The Try Guys EXTREME Tie-Dye Challenge

(hedge trimmer whirring) – How’s the sound? – [All] Hi, we’re the Tie Guys! – I’m Ty.
– I’m Tye with an E. – [Ned] I’m Rye Rye the Tie Dye. – And I’m Shy Guy, the
Tie Dye Guy. (laughing) – [Keith] Making Tie Dye – [All] They’ll try it. ♪ The Tie Dyes ♪ ♪ We’re tying that dye ♪
– This is gonna be a long day. (upbeat music) – [Zach] It’s time to dye. The Try Guys have brand
new tie dye merch available only at Ooh, Eugene, model that hoodie off. Ooh. – Ooh, Ned, show off that sick tee. – [All] Ooh, yeah. – [Zach] Ooh, eat that
bread, get that bread, bro. So to celebrate, we are doing a Can You Tie Dye It challenge. – We’re going big, baby.
– Wait, that’s my couch. – Yeah, yeah, yeah.
– It was your couch. – You left it in our shed. Squatter’s law, it’s ours now. – That’s enough intro. Let’s get to the good stuff, whoo! – So there’s a couple different designs, if you want the classic
bullseye, we’re gonna take the shirt or whatever you’re dyeing, pull it through.
– Give it a little boner. – But then we got rubber bands. – Whoa.
– Table, my goodness. – You’ll just make
different rings with it. – [All] Oh. – And then, take different
colored dyes, and go down. So I’ll show you how to do a spiral, which is what Eugene’s is. – Oh, yeah.
– Oh, yeah. – Wow.
– Sam, how, even? – [Ned] Wow, that’s pretty nifty. – This is crumpled one, you just make it. – Oh!
– Like that. You rubber band it to keep it tight. Once you guys are done with the dyeing, we have this plastic wrap. – [Keith] So you just cover
up, like a plate of spaghetti? – Kind of, ’cause you
want all of the juices and the flavors and the
dyes to stay in there. – It’s just like baking. You’re proving it, and
then, you put in the wash. – Wash to bake it.
– To bake it. Wow, tie dye’s basically
baking your clothes. – I’m pretty sure it’s like spaghetti. – It’s a little more like spaghetti. Whoo! (light music) – First up, we’ve got
some basic white t-shirts. – You guys make the dyes,
I’ll dunk and squeeze the shirts, huh? – And dunk.
– Ooh, the water’s hot. – We’ll make this one
real nice and diluted. – And very exciting, if you
buy our new tie dye line, you might get one of the
items that we dye here today, as a little special bonus gift. We’re not gonna mail anyone a couch. (game show music) – We might! – [Keith] Okay, I’m gonna
use only blue tones. – Arts and crafts for me
was always just something that I had to do before
we could play sports. At camp, it’s like, we could
be playing Ultimate Frisbee. Why do we have to make shrinky dinks? – Oh, I squirted right in the wrong spot. I guess I gotta replicate that pattern. When you make a mistake, do it twice more. Now it’s a choice. What was your favorite
camp song growing up? – Oh, you know, M’lady
coming ’round that horse. ♪ M’lady coming ’round that horse ♪ ♪ M’lady coming ’round that horse ♪ ♪ M’lady coming ’round that horse ♪ ♪ M’lady coming ’round that horse ♪ – All right, I’m done. And now, our t-shirts
will proof overnight, and then bake in the washing machine. All right. I’ve got a baby onesie. – Aw, for me, wow! – For Zach. – What’s his favorite color? Has he told you yet? – He hasn’t told me. – Can you see if you
could forcibly like Wes to psychologically lean
towards red as he gets older so one day, he’ll be like, oh, of course, my favorite color is red, but in fact, it’s just you surrounding him
by red with positive things, so he’s like, oh, why
do I like red so much? I guess it’s my color. We’ll check in in 10 years. – I don’t know, man. – Yeah, I don’t think it
would fuck him up too much. – Every time he tries
to grab something blue, you just go, whoa! (laughing) – And that might, that might fuck him up. – I think I’ll do a little
red, blue, purple action. – I feel like you’re
drizzling marinara sauce over everything.
– Yeah, it does look like pasta sauce. – Wes is gonna love red. – Because it rhymes
with your father’s name. (all laughing) – What you got? – I grabbed an entire outfit. You two will have the opera gloves. – Nice. – Ned, you’re gonna do my corset. – I’m honored!
– And I have this dress. – I don’t know about that corset. Will that tie dye? – Corset will! – Yes! – Let’s paint each panel,
and I wanna do alternating purple, and this pink.
– Okay. – [Eugene] So back and
forth, back and forth. – It’s just dripping so much. I think I need a paper towel. – Or no.
– Use the baby onesie. – [Zach] We’re gonna use this baby onesie to clean things up, so there’s the ends. – Okay, we’ll see if the garbage is better than my concentrated design. – Do these permanently stain your jeans? These were really expensive jeans. – Probably. – You wore really expensive jeans? – I don’t, I’ve never tie dyed. I didn’t know exactly what we were doing. – I gotta go change, take these off. – Well, while Eugene
changes his expensive pants, because he didn’t realize
that dyes would dye, we have Zach. – All right, we’re gonna
