when it gets
bright up and just flick that back to f11 or FA then even what these two go
I’m saying and when he goes over classical flick it to five point six
five folks five meter and then yeah just grab a shots and not leaving this scene
until I get a good burger Cheddar’s ago now would have been really
really nice this might be worth waiting for a girl
with a dog that’s a fantastic subject ladders now lights gonna come out again
she’s going the other way but now I’m gonna try and get this scene
here really like this wait for one person trick is to get the good light
there wait for one person keep it simple nice shadows and that will be a lovely
oh there’s light coming out you see the shadows now and then girls now I just I
just don’t like it when there’s more than one person stay focused infinity
and the f11 now five inches per second I know 500 gorgeous lines in the floor there just
look at standing here you got them fantastic lines would you stand yeah
well you got to keep them them verticals vertical India that’s a special two
people there are two birthweight your boiler jack look at this light it’s gorgeous
these pillows nice directional light everyone spending about five minutes to
suffer a wander gets a different weather where the shadows work best
good because everybody’s kind of shooting the same way seeing the same
thing I’ll admit there’s been one or two staged pictures as well mainly me
jumping around like an idiot this composition is fantastic really
really lot the angle coming down here really really nice light on the side
that toned in that pellets fantastic so yeah what I can’t get really is a
definitive edge on the bottom of the picture which is a bit in the rain but
yeah really really nice so just wait if somebody’s come from the right because
obviously well known as a silhouette but the wrong height person would lose his
head this guy go all the way
davi to meet us we’ve got here about an hour ago originally found Erskine
Goldman I feel really badly glad he actually made it though back in the
square about now I really really like this notice how this is really really
contrast he liked about it all I’m trying to do is get a really really
strong silhouette on the on the left hand side have it as a square to really
shock lying down the middle of the shot free focus on back at f/8 just keep not
get my camera need to wait for one person lady I wasn’t sure I’m gonna get told off and
set I really really like this arrow though and it’s means to a nice to have
the right person standing in front of it not you that’s cheating
yeah really lightly Sara so at the right person looking at that guy might have
been alright a guy over there would have been perfect one person I don’t know
which way spray would they be walking give me a couple of minutes so we get on it is quarter past three we have had a
day fall pretty much a non-stop really really good sky good clear skies nice
bright light strong contra and we’ve wandered down to the train station and
bar plastic columns everywhere and down this way really really is no strong
contrast first what I delivered it so yeah just it just going to give this a
couple of minutes we want a standing round loitering cluttered up the area
but yeah we’re all sort of spot this fantastic
Turner well that’s really really strong contrast in it so there’s got to be a
nice shot here even if this lady is trying to tell me alright fantastic
columns fantastic light really strong verticals portrait and using the really
dark part of the corner there’s a guy standing down there a bit lost he’s a
bit too far away from me with a 35 mil but somebody like that three folks in orders are pre focus on
that corner f11 still and she wait for one person to
close the gap so I can’t see through there through the restaurant then lines
us fantastic now no idea we took a photograph cuz
it’s on electric shutter but that was a fantastic day really really
enjoyed thank you so much the guys that came along and met me on the photo
walked really good to see Beth spend some time wandering around I know a lot
of yous got they got some really really good images so I put them at the end of
the video as well so check that mount and obviously give him a follow on
Instagram as well I really enjoyed my whole experience I have to be honest to
walk around with a tape top LCD and only being able to see the images or take the
images through the viewfinder I really mean to be honest with you that’s how I
do most of my work anyway I always shoot with EVF very rarely only with landscape
photography really do I use use the the screen anyway so to be honest I knew
what was gonna be okay with that it was a good experiment just to see how how I
would cope and if I would notice the it wasn’t really a limitation it was I did
feel that yeah it was just a case of it made you aware that you couldn’t jump
and it was it’s a good habit it’s a bit like when I go out shooting with my film
cameras you you look you look forward to the process and you actually see the
images when you get back to the computer or when you’ve developed the film so
it’s a really really good good idea actually tape up the back of your camera
and take some pictures it’s quite good a good way of you don’t miss a shot
