The Try Guys Try Instagram Editing Apps

– Ooh, whoa! No Keith, no! – Today the try guys are
gonna finally look hot. – [Zach] Hey! (laughing) – Through editing apps that
you can buy on your phone. (punchy upbeat music) – I edit all my photos. If you use the color editors on Instagram that’s editing your photos. We all do it. – I edit my photos with
what’s in Instagram. So I definitely color
correct, really important. You know who doesn’t
edit their photos at all? Keith. If you see his Instagram,
it looks like he’s in low orange lighting in every photo and he just posts immediately. – I don’t put a lot of
care into my posts online. Sometimes I got a pimple. Sometimes I got a gut. And all the times I have a gut. – I mean I’ve done filters,
that counts, right? We all have things we’re
insecure about and I don’t want an app to just make me
think about it even more. – I’m only human. There are things about
me that I don’t love. I’m excited to see what these apps got. – These are photo apps
that a lot of people use, we’re gonna try four today; FaceTune, Meitu, Perfect Me, Manly. – I’m gonna go for that hourglass. I want that hourglass shape. So the first app we’re using is FaceTune. Wow I’m seeing all my
imperfections immediately. So I have this part of my
chin is a little bit lower than this side of my chin. – My lips are always chapped
and in general you know I would always love more hair. – Whiten my teeth? Yeah I guess they’re a little yellow, never thought about that. – Well, if I can make my eyes wider. Ooh, I see them getting wider. I ain’t gonna whiten my skin
’cause that is bullshit! – Oh my god, oh my god, my teeth! – Oh my god! Oh yeah! I am never going to
the dentist ever again. – Gonna take some of this skin that’s in the middle of
my forehead and move it in front of my pimple. Oh my god it’s gone, that’s amazing! Don’t even need to wash my face anymore. – Wow, I’m getting so much
more airbrush, there we go! Guys finally I’m attractive! – Oh, I can make my beard more contrasty. Yeah, let’s make those
eyebrows really textured! – Goodbye chapped lips, hello blurry face. – So another thing that
I’m self-conscious about is I broke my nose and when it healed I have a darker mark over here. Little brush, little brush action. Is that working? Oh I think it’s working. – Face a little smaller. What if I made my hair big? Yeah, there we go, I like big hair. – (gasping) I can fix my jaw, oh my god! I’m fixing my jaw. – I wanna patch my hair. Oh wow, oh this is so easy. Some people have said
that I look like that guy, Murr from Impractical Jokers. Now seeing this I’m like, yeah I get it. (laughing) – Ooh yeah, I gave it a
little bit of a vignette. Wow, I’m looking crazy. I’m looking straight up crazy. – That was a pretty good app. I could see how when used correctly that could do some really
good minor changes. I like that it changed my
jaw, that was kind of cool. – My forehead is
smoother, some of the bags around my eyes are gone. – I think I look pretty good. I would post this and I don’t
think anyone would notice how much I did to it. – Okay, next app is called Meitu. – I definitely know about Meitu because it is very popular
amongst east Asians. – 52 million users every single day?! That’s a lot of people. – Whoa. Oh god, my lips! Wait, that’s crazy, it just
knows where my lips are and gave me lipstick? – This is the app I’m
gonna make myself look like I’m a K Pop star. Whiten, mm (disapproving). – Let’s change my skin,
let’s make it whiter. Let’s go. – There are stickers?! Who cares about the face editing features. I just want to put cute
stickers all over myself. – That’s weird, that’s weird. Well I’ve always wanted a stronger jaw, so we’ll just make it bigger. – This is the eye enlarger. This is what I’ve been waiting for. Oh, there we go. Ah ha! – Gonna make my eyes big, oh I love this! Oh, and it’s just an easy little tap. – Removed my pimple very easily. Now I don’t even notice
that we made my chin bigger and my eyes bigger. – Do I look like I’m in a K Pop group? Am I the only one doing
these realistically? Are the other three
guys just messing around and doing goofy versions of themselves? – Oh god, oh god! – Oh my gosh this is so funny! – Nice! Guys, I’m making a mess. I went from this, ew boring, yuck! All the way to this; awesome, beautiful! (laughing) – I’m probably never
gonna use the face filters on this app ever again,
but I am gonna download it and add cute little hearts
to all my shit forever. – What’s next? – So for this next bit we’re
doing body photo editors so we’re taking it
outside for a photo shoot. – Ooh a photo shoot! – Oh my god, Keith what
are you wearing, is that? – It’s just the squad design,
now available in white! – Wow, only at! – (sexy music) (laughing) – You’re a Kardashian, you’re a Jenner. Go for it. Give it to me. ♪ ‘Cause you’re a superstar ♪ – Alright! Is this feminine? – [Zach] Yeah, yeah,
you look totally lady. – [Eugene] Next to the ladder. – How about this sexy fucking ladder? – [Ned] Yes. – I’m a fitness model. – This is so good Ned, you
