The Try Guys Surprise Eugene With His Nightmare Car

– (dramatic classical music) We are back at JP Logistics on our second day for my dream car makeover. Or my nightmare car makeover, I have no idea because I have zero clue at what the guys have in store for me. – And now the fun begins! (evil laughing) – Hoping they stick with something that looks like fancy, slick, sexy. – We can do anything. – Anything. – Anything? – [Together] Three, two, one. – Oh no! (cry laughing) No, no, no, no, no, no, no. (upbeat music) (dramatic drum beat) Yesterday, Ned, Keith,
and Zach worked with Edwin to fully detail my car. Today, my three best
friends are going to be working with a professional car wrap team to change the entire exterior of my car to whatever dream design they have. And at the end of the day
they will reveal my new car. I’m excited to see the end result, my three best friends would not betray me and give me something crazy. (upbeat rock music) – So, Eugene did a great
job babysitting my child and I want him to do it more. I want him to feel comfortable around Wes. Cars are fun, you know what’s more fun? Keeping the world and your family safe, so today, I’m gonna turn
Eugene’s car to a safety net. So we need to take his
car and baby proof it. (baby cooing) I want it to be soft, (dinging) I want it to be plush, (dinging) I want it to be colorful. (glimmering) – I got just the thing for you guys. – Oh
– Yes! – You guys want fluffy. – He’s gonna love this. – And a steering wheel, too. – [Zach] The thing people
don’t know about Eugene is that he has this
rough and tough exterior but on the inside– – [Keith] Soft. – [Zach] Actually really sweet and cuddly. – [Keith] So caring. – [Together] Wow! – Wow. – That’s not dangerous, right? You can’t see how fast
you’re going or anything. – Yeah, I don’t know if it’s safer but it is definitely more baby friendly. I want the baby to just have a play ground inside his car. – Oo and like a permanent car seat. – Yes. – [Keith] So we put a permanent kid’s seat in the back of the car. – [Ned] Should we take the tag off, we’re keeping this right? – Yeah, take the tag off, he’s not gonna want to return this. – Yeah, we’re taking the tag off. – Yeah, for sure. Baby proof on the inside,
dangerous on the outside. I want it to be a racing car. – So you want like a Fast
and the Furious type of look? – Yes. – iS what you want? – [Zach] You could put
a spoiler on this car. – Absolutely, it’s a couple
steps that’s it’s gonna take– – Oh, don’t tell us, no spoilers. – Oh. (laughing) – You jackass. – That’s good though, right. That was good. – That was good. – That was good. – I’ll give you that one, give you that. – Whoo! – Spoiler. – [Together] Whoo! – This, my friend, is an
aerodynamic piece of plastic that will bring Eugene from mere mortal to racing god. – I need you guys to bring it to the car so I can see exactly where
the middle is gonna be at. – Okay. – So let’s place it on there, we just gotta bolt it
on the back of the trunk and you’ll be pretty much done. – So we’re– – [Ned] That sound permanent. – So we’re drilling, we’re gonna bolt it. (mimicking drill buzzing) And once that’s on. – It’s good. – That’s on. (dramatic hip hop music) – My name’s Aurian, I’m
from Fantazy Motorsports in Thousand Oaks, California. We’re a custom automotive shop, we pretty much do anything from vinyl wraps and paint protections up until audio and video. Pretty much you name it,
we can make it a dream. – So you really are the
guys who can pimp my ride? – Exactly. – [Eugene] Oo. – [Keith] Look how sexy it is. – [Aurian] We got a fish scale on there. – A fish scale? – Whoa, it’s like it changes color depending on where you are. Whoa! – So we have some
visions for Eugene’s car. We want to present him
with a magnificent car that just screams I love my best friends. – We want his car to remind him of us. – Okay. – [Keith] I really want my
face on the front of the car. I want people to see Eugene
coming and think Keith, like a monument of me on
the front, like an old ship. – You want to be this,
this is what you’re saying. – Yes, I want essentially– – Oh my God, is that an option? – Yes! – Essentially that, maybe even bigger. – Our faces big, Try Guys’ colors, Try Guys mobile. I want it to be loud,
bright, colorful, Try Guys. Like racing stripes, did you
ever see the JoJo Siwa car? – [Edwin] Man. – Yeah.
– Yeah. – [Ned] That’s gonna be us. – [Zach] And that’s gonna be Eugene. (laughing) – Yeah. – Alright guys, so we went ahead and got everything you guys asked for. – Oh you… – [Together] Did Everything? – I think, 99%. I brought along Mina here,
one of our wrap specialists– – How ya doing? – At Fantazy Motorsports. A few things over here I actually brought if you guys wanna follow me. – Oo. – Oh, wow! – Wow! – Look at all these cuties! – Look at this. – We’re gonna go head and
cut out those triceratops and place them anywhere
we feel is necessary. This is for you guys. – Oh.