do an ensemble for me. We got a denim jacket.
– Whoa. – We got a shoulder bag, and
we got a sexy bucket hat. – A shoulder bag? – Yeah, you know I love shoulder bags. – What colors do you want, Zach? – We’ll go green, blue, yellow, and maybe? – Pink. – Yeah, like a pink, a light red. – So all the colors.
– All the colors. – It’s a pink.
– This is also pink. – That’s a different pink.
– Wow, who knew? All right, I think I’m done with this. No, we can do a little more right here. – Which color?
– Let’s do green. – Oh, it’s dripping, oh! – Oh!
– It’s dripping! – Oh my God!
– Oh! – Zach’s hot denim ensemble,
can it, will it tie dye? (whooshing)
We’ll find out. – Oven mitts. – Ooh, nice.
– Ooh. – Yeah.
– We’ll do two down here, two, one over here. – Well, I want them to match. – It’s his oven mitts.
– They’re my oven mitties! – Okay, well we just talked
about moving this faster. – Well, I can be fast! Fuck off! Fuck off! Let me do it! It’s my only time to be in
camp since I’ve been 30! – [Eugene] Yeah, come on,
Zach, let him his oven mitts. – I’m gonna make them match. I’ll make this one purple and
this one yellow. (laughing) – [Eugene] Purple and yellow. – Oh, I should’ve tied it more. I should’ve, (laughing) think about, hmm, let’s try this purple instead. Go for it, Ned, I’ve changed my mind. Everybody get a hand in there. – Tie dye. – It’s like a tie dye bukkake over here. – Tie dye.
– Peed all over this thing. – This looks like a nightmare. – It looks good so far, I think. – I don’t think we’re tie dyeing anymore. I think we’re just dyeing. – It’s tied.
– Will it tie dye? – [Keith And Ned] We’ll see – We’ll find out.
– Yes! – So we waited eight hours,
we washed the clothes, and now, it’s time to see how
did that tie dye turn out? – How did that tie dye turn out? – It’s actually been like a week. – Yeah.
– It’s been like a week. Well, we lie sometimes. – We filmed our spray tans
video, so now, we look hot. – Whoo, hoo.
– Oh, look how pasty! – Wow.
– Nuts. Whoo, let’s see it! (magical music) – Oh!
– Wow! – Wow, they’re all beautiful.
– Whoa! Look, I’m like in another universe. – [All] Whoa. – Oh, stripey.
– What was your method? It was stripes, right? – [Ned] Yeah, I did the stripe method. – [Zach] If I recall, I went for just a haphazard crumple method,
’cause I wanted real chaos. – [Eugene] I wrapped this
around a water bottle, and then, I sprayed what I
thought was a rainbow across it. – Can you tie dye shirts? (all laughing)
Yes. In three, two, one. – [Sam] Oh, wait, no, no, no, nope, nope. – You didn’t stop me. – He was counting down from three. I did not see that happening. – Bam! I had troubling tying them. It doesn’t look like there was any bleed, because there was just so much fabric. – I think, unfortunately,
you mitts the mark. (buzzer reverberating) – Oh, boy.
– That’s pretty good. – [Eugene] Is this the
one you designed, Ned? – I think this is the one.
– It’s the red, yeah. – That I designed. It was a red crumple,
it looks pretty cool. (bell ringing)
– Oh, that’s adorable. – Yeah, it looks good.
– Yeah. The ones that we just used to
wipe up all of our garbage. – Rags!
– Also look pretty cool. – Ooh, the back on this one is great. – The only thing I would redo here is that this one’s darkest at the diaper, which does make it look like
there was, you peed yourself. – That’s gonna hide the pee, though. – And now, for my evening wear. Bring on the gown. – Oh!
– Ooh! – That looks amazing.
– Wow. – Unexpected that this
pattern is showing through. What’s going on with that, Keith? – I think my hands are too big. I think these are not built for me. My fingers go to here. – All right, let’s see this dress. – [Eugene] So I twisted
it like a long snake, and then I rolled it up like a coil, and I just randomly squirted.
– Huh. – [Keith And Ned] Huh. – It kinda looks like a
floral dress from far away, like a very lightly floral
white gown for summer or spring. – Korndiddy’s night out outfit. – Night outfit.
– Night outfit. – How could you miss that?
– Boom. – Ooh, this is very muted.
– Very light. – Oh, fuck yeah. – Shit!
– Oh, this is cool. – The reason why we like it
is it’s actually quite similar to the tie dye merch on – Yeah, that’s true.
– I don’t know that the hat turned out great.
(buzzer resounding) – Let’s just put that in there. – Yeah, perfect.
– There. All of it works together! (bell ringing)
– Works together. – [Zach] What you got, Ned? – I’ve got one of the most iconic things that you can tie dye, bread. – [Zach] I wonder how this is gonna go. – (laughing) Yeah, I’ll just
twist and squish the bread. – Bread, can you dye it?
– Yeah, technically, yeah. Maybe bread’s too soggy, but you know what has more substance? Chicken breasts. So first, we dunk it, and then, I think we should
go for the line method. Let me put some rubber bands. – What function do you
think the rubber bands are providing here? – They’re holding it together. Let’s try a little purple.
– Ooh! – [Ned] No, it’s, it’s
