The Future of Video Making is here! [Animaker 2.0 Launch]

[Music] Hi everybody! Thanks & welcome to the event
that we have all been waiting. For the launch of the new Animaker I am Shauna
Derrickson from Animaker and I am your host for today. Animaker
has always been for us the non-professional video makers. Those of us
who have had great ideas, but maybe not the means to turn them into something
magical. Animaker gave us that catalyst so that that video equation could now
have that magical element. Today we have over 4 million users. That community has
grown so much. We appreciate and we’ve been overwhelmed by the massive support
and love that you’ve shown us over the years. And as someone lucky enough to get
a sneak preview into that new product I have to tell you, you are going to be
blown away by what’s coming. So now without further ado I welcome Raghav
CEO of Animaker onto the stage. Buckle up as Raghav takes us for a ride into the
future of video making. Everybody give it up for Raghav!
[Applause] [Applause] I’ve been waiting for this day for the
past two years. There are very few moments in life where we get too
emotional about what we do. In 2014 before we launched Animaker, we saw a
huge challenge in the way videos are made. Now, after five years, nothing has
changed! Still, video making is as tough, it is
painful, still it is a very daunting task. The gap from demand for videos to
ease of video making is big. But we at Animaker always try to fill this gap.
That’s what we do and that’s what we are good at. Animaker has helped more than 4
million users to create animation videos. Our video advert graphics app helps to
create more than half a million data storytelling videos. Animaker Whiteboard
delivered more than 300,000 doodle videos. But we believe we just solved a
considerably small size of the problem in the video industry. So today, we are
launching three new smart products that could change the future of video making
by giving power to non designers and non-professional video makers like you
and me. When it comes to video creation there
are 10 direct and 25 indirect problems to be solved.
Starting from script writing to storyboard, video shooting to voice, music
to mixing, here when we say smart we actually mean doing all these different
challenges with the least effort possible. Professional tools do all these
things, but one needs a lifetime to learn. It is very complex the UI and
interactions were invented almost 25 years ago. Even now, they look the same.
This is what it looks like… Sorry, this is what it looks like! Say, if
you plot the graph on ease of use against smartness, Adobe comes at the top
left, which is very hard to use. Even professionals struggle. If you take
online video apps, they are not so smart and also not so easy to use. There are
few apps which are easy to start, but not smart enough to create a high quality
video. So we don’t want to do either one of these things. We want to make a leap
for the product that is way smarter than any of these video apps. This is
where Animaker is. [Applause] Thank You! As I said before, we have three products to show
you today. First, a brand new revolutionary animation making app, which helps to
create animation videos. Which comes with ground up design and technology change
from earlier Animaker versions. Yes, animation making app! What would you
expect from Animaker first? Of course, the best animation making app ever
shipped in the online market! Let us see what we have inside. Animation is all
about character animation. Right? Say, if you take any character based animation,
either you need to draw a character from scratch, design and animate like a
pro, or use a studio to get help. With current online tools, you will be using
the same stock character which is used by your competitors. So how do you solve
this problem? Introducing character builder! [Applause] Why it is revolutionary? Because
it has 15 facial parts, more than 10 accessories with hundreds of items in an
average to create thousands of unique character parts to make a very unique
character to use! [Music] Technically all these different parts
with different permutations and combination could help us to create more
than billions of unique looking characters. The possibilities of character
animations are endless with Animaker. Now let us watch a quick demo of how to
create a character. You can pick a character you want, you can change to any
color you want, you can change the hairstyle, you can change either eye,
eyebrow, costumes, bottom wear, shoes [Applause] So you have a skeleton, you can actually
add parts. One of the toughest problem in video making is actually creating a good
script. So we did pour research into more than 3 million successful videos and
created hundreds of moments. Moments, or video templates created in a way to help
you with creative thinking and act as a placeholder to create your own script or
videos. Moments or video templates. Moments include both personal and
professional moments. This is the first look of animation making app. So it has five different parts workspace,
library, timeline, menu and property window. Library with millions of assets
library is empowered with one of the world’s largest collections of assets,
like characters, properties, backgrounds, images, music & videos. It comes with free
pre-designed characters as well. Each character comes with hundreds of
animations, with different expressions. You have a skeleton.
