The Super Google Pixel 2 Camera Upgrade!

– Here guys, Jonathan here. Just dropped a video on some of the best iPhone Ten accessories and today got something for
the Pixel Two and Pixel Two XL. It is no secret that it has probably the best smartphone camera
in the game right now. If you disagree, let me
know what your pick is with the comment down below. But today if you’re a Pixel fan, get excited because I
got a couple of gadgets that should elevate things
and take full advantage of the amazing camera
inside the Pixel Two. So this is a two piece case,
slash, lens combo from Moment and how it works is you pop on the case and that then adds a layer of modularity in the sense that you can
swap out different lenses, there’s a wide angle,
a telephoto, a fisheye, and even a macro for those
super-close tight shots. So the first thing that
immediately jumped out to me with these is build quality, presentation, are all extremely well done
and they are built like a tank. They are freaking heavy. I’ll let you in on a little secret before every Ossen Evans
video, he curls these 856 times and that is a secret
to those Atkins gains. Speaking of presentation, anything that comes in a case or a bag always makes you feel just a
little extra special inside. Here we have the wide angle
lens and I’ll pop it out. They also include a lens cover
so you’re not gonna scratch that glass, which is really nice. Very well thought out. Here’s the telephoto 60 millimeter lens and again same deal there, lens cap and there’s just a really
well though out system. Now as far as installation goes, we have a marker here on the case, we have a marker here on the lens, so they make it extremely
simple to not screw this up. Pop it in, slide, we have
the Moment logo there. You can clearly see once
you take the lens cap off the 18 millimeter sight in there. And now it is time to test this guy out. So to give an example
of how much this alters your field of view, I’m gonna snap a photo here, but I’m also gonna pop up the lens and show you how much
that alters the image. So we had that beautiful wide image, now we are much more cropped in. I’m gonna snap a photo. And take a look back at these pictures. The standard stock lens in the Pixel Two, that’s a great picture. But as we swipe over
to that wide angle shot you can see so much more in there. You see the sky, we got
that street going across, into the sun peeking outta the corner. It’s doing a great job
with the highlights. You’re not really losing any quality. You were just getting an
amazing looking wide shot. It’s pretty incredible. Seeing that makes me want to
pop this immediately back on because we got some beautiful sun creeping through that tree. I’m gonna see if I can
catch that right now. We got them palm trees and if I were to take this off, there’s no way we are getting that much. Yeah, that’s like crowding your image. There’s no way we are
getting that much detail. I would have to scoot
way the hell back there. Man, can I just give the Pixel 2 some major credit right here? The sky is completely visible but we are still getting that
beautiful ray of sunshine blasting through those leaves, beautiful. Now on top of photos, these lenses will also work through video. So what you’re watching right now is me being shot through the Pixel 2 with that wide-angle lens. It’s gotta make this little bit of scenery look extra cinematic but if
we were to take that lens off you guys could see how
much of that wide angle we are losing. I have no idea what this
looks like right now. I’m sure it is nowhere
near as cool as before. Well let me know in the comment down below what you think of the quality
with the lens and without. Lastly, there is one shot I want to get. Part of me really wishes
this light bulb was on because that would be
a freaking cool shot, but I’m still gonna try to get it anyway. I don’t think I would normally
be able to get anything close like this without the wide-angle lens so if I could just get a
little bit of exposure, bring that down. Snap it and that is a
really impressive image. Now if I were to swipe this off, yeah that is cool but it’s nowhere near that wide angle shot. It just adds a whole layer to that photo. Now quick update, initially
I wasn’t the biggest fan of needing a case to use a lens but the more and more I use it, the more it find myself liking it. One, it’s not something
you gotta think about. You just swap it on and you’re good. And two, if you’ve ever
used those lens attachments that don’t require a case, sometimes they don’t always align properly but with this you get
it perfect every time. So we’ve seen what that
wide angle lens can do. Now it’s time to check
out that telephoto lens. We’re gonna add some
length to this Pixel 2. Pop it on, pop the lens cap off. I think we’re gonna test it out with this nice little arrangement
of flowers right here. What I’m seeing immediately right now is some really nice
blur in the background. It’s got a super-nice roll-off. This is not in portrait mode. I’m gonna snap a photo but you