actually working pretty well. – We’ll do a darker purple. Oh, nope, it’s pink. – Oh, wow, boom. – Will it tie dye? – You know what I’m
excited to see, actually, about this is when we cut into it further, will it have a cool pattern on the inside? – I’m gonna try and do
a little swirly egg. – I can’t quite say the rubber bands did much of anything here. Next up, home decor. (bell ringing) – Ooh.
– So we got two china balls. – [Ned] Oh, we could twist it. – There is twisting there.
– Like a Mobius strip. – Oh, it’s not, it’s not.
– It’s not taking! – Dab it.
– Dab it. We don’t wanna put this in water, right? – Ooh.
– Right? – I like that.
– China ball. Can, will it tie dye? – [All] Three, two, one. – Ooh!
– Oh! – Wow! Is that different than it looked before? – All right, we’re gonna cut the chicken. – You can hold it with your left hand. – [All] Boom. – [Keith] Well, this sucks. – So will it tie dye? (buzzer resounding)
– No. – No.
– It just stains. – The outside of it.
– No. – The outside does look pretty. All right, let’s check the egg. – Oh, wow, I’m surprised
that it didn’t soak through. – A purple ring, it’s kinda cool. – I think the outside of this
one is really pretty, though. I don’t know who did which one, but this team won. – So what I did was I just
started squirting tie dye like crazy in this loaf of bread. – Yeah.
– Yeah, let’s see it. Will it tie dye? Oh.
– Wow! – Oh, um.
– I don’t. – Huh.
(buzzer resounding) – [Sam] This is the onion
and the individual slices of bread that you all dyed. – Wow!
– Yay! – Look at that happy camper. I’ll say this was you, Keith, correct? – Yeah.
– This was, this is a great piece of art. (bell ringing)
– But look at the back. Yeah, it’s kinda groovy.
– That’s fucking insane. We gotta stop feeding
our kids white bread. – I think all of these things did dye, but all of these things
weren’t really tie-able, so they didn’t tie dye,
they just dye dyed. – [All] Oh! – [Ned] Man, neat! – Not as bad as I expected.
– That’s cool. – Actually. Are they perfect? No, but do they tie dye? Yes.
– Yes. All right, next up, a couch! (whimsical music) (birds chirping) (whimsical music) – Let’s put that over.
– Oh, I see. I mean, this goes all the way over. – [Ned] This goes all the
way over to this does. – [Eugene] Okay, Ned, give me that piece. – [Zach] That can’t be right. – Oh, so this goes.
– Yes! – That probably goes there. Yeah, close enough.
– That’s why it looks good. – All right, now get into position, and we’re gonna clap for
a seamless transition, and no one will know how hard this was. – Perfect.
– Hey, look! – Now let’s make sure
we don’t get confused on which pillow goes with which color. – No promises, Keith. Our plan is on those side
cushions, what do we got, Keith? – We got bullseyes! – On the back cushions, what we got, Zach? – Spirals! – And on these front bottom cushions, what we got, Ned? – Crumpledumples. – And on this big ol’ bottom cushion, I don’t know what the fuck we did. – All right, ready?
– Let’s go. – Do it.
– Three, two, one. – [Ned] Tie Dye, whoa! – [Keith] This is kinda
like making Italian ice. Whoa!
(Zach laughing) – More red. Oh, whoa!
– Whoa. – [Zach] This is the best
looking thing I’ve made all day, accidentally super cool. – Will it tie dye? We’ll find out, but
first, we’re gonna slip into something a little more comfortable. Not to say that the official tie dye merch is not comfortable, it’s very comfortable. – Nothing is more comfortable in the world than the merch that you
can get at – It’s time for us to slip into something a little less comfortable. (’80s soft rock music) – Choo-choo.
– Do you think anyone’s ever tie dyed a couch before? – [Keith] No, this is a
first in YouTube history. – Are you ready, Keith?
– Yeah. – Let’s do it, motherfuckers! – Seven. – [All] Six, five, four, three, two, one. (all yelling) – Oh.
– Oh. Oh. – That one.
– Huh, huh. – [Eugene] This one has a
sun burst, a little bit. – Some on there, though. – [Keith] Yeah, I don’t
think the couch worked out. – [Eugene] From further
away, it doesn’t look as bad. – [Zach] Oh, the side looks cool. – [Keith] This one is pretty cool. – [Zach] I think that one’s cool. That’s the coolest one, that one wins. – That was Keith?
– Yeah, I did these two. – [Zach] Way to go, Keith. This wasn’t a competition, but I think you found your calling. – Whoo!
(Ned laughing) – Not everything could
tie dye, but something that definitely can tie
dye is our new tie dye line at 20 lucky people who buy
the new line will get a chance to win one of
these items that we made. – And unfortunately, one of
you will get the bucket hat. (all laughing) – Until next time. – [All] Try Guys Try Dye, Tie Dye. – What was the name? Try Guys.
– Try Guys Tie Dyes. – Yeah. (upbeat music) – Wow.
– Wow. – Another perfect video. (all laughing)
Bye, everybody. – Wow.
– We’ll see you on Saturday or Wednesday. – Miles, pan back to
that baby on the ground. – Oh, wow.
(all laughing)


