This Photography Site Needs A COMPLETE OVERHAUL!!! Rapid Fire Website Critique

Jared Polin, and it is now
time for another Square Space rapid fire critic where I take one of your websites and give
it a critic, e-mail critic and if you like to submit your website for a possible critic,
click the link down below, we will take the website submitted and maybe I’ll critic
yours, but remember I get hundreds of them in the mail all the time. So let’s do this one, so before we get to
the actual Square Space rapid fire critic, I realized after I was done, I kept messing
up the guy’s name. I kept saying Hustler, it is actually Holtster,
right Holtster, yep, Holtster, now part of the reason I mess up words all the time is
because my eyes shake, see that, that shakes which causes me to not see words properly
and mess them up. So that’s my excuse right now for why I
messed up his name so as you hear me talking about Hustler, it is actually Holtster. Let’s get back to it. What do we have, we have D Hustler, videography
and photography, this one is not built on a Square Space website. I want to remind you that if you haven’t
checked out square space, it’s what I personally use for Jared Polin dot com, go to
to get a fourteen day free trial, that is my affiliate link, so if you decide that is
for you I get something for it and you save ten percent when you use the code Fro at checkout,
D Hustler, I am going to load this page for you real quick because I want to hear something. Yeah. I hate music on a website when it loads because
I’m like what the hell is that crappy boring ass music, eh to me it is cheesy, so I am
going to go ahead and hit pause but as you can see none of the other things come up as
a normal Youtube video would so they turned off the ability to rewind or stop and start,
yes if you click, it will start, if you click it, it will also stop. I’m not a big fan of leading with a video
like this. I like the fact that you have a book that
you are turning the pages on, umm, I would try to think of a different way to do that,
I just don’t like videos playing with music that are auto playing that just bothers me,
and I think it bothers a lot of other people when they are on a website. So the first thing that I notice on a site
like this is it looks like it’s built in the early 2000s, it just has that cheesy look
with the and, and I’m gonna, yes, I’m gonna just say it, it has a cheesy look with
this nineteen nineties as looking film strip at the top. That to me, it’s fine with the D Hustler,
I get it, that I can live with when I just find this to be really cheesy and amateurish
looking. So at the bottom it says photography is beautiful,
videography is beauty, twenty four frames per second, I can live with that, I can like
that. We have got Youtube, we have got instagram,
we have Facebook. I’m going to click on instagram real quick
just to take a look. D Hustler enlists photos always a good thing,
also putting up wedding packages over here, hmm, interesting, Jewish wedding right there
or Jewish something because they are high fiving alright so let’s go back to the website
and talk about that because the website is what’s killing me right now. So this is the first page that your introduced
to, it’s really nothing else that says contact us, but it doesn’t really tell me about
what is going on here. Let’s eh, you have to decide where to go,
I mean eh, I guess your pushing weddings, but let me hit about, about, Jessie D Hustler,
owner and videographer/photographer alright. Welcome to About me page, I have been lucky
to work with both, to work both here in Canada as well as overseas, I’ve been shooting
a huge line of weddings and television production since two thousand and twelve. I believe it’s about being warm, friendly
and honest, when dealing with others, I work hard to ensure that your wedding will be shot
with a passion and desire that you want from a trusted wedding professional. Hurried work is worried work, and a job not
well done is not a well done job, oh no, but Jesus says it all the time. He says it’s as Jessie, Teiler, Aldred,
Audrey, Justin DeConche, Eric Jer- okay so we list all the people that can do job, photo
jobs for you, that’s fine. I don’t mind that. I would make this first page, I like the book,
don’t get me wrong, I just hate the music going. I don’t know what I would do, I would do
a slide show, I would just do a slide show even if it’s your hands and you come up
with a way of having the pages turned and let people turn them, I would do that more
than I would do um a video like this. Also what I would, actually let’s see how
many views it has, ninety eight and it went up July thirtieth of two thousand and sixteen. That’s not good, to say ninety eight views,
I mean not a lot of people are going over to the website to see this or it hasn’t
been shared or posted anywhere to get a lot of people to view. So that’s something that I personally look