can see that is really nice. For reference I’m going to pop this off and we should effectively
lose all that right now. So yeah, you can see the
image is nowhere near as compressed with this. We still see a little bit
of that in the background but comparing it to this shot with a telephoto lens on, you can see we got that nice
circular fall off ball action. Boca, boce, whatever you want to call it, it is pretty as hell. Now to kinda take that one step further, what I’m gonna do is pop the lens back on and also check out this
with portrait mode enabled and see what that does. So right off the bat, that’s going to crop us in
just a little bit further. We have some nice foreground going on, we still have that ball in the background. I’m gonna take the shots, let it process and right there that is pretty impressive. So we see a little bit
more blur in that light in the background. But either way, with or
without portrait mode, having this telephoto lens
is a really nice addition. From there, Rich, let’s flex those breads. We got Rich in frame, photo taken. One without the lens just for safety. Now we see all your legs in that shot. Take it a look back, so that
is without the telephoto lens. It’s pretty nice. – [Rich] Yeah. Oh that’s really nice. – [Jonathan] Look at that!
– Oh, got a little flair too? – Yeah, I love what it
does with the background, the blur, the sun, it
holds all those highlights. This is pretty damn cool. Ugg, I though I was gonna go to move that. I wanted to bring the flowers
so I could catch the sun. It’s not gonna happen. Oh we got a train coming! Quick, Rich.
– Yeah? – Hit me with the stand. Hook me up. This is also a really
good test of how quickly you can get set up. (upbeat music) Look man, I’m like one
of those Instagram kids. And this guy I’m
following, what’s his name? It’s Steve. Steve is moving it. He said get that (beeps) outta my way! – [Rich] Demonetized. – Holy crap, man, using this telephoto
lens on video right now, like that is freaking crazy. It’s like portrait mode
all the time but in video. I’m not sure how that
effects stabilizations, so let me know what you guys think. But just what I’m seeing right
here through the viewfinder is kind of crazy. Like the light behind it,
that is some insane footage. So with this that is gonna
add a complete different layer to your arsenal with the
Pixel 2 in terms of video. Now I’m not gonna lie, initially when I saw these,
I was a little skeptical especially because of the price point. They aren’t the most
insane things in the world but they’re also not the cheapest. I guess in the grand scheme of things when you compare it to
other camera gear out there, it kinda makes sense. The build quality, the fact
that it’s well presented, you have a case, you have a lens cap. It all kinda makes up for that price. But more importantly the image quality. That wide angle lens was awesome, but after seeing what this did, especially for video, it
has definitely won me over. With that said, that has me
super-excited for these to come to the iPhone Ten. I believe they’re currently
available for the Eight and Eight Plus right now, but as we know I think the
Pixel 2 and the iPhone Ten are currently the two best in the game. Aside from that, thank you
guys very much for watching. Hopefully you enjoyed the video. If you did, and you are
feeling like being awesome, make sure to go Richard’s
Bread on that like button. If you missed it, we are
currently giving away a brand new Xbox One X Scorpio Edition. You can check that out
here or in the link below. This is Jonathan and I
will catch you guys later.


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    What I would like to know is…….if you adjust the pixel 2 to zoom a bit to give the same composition as the telephoto add on lens. THEN how do they compare. Does the pixel 2 lose something in the shot (visible pixelation) that the add on telephoto lens does not. OR, as a slightly zoomed shot (let's say 20%) on the pixel 2……does it hold in quality similar to the add on telephoto. Or, what is the degradation in quality that of a 20% zoomed pixel vs. the telephoto. Also, on the wide screen lens (granted this is needed because pixel 2 only goes so wide) BUT… me that wide screen shot with the add on lens didn't quite look right. It looked like it had a little bend to it. The wide shot with the bending palm trees and sky from below looked great but the long shot of the building with the add on telephoto (the first one you showed) had a little bit of a bean effect to it where the image seemed a bit distorted with regards to the horizontal landscape lines. Not as noticeable in the palm tree shots due to lack of horizontal (wide) lines.

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    I spent 500$ with taxes and after I wrote for Moment company and I asked for a solution…for an adapter, they said that the adapter is no longer avaible and I have to try to sell my “old” lenses for a friend or a family member!! ?!?!?!?!
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