You can add parts. Now, you can add animation and also expressions. We have
21 expression which beautifully fit into any action you want. This skeleton is an
interesting piece of innovation we did at Animaker. Say, for example, if you take a
character and you want to change the characters eye, either you can do it or I
can do it? No! Professionals can do it, but with Animaker, the moment you think you
don’t like the characters eye or a cap, with a click of a button you can change
it. [Applause]
Animation making app comes with Animaker voice It helps to convert text into
human-like voice You can add a pause in between words, you
can add a breath effect, you can add a whisper to look more like a human voice Hi I’m John and I am changing the world
one video at a time [Applause]
Human like voice is good How about human like lip-sync? Today we are introducing Auto lip sync
which comes with three factor technique type of lip, gender and facial
expressions. Voice syncs automatically with your character’s lip, along with
different expressions. Here is a quick example. Hi, I am John i am changing the world one video at a time and i hate people
who try to stop me from doing it As i said before, you have a skeleton, you can
add animation, you can add expression, now we can add a voice with Auto lip-sync.
That’s pretty cool. How many of you guys remember this? Know this?
This is genius! This is very genius But the problem is Macpaint was invented
in 1984, MS paint released in 1985 We all know why there is a one-year gap.
But the problem is, we still keep filling the same color.
We haven’t improved at all. So today the animation making app comes with gradient
background. It’s pretty interesting You can just click the background, it
shows the color bar. You can add another color. Now you can get a beautiful
gradient background. The beauty is you can keep adding more it will keep looking very cool it comes with five dimensional colors
with two directions both linear and circular What is move? What is move in
animation? Moving images are called animations right? A character moving from
left to right text moving from top to bottom, a heart icon popping
out in front of the screen animators spent almost 80 percentage of
the time on moving and animating images or objects to different positions. For
non-animators like us, it would take years to master. So we wondered if there
was a way to help our users with move. So we introduced smart move! so what is smart move?
Say if you take a car which is placed at the left you can instantly
add an animation by just clicking the car animation which could move from left
to right, a walking character standing at the right going to the left, a leaf
floating around. So you could add hundreds of smart animations using this
smart move Okay, as I said before, you have a
skeleton you can add parts, you can add animations,
expressions, voice lip-sync, now we can move the skeleton with a click of a
button. This is pretty amazing! Okay. Now, let’s see what we got
we got from the animation making app
[Music] [Applause] this is one of the world’s most easiest way to create animations. Okay. Now our
next product a next product is a brilliant Video Editing App! You have everything
to create and edit live videos All kinds of features. But we are
not happy I think you guys are not too. So a lot of online video editing apps out
there. So we want to know what is that one thing which these apps lack. With our
research we found out these apps have three major problems. Problem one
Big size file upload. With any Animaker’s video editing app You can upload up to 25 gb
of files. Which is which is almost equal to 60 minutes of 2k file and almost 120
minutes of full HD file. To make it more easy to understand it’s almost equal to
two episodes of Stranger Things from Netflix [Applause] This is pretty cool for any online video
editing apps. Problem Two: Complicated time lines In most of the professional video
editing apps, you could have seen this very complicated timelines which
literally scare us from video editing. We have two simple timelines to use.
One will be used for video adding trimming and splitting. Another timeline is an
animation timeline. You can add text graphics images on top of live videos
and this is one of the easiest way to handle timelines Problem Number Three: Time yes it’s it’s it’s a big problem I guess Google says 76 percentage of time
we spent on content creation tools are actually spent on collaborating than
creating. Say, if you take…real-time seamless collaboration is so important
to save time. Video makers and reviewers working on the same app will speed up
the process and will also reduce the number of iterations. But with Animaker
comes with world class real-time user collaboration. We have seen apps like
Google Docs which is extremely powerful for text. Or else zero collaboration in
professional tools which is very hard to use, even for a single user. But our new,
real-time user collaboration works like magic for complicated graphics and
video editing. Here is a quick demo of ten designers with one reviewer working
on the same app as we speak [Applause] [Music] [Music] it’s going to be a messages
ten designers and we are not very sure [Music] Let’s see what is the final video looks like [Music] Which one do you prefer cat or dogs? I’ll
leave it to you. This is spectacular but the problem is, maybe you have a question.