at how many does it have, to kind of gain a little bit of credibility. What I would do on the front page personally,
I would do a slide show, I would talk about the work that you guys do and what you offered,
sounds like you are, you’ve been doing this since two thousand twelve, you do videos,
you do high end productions, you do, you do weddings, I want you to list that stuff on
the front page that welcomes people. Here’s what a wedding for you could look
like, if my team was incharge of capturing your most precious moments and bullshit like
that, personally I mean, whatever you want to say to entice people when they are looking
at it, that’s what I would do. List the things that you do on the front page,
hey, my name is so and so, welcome to the page, how can I help you, not just contact
us, you need to ask the questions, what could I help you with, what could I do for you,
showcase your best work and then let people discover from there. So you list photography here separate from
video so we’ll take a look here, happy LE ever after starts here, I hate that. Umm, we take pride in our, okay so here’s
a slide show, one, two, three, four, five, six, too long, one, two, three, switch, one,
two, three, switch, one, two, what the hell just happened. So I launched it. One, two, three, next, okay so we launched
it, one, two, three, next, one, two, three, what the hell, one, two, three, next, ahh,
your killing me smalls, your killing me with the load time, one, two, three, switch, one,
two, three, switch and if somebody wants to stay on the image, they are going to click
on it, but don’t make them wait them six seconds to go through the photos, also the
fact that they have to load each time, I’m going to plug Square Space right here because
of the fact that they will, you upload your images right, I upload my images at Square
Space at twenty five hundred pixels on the longest side at 100 DPI or 150 DPI whatever
that ends up being. But what Square Space does on the backend
is they will change the image size to help it load faster depending on the size of the
screen that somebody is looking at it on, that’s one of the reasons I like it, I wasn’t
planning on plugging it right here, or go get the free trial, Froknowsphoto.come, sorry,, take the fourteen day free trial, if you like, use it, if you don’t,
no harm, no foul stick with what you got, but that was a pain in the ass that caused
me not to wanna look. I also want to see is this a responsive website,
responsive means it as I change it, everything changes. It is not a responsive website, which is a
failure in this day and age to not have a website that changes and when I say responsive,
let’s do this real quick, I am going to show you what responsive is, I’m going to
go and click on enter me which a lot of people don’t like but look responsive means that
as you change your mouses, you know you change, so different screen sizes, it’s going to
change everything for you to fit on that particular device that somebody is on, that’s responsive,
Square Space sites write out the bad are responsive, okay, I’m done yelling at you but I also,
I want to see yes, oh, it takes too long to see these photos, I want to see a couple of
different options under photography. Let’s see best of the best weddings, I want
to see portraits, I want to see details, I want to see the options to see those shots,
and I want the ability to personally see it what does this do, this lets me switch it
through. Oh, my God, there are seventy one photos,
way too many photos, pick your bet-, so split them up, I want to see your best twenty from
candid, I want to see your best twenty portraits, I want to see your best twenty stories, get
that stuff in there and let people choose that from a dropdown or scroll down the page
so they can see, but I want to see a gallery, I want to atleast have the option for the
gallery, okay, I’m done yelling at you there. Videography samples, when you book with us,
you’ll receive atleast forty five minute full length film of your special day, holy
shit. Below are some edited examples currently in
a portfolio, stop bouncing, people are going to, people are going to yell at me for you
bouncing to update you. There are six separate demo reels that mix
many weddings we worked in two thou-, I find, I’m not going to watch this, um, I’m sure
they are fine, the morning is always buzzing with excitement, but I know parties are always
busy putting on their dresses and getting the perfect hair and makeup done. The girl’s winner ah okay whatever that’s
fine, so you have different examples of people can watch, I live with that, that’s cool. Ahh, what was I going to say. There were something else I wanted to see
on this site, I don’t know, but let’s click on packages. I’m, I’m just lost when I come onto this
page. Wedding packages, you get the silver, the
gold, the platinum, I hate that so much and I don’t have an honest or goodness idea
of what it should say or could say, I just hate silver, gold, platinum, would you like