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  88. Paulina Zaprzałka October 8, 2019 at 6:59 am

    I think it wasnt a good idea to waste food like that. I dont like when people are doing such thing when you could give it to someone who needs it 🙁

  89. Winter Pheonix October 8, 2019 at 10:07 am

    I really wanted Keith to dye fried chicken

  90. dreaming spirit October 8, 2019 at 2:27 pm

    Zach looks like shans husband

  91. Madison October 8, 2019 at 3:03 pm

    All I know is that I am buying a white jean jacket to Tie Dye ASAP

  92. Cute lil Frog October 8, 2019 at 6:17 pm

    Try guys tie time

  93. Maria S Anaya October 8, 2019 at 8:35 pm

    “Oh yeah, ohh
    eat that bread,
    get that bread bro” ?????

  94. Iona Wilkinson October 8, 2019 at 9:58 pm

    Eugine should start a tye dye corset line xx

  95. Victor Leon October 8, 2019 at 10:05 pm

    7:32 imagine waking up in the middle of the night to wes crying and screaming and youre sleep deprived eyes are just barely getting used to what youre seeing and you looo down at the crib and all you see if your baby wearing a red streaked onsie that looks like hes bleeding from many different areas…oh ned…poor poor ned…should've used purple

  96. area fiftyone October 8, 2019 at 11:56 pm

    Teacher: Whats your favorite color?

    My nursery self: 5:04

  97. le333girl October 9, 2019 at 12:44 pm

    Their tans are looking fire

  98. OhGodNo October 9, 2019 at 2:35 pm

    Man what a waste of food

  99. karencscorpus October 9, 2019 at 3:28 pm

    The corset looks so cool!

  100. Nikki Elaine October 9, 2019 at 4:31 pm

    Oh I love red. Red's my color. Dunno why tho.

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