– Oh! – You wanna go ahead and open it. – Oh my God! Yeah! (ta-da music) – He’s gonna love this. – So vinyl is flexible material, It can actually go and
act pretty much as paint but printed. – So it’s not paint? – It is not paint, no, it is applied almost like a giant sticker
or like a screen protector. You can either do a graphic
design that’s printed based on a template you give us or we can actually do
just one solid color. You can actually have
leather, suede finishes. So what we’re gonna do is we’re
gonna start with the sides and the difficult parts first. – Wow, it’s perfect! – So magnets in place. – [Ned] We kinda want all in. – [Aurian] Go ahead and
apply some masking tape. The application process is
first it’s the preparation, that’s the most important part. Make sure there’s no dust, grime, or anything that can actually just be seen through the vinyl. (laughing) What did we do the other video for? – A car wrap can be seen a two things. You could see as a protection over the vehicle’s factory paint or you can actually see it
as something crazy and cool. You can jazz it up a little
bit with a matte finish or even a super high gloss
with a diamond sparkle in it. It’s become a very big
trend in the market lately and it’s the cheapest way and
the best alternative to paint. Now that we’ve cleaned the vehicle and we’ve gotten it ready, we’re gonna go ahead and
peal the backing out here. – [Keith] It’s like a
giant strip of duct tape. – Oh, he’s getting dimples
all over the place. – That’s okay. – It’s not a problem. – Dimples are charming. – Now, once you lay it on the car, that’s when you get your heat gun and you actually go over the edges and make sure you don’t
get any stretch marks. We’re gonna pretty much
escape air out of the vinyl. So I’m gonna go head and start heating, the heat is gonna loosen up the material and allow it to conform to the vehicle. – [Together] Oh. – One, two, three. Great, right now we’re
gonna take our thumb put it in there. Oh, yeah. – [Ned] Oo, yeah. – [Keith] Oh, it’s not quite hot enough. – [Aurian] Cool thing about
vinyl is it’s memory oriented, so we can take a piece,
we can punch through it, it won’t rip, it’ll take
shape of your actual fist and then you’ll actually
go ahead and heat it and it’ll disappear, it’ll come right back to the way it was. – [Keith] Wow. – [Aurian] So, it’s very cool. – [Ned] It’s kind of like doing
and arts and crafts project. – It’s so much like summer camp. – Yeah. – So now that the vinyl is stuck
and applied on the vehicle, we’re gonna go ahead and
cut in between the seam, between the fender and the door. – Okay. Everyone shut the fuck up. – Okay, you got this. – I need to focus. (low dramatic music) – [Zach] We believe in you Ned. – I said shut the fuck up. – He’s got a knife, he’s got a knife. (dramatically exhaling) Bro, that was good, that was good. – Wow! What are we gonna do about the dents and broken parts? – We’ll cover it. – [Ned] Wow. – With the triceratops. Alright Zach, so we have
the easier part of things, these are actually die cut, so all they actually have to be done is cut around the triceratops. – Oh, so I don’t even need to
worry about getting it right. – You don’t even have
to do half the things that they’re doing over there. – [Eugene] If someone wants
to do a full custom wrap job, how much, on average, would
you say that would retail for? – Well, it does depend on
the vehicle and the graphic, solid colors will start
anywhere from about $2800 to about $3500 for your average sedan. The highest ticket was
probably about $65,000 and that was on an Audi A7. – On an Audi? How much does an Audi A7 cost? – About $65,000. (laughing) Stick it on there. – Gonna just tick it on – Just stick it on there. – Oh! (laughing) – [Aurian] It’s coming to life. – Oo, okay, alright! (laughing) Wow, that’s great. – There you go. – One thing I know about Eugene, he hates when things are neat and orderly so we’re gonna have things on this car just a little, just a little off. – When we look at cars and
we’re driving our cars, they represent who we are. Some people, they don’t really care, it’s something to get you
from point A to point B. Other people who see it as a
representation of who they are. – So what you’re saying is when this new version of my car is revealed, it’s going to be a
representation of my personality? – Oh, you’re gonna love it. It’s gonna say Eugene all over it. – Great. – I think we understand exactly where you guys are trying to go with this, we’ll take it from
here, we’ll get it done. – You don’t want us to
stay around and do more? – It might take a while. – So you want us to leave? – I’d love you guys to stay but the professionals
will handle it from here. (determined rock music) (dramatic drum beat) – [Zach] Hey guys, how’s it going in here? – It’s going well. – [Zach] Where do you
want us to be placed? – [Aurian] Keep walking a little forward. – [Zach] Let’s shuffle. – [Aurian] A little forward. – [Zach] You want to
do a countdown for us? – Three, two, one. Go ahead and look. – Whoa!