the better, the best, the less wedding packages, I just this website looks cheesy and that’s
upsetting to me. The work is good and you need a website to
represent that, umm, one professional trained photographer, what is that saying like, one
professional trained monkey is going to come out to my photo shoot, why do you need to
say trained, you said profess- like using the word professional and trained doesn’t
make you any better. I fell into this trap as a younger photographer,
ahh, on my business card it said professional photographer, instead of just photographer
because I thought by calling myself a professional, it meant that I had more credibility when
in reality it’s your work that demonstrates whether you’re a professional or not. You don’t need to tell people, we are professionally
trained. What is believe me damn thank you, what is
trai- professionally trained right there. Ah, alright so package is sixteen up to eight
so this is where I’m lost. One ah professionally trained photographer,
I hate this package because I want two photographers for this amount of money, but eighteen hours
of phot- photographic coverage, what are you photographing, are you getting up there at
seven in the morning and your not lend- even by eleven at night we are gone even well before
that but eighteen hours of coverage, are you staying for the post nuptials the, the, whatever
is going to happen in the, in the, in the honeymoon suite, eighteen hours is an asinine
number to put on something. I would not do more than twelve. You tell people, you know, twelve hours of
cov-, I, I never put hours on my packages. What I used to tell people is that no, you
can’t have me for three hours at one third of the price I wanted because you, you know
want to pay me less time, the reason I say that is because your hiring me for the day. I’m going to be there to shoot your wedding. I’m not taking another job where I’m leaving
after five hours, I’m like screw you, I’m leaving after, eh, before the bride kisses
you, the groom kisses you whatever. I’m not leaving. So just tell them, I cover your full event. Generally speaking that’s eight ten hours,
if you need extra time, we can certainly do that, I’m not a big fan of packages that
say four-hour package, eight-hour package, eighteen-hour package, what’s next, a twenty-four,
that’s too much time and that’s deadly for a photographer, I think your going to
suck by the end of the night. Especially one photographer doing all of this,
alright, let’s keep going. Ahm, two professional tra- trained monkeys
to come do your job. Platinum videography, two professionals eighteen
hours. So for two photographers, two professional
trained videographers and one professional trained photographer that is three people
for two thousand and ninety nine dollars, why is one I mean, okay, up to six, I hate
listing times. It is not about times, you don’t charge,
your getting the exact same thing, all your doing is giving more time, give the freaking
package for forty seven hundred and ninety nine dollars because it doesn’t seem like
I’m getting more other than time. It’s more than twice as much money for this
bullshit eighteen hour, I’m just angry at this. This is just a lot of, it’s the same thing,
it’s just based off of time, I don’t like that. I don’t, I want to pay and I want to get
more. I want two full time photographer trained
monkeys plus two professional videographers at this point for forty seven ninety nine
and I want more bonuses than what I get in the first two packages, you want less in the
first, if your going to do packages, look, if your going to do packages for your weddings
and videography and whatever your going to offer, you need to offer more as you step
up, not just say more hours is more money. You just need be like alright, for this package
you only get X, you get two of these things. The next one adds four total things. The next one adds six, seven, eight different
things, added value means a lot more, you need to show people that your going to give
them more because they pay more and not just because hours, you need to think about what
is going to be an added value to a customer or a client that’s going to make them say
yes to you and say yes to your higher packages. So think about that when your creating packages
and posting them on your sites to try to get jobs for weddings or jobs for anything. Okay, moving on, I’ve stayed on this site,
I’ve stayed on this how long have I been doing this site. I’m already thirteen minutes and I need
to keep going. D Hustler, simpler, simple per photo packages. First of when I hear, oh okay, the MVP of
DVP, what the hell is DVP, digital proofs are available – one dollar for proof, and
photographers will touch up whichever photos are purchased, all images purchased were not
will be registered for one year, no, how are you going to charge a dollar a Goddam proof,