Is there a need for me to use ten designers in one project? Maybe or not
but this demo is to show you that real potential of our new collaborative
feature multiple freelancers working with multiple reviewers on a same
project. The teacher showing hundreds of students how to edit videos, oh my god we
are yet to see what people could do with this Repurposing! Repurposing is one of
the top keywords used by marketers around the world in 2019 because the
number of visual mediums and its sizes are keeping on growing. In Animaker,
with the click of a button, you can change to any shape or size you want [Applause]
Sorry for that. This is what most of the companies promote. But we are not going
to do that. Because, the resizing of content is in the very initial stage of
research. What we exactly do is when you are done with one particular video, you
can always resize to a different shape And we tried to convert it into a
particular shape. From there, we leave it you You guys can always take on that and you
can edit further and use it so repurposing is definitely the easiest
way in Animaker, but not super promised Next, video quality, video quality is one
of the top problems in video industry Because it is very much fragmented, every
platform has its own quality standards Which is very tough for any video maker
to track. Both professionals and non-professionals struggle. Finally, we
have something for professionals too. Both animation and video editing come with
quality ranges which supports hundreds of channels starting from Facebook to
Snapchat, YouTube to Vimeo, Whatsapp to tik-tok, you name it, we have it. Also, we support 4k! For the very first time an animation making app
comes with 4k quality video within reach of non-designers. High quality video from
a simple browser was a dream for me when I started my career. To create a video
quality up to 4k you needed a very high priced computer with professional
software, almost 8 to 12 hours of wait time to create a one-hour video. With
Animaker, the same computer & the same browser you can get a 4k video. How do you do
that? For each video you guys create we maintain the lowest proxy for the
creation and editing and generate the highest proxy highest quality content
for rendering from our world standard infrastructure. 4k quality is no more a
costly affair. Anyone with a simple browser and an idea could create a 4k
quality video. Here is a quick example of 4k video. Comes from animaker video editing [Music] [Applause] Both the products animation and video
editing come with built-in marketplace We partnered with world’s top content
contributors which helps us to give more than 100 million stock images and videos in
very high quality which you can easily use inside the app. Now let us see how
what is the output of the whole video editing app looks like [Music] Now let us go to our final product. The
next product is not very fancy but very light Today we are introducing Animaker Lite: a sleek, light, easy to use, Gif making app It helps us to create short videos and gifs
within a fraction of time you spend on any video tools out there. A real truly
world’s simplest video making app. In 1987 Steve Wilhite introduced gif. Now
in 2019 the world is dominated by gifs, short videos & memes. But the process of
making this short, easy to use content is still very hard, time consuming and needing
huge effort. Not anymore! Let’s watch a quick demo of Animaker Lite.
Pick from hundreds of templates Edit text mama to Papa, swap your
graphics, maybe if you want you can add colors, hit play, good to go now that’s it. You just download it and
you can play with it. Many of us don’t have time especially to create social
media content right? Animaker Lite helps us to get these kinds of content
in the fastest way possible. Wait a minute! I just realized I missed a slide a very
important slide. I guess the genius of all these three products animation
making video editing Gif making is not in the character builder or any
other feature. The genius is these all work together as a single app today. [Applause] Today we are introducing Animaker 2.0! Which perfectly combines animation, video editing, gif making & lite version in
one single app without much complexity to use Like a Swiss Army knife. Even
though they are together you can use them combined or separate based on your needs Here is a quick and final demo of
animaker 2.0. You can upload and edit a video add an animation on top of it with a
click you can share it with anyone you want and they can switch it to animaker lite
and edit it super fast and export to any form they want. Gif, video, etc Wish to create animation videos. Wish to
create live videos. Edit videos, create Gif, short clips for social messages you have one hour of time to create a video, use
Animaker 2.0 full. You have five minutes to create a video, use Animaker 2.0 Lite You can always switch between apps based
on your needs Animaker 2.0 comes with highly optimized HTML 5
technology at the front and a very powerful AI and vision technologies at
the back for the future. Animaker 2.0 is tuned for different set of performance
like app load time, multiple people using together in a single app, a lot of
performance metrics we have improved on Animaker 2.0 which makes it easy for users
to use create edit and share. Now let us go to to our most important slide. How much does it
cost? Character animator, animation video
making, character builder, skeleton, parts Gif making, I don’t want to repeat all
that. What do you think is the right cost? It starts with free for watermarked videos as
usual. Our premium plan starts with one dollar per month but with one premium video included for
each plan. The next plans start at $59 per month and $99 per month The one dollar plan is smartly placed in a way to help personal needs, students and
very small companies to get the benefit out of videos. The future of video making
is not about the future. It’s all about today What are you going to do today?