– Whoa! – Oh, yeah! – Wow, look at that! (hip hop beat) – Now this is ready for a street race. – [Keith] Wow, this is incredible. – [Ned] How stupid. – [Zach] How? – It’s like the outside makes
the inside look even better. We are best friends, oh it fits perfectly. – [Keith] Oh, oh – Whenever I’m felling down, whenever we’re having just disagreements, I’m just gonna look at
this car and remember (laughing) we are… – [Together] Best friends. – Yes!
– Yes! – Yes. – [Keith] You brought our dream to life and Eugene is going to
be so happy with this. – [Aurian] Glad we could
make it happen, guys. – Oh, get over here, oh my God. – Thank you. (dramatic drum beat) – Hey Eugene, hey. – Hi. – Thanks for joining us, we’re
very excited to show you– – You guys look too happy, you look too pleased with yourselves. – Oh, we’re proud of ourselves, absolutely we’re pleased with ourselves, are you kidding me? – [Ned] You’re gonna actually like this. – Before we show your
magnificent new ride, your new whip, we’ve prepared a few words. – Oh, God. – Eugene, (romantic music) I love you. And let this car be a
testament to our relationship. – Oh, God. – And prove that you can be
the Letty to my Dom any day. – I’m not Letty. – You’re Letty. – No, I’m not Letty. – Eugene, I love you. – Oh, God, guys. – Let this car be a
testament to our relationship and you can babysit Wes anytime. – Eugene– – No! (laugh crying) – I love you and let this car be a testament to our relationship– – [Eugene] No. – For I know that there are some times you are not with us and
that pains you deeply. So now with this car, we
will always be with you in your heart and on your parts. – Oh, God! Somebody kill me now. – We have been working
tirelessly for the past too day to restore your car, to detail it, to wrap it, to pimp your ride. Are you ready to see? – No. – Introducing your new car! – [Together] In Five– – He’s gonna be so happy. – [Together] Four. – We’re going to make a monstrosity. – [Together] Three. – We’re gonna make it safe. – [Together] Two. – I think they’re gonna
give me a sexy ass car, they know that I have to drive this. – [Together] One! Yeah! – Oh no! (laugh crying) Oh no! Oh no! No, no, no, no, no, no, no. (sobbing) – He’s so happy, he’s crying. He’s crying with joy. – He loves it. – [Ned] He loves it, he loves it. – Oh, you guys. – When we saw the look on Eugene’s face, (inspirational music) it made me cry. You know one of the
reasons that I do what I do is to bring joy to the people that I love. And when I can bring that
level of joy to Eugene, that he’s literally crawling on the ground ’cause he’s so happy, it’s a beautiful thing. – Oh dear God. Why did you do to the inside like that? – Well, I wanted it to be soft so that Wes can feel comfortable. – And you love tigers– – And you could feel comfortable. – Wild cats. – Yeah, roar. – We put a lot of money into this car but the gift of surprising
a dear friend, priceless. Some things I really want
to point out to you, Eugene. – Oh my God, the spoiler. – Spoiler! – Look at that spoiler! – You’re gonna be fast
and furious in this ride. – Today we changed the world. We let Eugene finally have a ride that was as impressive
and eye catching as he is. – [Ned] Oh, you do look like Letty. – I will fucking kill you. – That is just what Letty would say. What if we each leave a hand print? – Oh yeah. – [Keith] Oh yeah. – Use our hands. (laughing) Come on in Eugene. – [Keith] Come on in Eugene. – Okay. – The water’s great. – Oh, God. – [Keith] Yeah. (laughing) – How do we look? – [Crew Member] Good! – Pretty good. – There are hand prints. – [Zach] There are hand prints. – It’s kind of like an artist’s signature. – Those are ours. – Didn’t that ruin the detail job? – Yes. – [Zach] Yeah. – I know our audience
loves to watch me do things I don’t really want to do like babysit Ned’s baby but I ended up loving his baby. Or sit in Keith’s lap,
but I already love Keith. This surprise car makeover video single handily the worst thing
that has ever happened to me in my entire life. And I was in the closet in
an Asian family in Texas. (laughing) (upbeat funky music) I have to drive this every day, I had to drive this home. Just driving home, I got honked
at, people pointed at me, they were taking pictures. Someone actually gave me the
middle finger for no reason and then through all of it, they turn and they see me, sitting in the driver’s seat and they think, wow, what a dick. If you are a car brand that
wants to help me find a new car I actually need to buy a new car. That was part of the reason I
volunteered my car for this, I do need a new car. (upbeat music) Oh, when will this nightmare end? When will it ennnnnnd!


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