look so fucking strong. You look like a pro wrestler. – Do you even lift? Are you mad? – Me? – You mad right now? – Fuck you! (yelling) – I think we got it. – An app called Perfect Me. Or is it Perfect Me? – Okay here we go, hot ass photo. – Oh I’m getting skinny. – Alright, boobs and butt. Oh yeah, this is huge, well not yet, but it’s gonna be. – Let’s turn these apples into melons. Is this my butt that I’m going for? I wanna work on the boobs. Whoa! I had this over my dick and I just made a black hole out of it. – And my butt, does it
make my butt look big? Yes it does. – Oh the ass, let’s get this ass banging! Oh yeah. Oh Nicki Minaj better watch out. – Oh yeah, watch out Ned Fulmer! There’s a new ass in the Try Guys. – Ew, oh no, I didn’t. I’m not good at these things. – Oh shit, this one’s crazy! Oh my god, so you can
pinch, this one’s dangerous. – Oh my god, look, that was so easy. Just made my waist slimmer in one tap. Oh this, this will give me body issues. – Oh I can get really skinny. Wow, wow, that’s so dramatic. – This is addicting, like it’s an image and you just kinda wanna
make it look perfect. – That was not fun. I was not able to get the
sexy body that I wanted. So that’s bullshit. – Its so easy to stick your
nose up at some of these things, like who would want to do that? Who’s not happy with themselves? And then you find the one
feature that you’re like, oh shit, I look way better now. – I love that, I love
thick butt and thighs. I think my body looks
sickening in this photo. – I look like a hot Instagram girl, except the door is now curved. Manly, okay. I’ve heard about this one and
I’m kinda excited to try it. Gonna make me look shredded. – When you first log on it says
six pack abs in two minutes. Every infomercial’s been promising that since the beginning of time. – Let’s start with abs. I’ve never had abs in my
life, I’ve always wanted abs. – Alright so this is my before photo, and I made a real thoughty photo. Wow this is pretty
realistic, I’m surprised. – Oh whoa, hold on! Who’s this? Am I supposed to be naked
because it’s definitely drawing muscles onto my pants. – Oh shit, your boy just got swole. Wait, there’s hot, fertile, rock. – Well, I am fertile, so that’s clearly what I need to go with here. – Oh shit, wow guys, I’m
gonna look so fucking hot. Holy shit, wow! I’m looking so hot. – Yes, bigger, yes. Oh, this is easy, this
one’s so easy to use to make yourself look hot. – Whoa, you can just vary,
oh now they’re scrawny. – I can be taller?! Oh yes! – Ooh, should I make my dick bigger? Yeah! Ope, that’s a lot, that’s a hefty package. – These apps are so
funny, they’re limitless. I am making my torso just
fucking nuts right now. – See this is really the
most exciting part for me is getting these tattoos ’cause
I’ve always wanted a tattoo. This is like art, this is like painting. Super into this. – Hair, let’s give myself, oh yeah. Oh yeah, now we’re getting hot for sure. They have the Rhett and Link hair, yeah I’m going with that. – Look at that torso. I probably have so many extra organs that when I become an organ donor it’s gonna be like fucking treasure. – It’s a little exaggerated still, but also the more I look
at it, the more I’m like, yeah I’m just super strong
and holding a ladder, what? You know I do kinda wanna look like this. It’s hard to look at because
the more I look at it, the more I’m like, yeah,
I do look like that. – It looks like me in
the face, but it does not look like me in the body, at all. I mean that could be
believably some hot alternate, ripped version of me. – This is almost a parody
of what men should look like and now that I’m seeing that, I’m like, oh of course, the apps that
Photoshop women’s bodies are a parody of what
women should look like. – I guess someone could use these to make themselves really hot, but ultimately that’s so deceptive. I don’t think you should use this for actually affecting your life. I think you should only use it for hilarious malfunctions of the app. You’ll never look the same in a mirror as you do in a camera or an application. – When you’re scrolling through your feed you’re not seeing who people really are, you’re seeing what they want you to see. We’re all putting the
best version of ourselves. I think it’s really important to remember you can use some of these tools if they make you feel better,
no one looks like this. Including the people that look like this. – Its fun to draw. Look everyone loves
painting, it’s fun to paint on your body, but when
it gets to the point where you’re making
changes about your body that make you feel bad about
your body, that’s not good. – As you can see, yeah, with
all these modifications, all those photos, those versions of me look pretty fucking great,
but I’ve become to a point in my life where I’m okay with
how I look just regularly. And I think that’s where
everyone needs to aim at. – Download games on your phone. Like Smashy Brick, have you
ever played Smashy Brick? (punchy upbeat music) (laughing) ♪ You’ll see, it’s a
feeling I just can’t deny ♪


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