no, do not charge for, in that package, what I just said where you get a higher end package,
how are you going to charge a dollar a proof, give the damn proofs. It costs you twenty five cents to make a print,
and AdoramaPix for a four by six, you can order two hundred of them for no money, it’s
not a lot of money to order two hundred and give it to them in a box that it comes from
AdoramaPix so you spent twenty five dollars or twenty dollars, or less on making prints,
give them the four by six previews that you’ve edited for free. It is added value that costs you almost nothing,
why charge a dollar because what if you shoot two hundred, two thousand pictures, do you
think I want to pay two thousand dollars for those bullshit proofs, no. I’m yelling. The MVP of DVP most valuable package. Okay what does DVP stand for, if I was looking
at this website and I read D Hustler, DVP, I would think that I was in Todd’s search
history looking up, I’m not going even say inappropriate, but in essence looking up porn,
because that’s where my, my brain went with D Hustl- that’s your name, I can’t do
anything about that, that’s fine, but DVP almost reminds me of ten bleep all of that
thank you. Umm, that’s what I get out of that, videography
package, two professional trained people photographers. Why is this so far down low, this is your
best package, move this up to the top. Ahh, testimonials, Rob, Julie, okay, I’m
a bi-. So when you have a testimonial page on your
website, and you’re a photographer, and you list the people that are giving testimonials,
testimonials are great but you’re a visual person, put a photo of those people from their
event next to or below or above their testimonial so that there is some visual representation
of their happiness in a photo so that reflects well for you. So on the testimonial pages, make sure you
include a photo of the people that are giving a testimonial because that is going to stand
out so much more and should help you get more jobs. ABOUT, I already read the about contact us,
that’s fine, contact us, here’s a phone number, I’m not calling them because they
are in Canada, FAQ, FAQ, I hate the font for here coz I can’t read it, I can read this
one, we need two things, just give your booking date, booking deposit of fifty percent, a
signed agreement once those steps are completed, we are all yours, fine, I get it. Do you travel for destination weddings, absolutely,
okay. General photography, my last thing about this
website, let me make sure I’m still within time here, my last thing about this website
is do not use scripted font on your website. It is hard to read. Use a text that is easy to read so that people
can quickly read it and not either lean in or lean back or get turned off that they can’t
read your scripted font. There is no place for scripted font on your
sites right now because they are very hard to read and understand, especially me, I have
bad eyes, I have to get close to attempt to read this and I hate it. So, don’t use that type of scripted font. That’s it. Eh, this is a harsh critic I guess but they
said in their post that they left this on Facebook that jobs have dried up and they’ve
been having trouble getting gigs, part of the problem I think is this website. I don’t care if you use Square Space, I
don’t care what you use or if you hire a full time professional web developer, you
need to do something to clean up this site to make it look better as well as start some
more social promotions and get pictures on the testimonial page and get rid of eight
hundred packages. When you have too many options, four packages
on your website, too many options is going to turn people off because when there’s
too many options they sit there and they don’t know what to pick, if you have three options
to choose from, would you like to go with A, B, or C, you give people the fatal alternative,
the fatal alternative is this, when your trying to close a sale, would you like to go with
package one or package two, you guess what happens right after that, people go, oh, you
know what, I’d like to go with package two or they say you know I’m not ready to purchase
right now but you gave them the fatal alternative which is a way to get a tyre kicker to make
a decision. So instead of sitting there and wasting more
time, you sit there and you ask the question, package one, package two, either it’s going
to be, I’ll go with one or I’ll go with two or you know what I’m not ready yet,
okay, thank you, please let me know when your ready and I will do my best to help you. So that’s it guys, that’s a rapid fire
critic, Square Space rapid fire critic, if you want to check out Square Space, go to, check it out, leave comments down below with if you like these critics,
not even if you like them, what do you think, what are your critics of this person’s website,
please like this, please subscribe on Youtube and thank you for watching Jared Polin, See you. Subscribe now. Watch this, watch this video.