And finally, the real genius of Animaker 2.0 is that you don’t have to be a
genius to use it. Thank you! Are you blown away? I told you, didn’t I? But an app at this
magnitude. Something that functions with this much power, this much finesse, would
not have been possible without the help of our ever-loving users and supporters
around the world. So let’s take a moment today, to hear what they have to say. Hi! My name is Tara
and I am the creator of the Spirit Shepard. And today is my
one-year anniversary with Animaker, which is super fantastic. I can’t believe that
a company like Animaker exists. I have just been so so happy to have found you
guys and if I think back to my criteria That I wanted an online software that
did animations, where you could create my own custom character but it was
affordable, that you’d have training, and that it was super easy to use. Let’s be
honest I’m really really hopeless at Computers and Technology and stuff and I
didn’t think there was an organization that existed like that. And I remember
contacting eight or nine different companies and none of them could fit all
parts of the criteria until I e-mailed you and haven’t looked back since. The
way in which you created my custom character was just amazing. The time
that you took, the attention to detail You’ve really understood my characters
personality and I fell in love with it As it came to life, it really was the
little details that you pretend that just make him so super cute and so super
fun. I can’t thank you for the training that you gave me in the first instance
on how to use the software, but also the feedback that
you gave me on my original videos. It was really nice. Once I was actually using
the application, to have you as experts just come in and say well you could
tweak it here and you could tweak it there and I really really take that on
board I love the way that you’ve kept in touch with me your customer care being
absolutely fantastic and it’s my anniversary today, so I just wanted to
phone in and celebrate and say thank you all so much I hope you’re all really
really well and yeah I really hope that things are going to be good for you all
going forwards. And because they’re really good for me going forwards and
that’s thanks to you. Bye now! Hello Animaker team! My name is Leslie
Altameyer and I’m the director of clinical innovation and research at
Philips health tech located globally but personally I’m located in Cambridge
Massachusetts. I would like to give a shout out to the entire and I mean,
entire Animaker team. So animaker helped me, my company and the customers I’m
working with in creating video animations that will greatly improve
education that NICU parents have to take while their baby is in the NICU. So you
are all making a difference by making number one, my job easier ,by making
NICU nurses lives easier and by helping parents of critically ill babies learn
in such a simple easy and interactive way. Even the hospital sites that I’m
working with we’re like wow this is so much better than our boring handouts and
I would definitely agree so a huge thank you to all of you for your working with
me, our company, never making me feel like a
pest and being so responsive to all of our needs so again to the entire
Animaker team. Thank you! And I wish you all the best of luck Good morning. My name is Priya, the
elementary tech integrator at the American International School, Chennai
and I’m just here to talk about Animaker and how it makes a difference in
creating digital storytelling. Animaker is quite creative and it keeps the kids
engaged it’s pretty easy to use, so I can see myself using it in grades 2 and
above with a little bit of support. And it also helps in retaining the
attention of the students because it kind of engages them in the story that
they’re telling. The interface is quite easy Hi, I’m Guillermina Hernandez from Mexico. I work in the
training area in a financial field This company has a 2,000 employees in Mexico,
Guatemala and Peru. The communication is really important so Animaker has helped
me to transmit specific messengers to all employees. to use Animaker
children don’t need a technical knowledge or video addition. You just need a little
creativity to make a great video. So I want to invite you to use Animaker and
make a great video. Bye-bye! Hi Animakers from around the world! My
name is Chris Atkinson from CHOP productions in Canada and I’m delighted
to be able to share some of our success using this fantastic app. Quite simply,
Animaker has been a game changer for us It’s provided our team the opportunity
to create cartoons for award-winning music. We even created a short animation
film using Animaker and that film won Best Direction an
International Film Festival Yes, Animaker is powerful and we at CHOP
productions love using it. Needless to say we are so pumped about the new
version of Animaker and we can hardly wait to start learning and creating with
it congratulations to the Animaking team on your very special day and to the
rest of you all I can say is keep on Animaking! these are just a few that we have time to show you today. But an app this
powerful would have been impossible to create without the thousands of feedback
e-mails that we received and the thousands of responses from the
supporters and the people who responded to our surveys. Also a huge thank you to
the hundreds of users that responded by email with your personal wishes you guys
mean the world to us thank you so much for that time. But now you have an
important question. How do I access Animaker 2.0? Starting today, we roll out
beta access for the first hundred users registered on our teaser page. The
rollout will begin over the next few days. Simply go
to and sign in. If you’ve already registered don’t worry.
An email should be coming shortly and if you have any questions please reach out
to Jerry at Once you do receive the access please be sure to
send in your feedback. It is vital to our success and we are just getting started.
Together we can make this world better for the creators. Thank you!
[Applause] [Music]


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