because you’re focused on the on the subjects and you’re not sort of taking a
picture looking at the back of your thing so it’s so good it’s good habit to
get into actually so yeah give it a go now the X Pro to Fuji film X Pro to has
it’s probably my all-time favorite camera and I’ve I adore the Fuji system
but the X Pro to the rangefinder camera is definitely my my favorite
economically anyway obviously with the change the interchangeable lenses I love
the X 100 f as well but it’s slightly smaller for my hands where I put a grip
on that and obviously I can’t change the lenses and it’s only got the one card
slot and not where the seal took companies after my pro work but this
camera has been it’s been well best friend sort of thing I absolutely love
it I love the ergonomics I love it I love pretty much everything about it so
the idea of the expert 3 coming along was obviously very very exciting and I
could not wait to get my hands on one and I was very excited to see what the
specs would be now obviously we know the the experience can have the flip
down screen it’s got the hidden back screen hence the reason why I take this
up there’s a few other changes as well which I’ll talk about and obviously it’s
going to share the same sensor as the Fujifilm xt3 which I have and I know
what how that sends a perform so I’m really excited I know I know exactly how
good the expert 3 is going to be they’ve also office lis improved things
like the lower low-light focus down to minus 6 stops which is fantastic and
when I when I do events and I’m using this camera as well as Dex t3 soon as I
pick this camera up and I’m trying to focus in low-light I do notice how much
slower this is at focusing so I’ve been able to focus better the next xt3 is
gonna be amazing I’m really looking forward to that things I didn’t like
about X Pro to number one but diopter thing that we should kept knocking all
the time so glad they’ve moved that so that won’t be an issue now the
compensation doll another one I knock over time I never take it off see it’s
always on see and I can obviously use the dial there on the backs change the
shutter speed I always knock that so hopefully that they’ve not put a lock on
it which I’d like them to have done but they it looks like it’s further ends
that won’t get knocked I’m not so sure on the not being able to on have a no
screen I think this creeps over it’s fine but for my weddings and events when
I can just take the camera from my eye and then take a quick shot lower down or
whatever looking at the back of the screen I think I’m not really a fan of
the flip down screens on most cameras even on the XT unless I’m do a landscape
photographer don’t tend to use the flips down screen too much the d-pad they’ve
got rid of the d-pad and I’m sure it’s a bit like Apple when they get rid of the
buttons and stuff like that and it’s like how do you cope and then you’d
never go back once you get used to it but I’ve got these program these assign
these D buttons shortcuts and I know where they are and I can find them with
my eye to the viewfinder so I’m a bit worried about how that’s gonna be
incorporated where the shortcuts are going to be ya know I’ll have to remain
judgment I’m not gonna say anything on that one oh it’s that I’ve seen how
they’ve done it the AF button that I don’t mind where it is it was just never
abit it’s never quite pronounced enough so yeah it’s not quite a find
I don’t doesn’t although they’ve changed that though I’d like them to have put a
little lift just so you can feel it a little bit
better the little mini display that they’ve put on the back there where I’ve
got me across sticker they’ve put this mini display there which you can
obviously display the exposure triangle or your film simulation now I shoot raw
all the time Plus JPEG if I’m doing some something
for an event that they need the images quick I don’t really need to see that
and I certainly don’t need to see the exposure triangle because that’s a good
thing about the fuji cameras that you can already see that on the top of the
camera so yeah I’m not a fan of this little screen I’d rather that wasn’t
there and they just kept the camera plain if it wasn’t another screen and
fine but don’t know why I’m not sure if that’s going to get in the way of you
knows when it’s against their what worst it’s yeah it’s one of the things we’ll
have to see right and so yeah got some really good images from from bath and
really excited I was really excited to get back and there was one or two that I
took that were that were different so we’ll run through them I know a lot of
you enjoyed going through the picture to see what I like to see what I didn’t
like and seeing perhaps how I could have improved on there was a few images that
I left in there I props weren’t my sort of style but I left them in there cuz I
thought I always try and give a variety to my street photography so I don’t
always take the same sort of image it’ll run through now I never look at the way
that the the camera the image now see how they come out so the first image of
took I hadn’t even got as far as the coffee shop and not part my car but
hundred yards has seen this guy through a window painting and now just just
knitting very quickly just grab that grab that’s not really don’t want to get
