The iPhone 11 Pro Cameras Just Got Even Better…

– What’s up guys, Saf here on SuperSaf TV and today we’re going to be
talking about an important update that’s come to the
new iPhones for video. Now you guys have heard me
say many many times before that the iPhone 11 Pro and
Pro Max have the best video on any smartphone right now in my opinion. We’ve got very consistent
video with great dynamic range. Up to 4K 60 frames a
second across all cameras. So front facing, the ultra wide, the primary as well as the telephoto. Now you may remember that during
the keynote of the iPhones we did have a presentation from Filmic Pro and they demonstrated an upcoming feature which would allow you
to record from multiple cameras on the iPhone at the
same time simultaneously. Now the good news is that this new app which is a standalone
app called DoubleTake is now available on the Apple App Store and I’ve had a chance
to play around with it. In this video we’ll be
going over how it works, what you can do, the use
cases and also my opinions. Now the way DoubleTake by Filmic Pro works is very straight forward. You can actually see live feeds from all four of the
cameras on your iPhone and then you can select your A and B cam. So for instance if you want
to select the ultra wide as well as the wide you could do that, or you can have the front
facing camera and the ultra wide and it’s going to record two of those cameras at the same time. Once you’ve made your
selection you can confirm and then we have three
different modes for shooting. You have discreet mode
which is actually going to record two separate
independent video files which you can then edit later. Then you have picture and picture mode which is pretty self explanatory. You’re going to have your A cam and then you’re going to have you B cam overlaying the A cam footage and this is all going to be
baked into a single file. You can also move the B cam window around and this animation is
also going to be recorded. You can slide it off if you feel like you don’t want to use it anymore and you can also slide
it back if you need. And then we’ve got split screen mode which I think is my favorite. This is quite similar to the SuperSaf style side by side
comparisons that you have. It’s literally going to
split the screen in half and then you’re going
to have the two cameras from there recording at the
same time in one video file. Now one thing to definitely note is that the max resolution is at 1080p and you can film at 24,
25 and 30 frames a second. So we don’t have 4K 60 frames a second, now I kind of get why
this is, you are working with a lot of data especially when it’s coming in from two separate cameras. So I’m assuming this is
why we max out at 1080p although the bit rate from each camera is going to be around
32 megabits a second. Now maybe with future iPhones
that have the A14 bionic, we’re going to be able
to get two streams at 4k 60 frames a second which
would be pretty dope but at this point in time,
this app only supports 1080p at up to 30 frames a second. Now what are the use cases for recording from two
cameras at the same time? Well of course it’s going to
allow you a lot more flexibility. If you’re in discreet mode
you’re going to be able to cut later on if there’s a
cut point that you need and you want to switch angles
you’re going to be able to do this all with the one camera. The split screen mode is something that I personally find quite interesting. It’s going to allow you to have two completely different perspectives, so you can potentially have the ultra wide as well as the telephoto, which are very very different lenses. So you can get the close
up as well as a wider shot which puts everything into context. This can also be used for
things like interviews. So you can have one camera facing you, the front facing camera, the rear facing camera facing your subject and what I really like
about the DoubeTake app is that you can film horizontally as well as vertically and this opens up a lot of possibilities
for Instagram stories. If you want to speak to your
audience directly for example you can use the front facing
camera on one of the screens and then you can use the rear facing camera to show what you’re seeing. Here’s a quick test. Picture I’m doing an unboxing. You can see me on here
but you can also see what I’m unboxing on this side. Pretty cool. Picture and picture mode I’m sure is going to be useful for a lot of people. I personally can’t see
myself using it too much but again if you want to
put things into context but also kind of have a floating
head around you can have that and I think that at this
for maybe journalists who are out and about and
want to capture things and immediately share them straight away, without having to take
them away for post editing, can have both of those cameras
active at the same time and that’s going to be quite useful. Now the DoubleTake app
is available from today and it’s free on the App Store, so you can do ahead and
download it and test it out. You do need iOS 13 or later and it’s going to work on some
of the older iPhones as well, although it’s going to be most optimized and performing best on the new iPhone 11’s which do have the new A13 bionic chip. Definitely let me know what you think of the DoubleTake app from Filmic Pro. Is it something that you
can see yourself using? I’m really interested to
see what people do with it and there’s of course a lot of potential. I’m excited to test it
out more myself as well I’m hoping you enjoyed this quick summary video and found it useful. If you did then do the thumbs up for me. If you haven’t already and you want to see more videos like this, then be sure to subscribe
and hit that bell icon so you don’t miss any coverage. Thanks for watching. This is Saf on SuperSaf TV and I’ll see you next time. (upbeat music)


  1. SuperSaf January 28, 2020 at 12:07 pm

    Hope you enjoyed the coverage, you can download DoubleTake here:

  2. Rameez Khan January 29, 2020 at 8:17 am

    Saf, I like your content but the title of the video is so misleading. My initial thought was Apple introduced a new update to improve the camera. The title should reflect how Double Take (Filmic Pro) takes the iPhone camera functionality to the next level. You seem to be getting more inclined towards the iPhone lately. Please don't turn into an Apple fanboy. Your reviews have always been unbiased. Thank you!

  3. Trigger 786410 January 29, 2020 at 8:43 am

    Very late upload
    It's very disappointing …

  4. The Techy Mate January 29, 2020 at 9:12 am

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  5. Julius Krabbe January 29, 2020 at 9:14 am

    just tried the app out with iphone xs. i am impressed with the results

  6. Bobby Roberts January 29, 2020 at 10:06 am

    Why Apple didn’t do it their own version with support for 4K30 😡😡😡

  7. Ayaz AA January 29, 2020 at 11:00 am

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  8. Naice January 29, 2020 at 11:14 am

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  15. I love my earth 616 January 29, 2020 at 12:32 pm

    Apple will introduce this in the camera app in 2021 and it will give a dumb name for that feature like 'slofie'.

  16. Syaa January 29, 2020 at 12:44 pm

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    Seriously, do you guys get paid by Apple to do this? You can't get through YouTube and not to see EVERY OTHER video bragging about how amazing the camera on the iPhone 11 is. And over, and over, and over. The same reviews and the same reviewers. Yes, we get it, the iPhone has an "amazing" camera. But is it really necessary you make the same10 videos about it? No wonder Apple and Samsung get so much publicity and all that money that goes with it.

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    If It can only do 2 streams at once, then it should at least do 4K 30fps and Full HD 60fps,
    If it can do all 4 streams it should record Full HD 60fps on all the cameras.

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