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  66. Christine Kennedy December 8, 2016 at 10:15 pm

    OMG I was laughing so hard. DVP — ha ha ha ha! Awesome Crit. <3

  67. Anthony C December 10, 2016 at 4:03 am

    Hilarious how many times Fro mispronounces the photographer's name, especially with exagerrated emphasis at 0:58 and 13:50 "D'Husssstler!" Poor guy. (I'm sorry, Fro, I know you acknowledged the mistake and the reason it happened but it's still a riot when a mispronunciation becomes a completely different, funny word in the context).

  68. Chris Doyle December 10, 2016 at 4:41 pm

    How do I summit my website to get critiqued? Thanks.

  69. Jake Houglum December 11, 2016 at 6:06 am

    I feel that the "package" idea is absolutely horrible for weddings. Yes, it does serve as a tool for pricing and such, but someday when I see my future wife walking down the aisle, I don't want think of that as a "package." I want my wedding photography to be personalized, not under some company's "plan."

  70. ZG Media December 11, 2016 at 7:46 am

    just went to the page they removed the packages but the site still looks like it was made in 1994

  71. Cats In Space December 13, 2016 at 4:43 am


  72. Nelson Molina Jr December 14, 2016 at 4:10 pm

    how do you feel about not listing any prices on your website??

  73. Chagrin Valley-Web December 15, 2016 at 9:35 pm

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    This was the funniest thing I've ever seen

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    You hit the nail on the head Jared – I was getting heated as well!! Horrible website and if I was looking for a photographer I wouldn't have stayed a minute on that site.

  76. Andrew Mizzi December 18, 2016 at 2:54 am

    Jeez Fro, tell us what you really think?? Great critique, and fantastic to see 12 days later he's got a great new website up and running!

  77. James Towers December 19, 2016 at 1:02 pm

    Big thumbs up Fro for the honest review- they will benefit greatly if they listen to your advice!

  78. Eduardo Regueiro Fotógrafo December 23, 2016 at 11:27 pm

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  81. 8Kup January 17, 2017 at 2:19 am

    Just went to the site. He took all your advise. It looks great now

  82. Nicholas Erwin January 18, 2017 at 12:13 pm

    Man, I could never be a wedding photographer. Way too stressful for me, hahaha.

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  84. Colton Newkirk September 26, 2017 at 4:37 am


    I feel your pain, brother Fro…..

  85. MOVE December 1, 2017 at 9:54 am

    I don't think you were yelling, I think it was constructive criticism ??

  86. pxmonkee December 22, 2017 at 10:10 am

    What is that plugin that you have at 4:35 when you're looking at that YouTube vid?

  87. Neil Brooks June 12, 2018 at 11:12 am

    I find your critiques of websites and the business aspects of being a photographer far more constructive and useful than your critiques of actual photos. I'm learning quite a bit about selling myself, branding, what mistakes to avoid making. I'd love to see the same level of constructive criticism put into the photo critiques as well. That being said, I've enjoyed almost all of the videos I've seen from you.

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  90. JD C November 18, 2018 at 7:18 am

    You should do an AMA on Reddit… and rapid fire on r/photocritique

  91. JD C November 18, 2018 at 7:42 am

    Websites should reflect current trends within your target market… if you are not reinvesting at least 60% net rev on marketing than you are missing out on what is crucial. That means hire a pro to make your site. Hire copywriters, consultants and show off more social proofing. Have a party for your clients and keep people interested. I just see so many people commenting saying that it sucks but tell us why? Give us insight if you think you can call someones site out.

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