in its way but I really really do like this scene it’s quite traditional isn’t
it it is what it is but it’s it’s just the way that light focuses in on the
details there’s really really nice I was really happy with that image and a lot
of the images did come out a bit dodgy with the electronic shutter though so
when there was a bit of a bit more white area you could see a bit of banding in
from the electric shutter because of that type of light bulb be yeah that one
came out nice my first real Street shoe street image I’d say from the trip
really really happy with this and this is a bit of a fluke because when I seen
this girl walking down towards me she looked great she looked really confident
loved this ride loved everything but not only that she actually blocked the bin
so where I’d focus she actually walked perfectly in front of the bin there so
yeah and yeah managed to get some nice tones I was load to the floor and didn’t
but I actually managed to get these columns vertical I’m surprised how
vertical they came out but yeah the Christmas decorations are off I think I
actually edited them out in one version maybe the one of the video this scene
are waiting patiently for because I knew it had potential yeah I give this 10 or
15 minutes just waiting for somebody to come and the ballard ruins it a little
bit but i could have got rid of the but i but it is it’s there and it you don’t
I don’t want to take too much away from the image that is actually there really
like the shape coming in from the bottom right-hand corner though taking your
ions across the scene yeah it’s nice silhouette really really not like the
shadow as it as a street photography goes I’ve got a couple of things I don’t
tend to focus and homeless people and vulnerable people and people that don’t
have been too much of a good time and but this photograph I really liked it’s
like a black and white scene and then I seen the girl come around the corner she
was far enough away from the camera so I thought you know if if it looks like
she’s a very very small part of the picture I’ll include it but the red
jacket just jumps out from the from the image and a really a lot of tones are
really like the light and yeah I’m really pleased with the image to be
honest with you I think it came out really really nice
obviously definitely a color image but it looks like a spot collapse because
it’s quite muted tones nude muted colors sorry around the rest of the image it’s
a classic chrome comes out really really well there okay so like the image
dislike the image I knew that whoever walked through that was going to lose
their head just pick up probably because of the angle of that shadow at the same
time it kind of works that he loses his head it’s interesting it’s anonymous I
don’t know I like the light I like everything about the image apart from
that back and sort of gutter but that back lower brick which shows that the it
doesn’t look horizontal it shows it there’s a slight angle on the bottom
there obviously the columns perfectly vertical when and so is the window in
the background but that line of the background annoys me that it’s not
straight otherwise I do like the image and it’s quite nice
and obviously the what was crucial in that was getting the corners right I to
get corner to corner nice diagonal strong contrast line go from corner to
corner you shot one we seen it but I new feel
that the guys working to get this sort of image so waited waited at this at
this spot for the light to come back and give us this nice contrast and obviously
all it is it’s a it’s kind of an obvious street shot but it’s just nice because
you get this nice silhouette of a lady that kind of blends into that black
we’re on the left everybody seems to be on their phone as they’re walking which
is Adele other other frustrating all you just go except you I don’t know I’m not
sure about the shadow with the Christmas decorations pointing down to it adds
something at the same time is irritating but yeah it’s part of the image and I
like that you can just see a foot sticking out the bottle now it’s quite
nice this image I loved when I seen this at my office it’s different it’s it’s
one things you’re never going to replicate go out there painting I don’t
know if you can see but on that sign there it says wet paint yeah really
really pleased with this image made me laugh I wanted a stand around wait for
this guy to do something better as opposed to smoking but I really really
like that image took a few angle to that one thought this was a bit more
interesting a bit more geometry and in the shot but yeah really really happy
with that looks looks like a nice he kind of blends into the environment it’s
like it’s not only obviously black and white but it’s like the tones are pretty
much identical with him a nice around and it’s really really quite quite cause
like he’s been painted and so on as the building looks really cool yeah I do
like this image again I’m I’m aware that some street photography is kind of
obvious when you see an arrow you wait for somebody to walk past it but I did
like the composition and obviously it gave the other guys opportunity to sort
of gather up and have a go at grabbing some some fun images and I really wanted
somebody bit more quirky than this chap to walk by we didn’t really wait very
long but yes and it’s a nice image obviously the arrow pointing to the
subjects it’s it’s a bit of fun nothing serious now this lady made me laugh as
you’ve seen in the video I was talking away she thought I was filming her and
and and foger for no purposely and to be honest I was I wasn’t really didn’t
really notice until after what was what how quirky she was if you zoom in you
can see her I don’t know what she’s doing with her hands just are the cover
in her face or what but she actually tried to charge us for taking a picture
afterwards she said if you were here I send you a bill she says or it’s a
pounds take my yeah very quirky but we really did like
this scene but it was just constantly people walking through it in big groups
so we you know it would have been nice if we got one person in that frame but
didn’t really happen now this is when I said about waiting around for other guys
to take pictures or turn around and spotted this composition I really liked
it but thought we were going to move on so I wasn’t expecting much but then I
thought you know what we’re gonna be here couple of minutes I’ll hang out for
this and see what happens it’s a busy place didn’t expect this area on the
left of him to be clear as much as it is but as he was walking by just to spot
this and him be you know sort of smartly dressed and a really interesting
foreground really really nice I was really that complete fluke complete
fluke eyed focused at about three meters so I knew everything was going to be
sharp and just had to wait but to get everything vertical like that again
without no screen on the back of the camera yeah I’m really really pleased of
this image but I wish I wish I was further back so I could have got it from
this angle because I prefer being able to see the top of that column there
yeah really like this image nice nice tonal image really really nice geometry
I was perfectly positioned as well so I couldn’t see through the gaps of the of
the pillars which made it a bit more cluttered but yeah noise it would have
been a lot better having that fellow in that in that shot I really really would
have loved that photograph then but yeah the this image was basically an
experiment we were all heading back to the cars and I said to the guys that’s
let’s try something a bit different that’s focus at 2 meters put your camera
on silent if you can and then just just have the camera ready just as people
walk interesting people walk up to just to grab a few snaps as they walk by so
you’re not focusing you’re pretty focused at 2 meters f/8 and and you know
just just try and get some a bit different a bit a bit closer to the
camera and I don’t tend to do many many images like this but to be honest when
they do work out I really do like them I like everything about this lady like a
posture like she’s doing their arms or like that she’s I think she was related
in somewhat to the guy behind her but it’s just a really nice frame I really
like that image like what she’s dressed how she’s dressed and everything it come
out really really well so I don’t have to try and and get more images like this
I think and just do an hour or so pretty focused at 2 meters and just wait for
people to interact with the camera and get some in your face kind of
photographs but yeah I do like that image this image kinda doesn’t work now
at the time you could see the two guys the two gentlemen were sitting there on
their phones but in the photograph it doesn’t really work you can’t really see
the guy in the background is on his phone on the guy in the foreground it’s
on his phone in the boat that’s a mater could it a long time ago there ii spoke
to each other you know they were turning around and said how a good day how are
you sort of thing but now they’re both on a mobile phone and late 70s or
whatever but it just shows the times than it but yeah i did like that image
otherwise in in in on location it was good it doesn’t really work it as a
photograph but i thought i’d leave it in because it’s a it’s an interesting story
not choosing not to talk to each other so yeah really hope you enjoyed the
video please leave a comment let me know which of you favorite favorite images i
think i’ve got i’ve definitely got one or two from this from this shoe that I
really enjoyed and once again thanks so much for watching hit the subscribe
button if you haven’t already leave me a comment let me know and yeah follow me
on Instagram and I’ll let you know when the and the next photo walks gonna be
hopefully up north so Manchester Liverpool sort of way to Newcastle
perhaps but yeah a little force in you again thanks for watching take care


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    I will GLADLY stay with my graphite X Pro 2! Great video, though…

  30. Paul M October 23, 2019 at 10:09 pm

    Super post, Gareth. Love the combo of walk around, suggested LCD covering as training for EVF as main use, and post shoot commentary — excellent format. Image 2 my fav – angles and composition. What time of day were you shooting to realize the long shadows? Wet paint sign might be more prominent in a closer crop. If X-Pro2 is for “purists” what does that make the rest of us, “impure” folks 😁?

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