Tặng camera 40 triệu và xin lỗi ba @Bảo Chill (Oops Banana Vlog #116)

I just want to share this. Actually…. I had plenty of promises to you but…. Hi guys! It’s Banana here. This video is about a gift for my brother. That’s a camera which costs 40 million. If you’ve been watching me for a long time, when I was still working on Minecraft…. I’m sure that you’ll know this little brother. He’s Zeros. Also known as…. When he first entered this Youtube job, his former channel was GBGamez. Now, we address him Bao Chill. Talking about this gift… At that time… While we were working on Minecraft, he helped me a lot. It happened 3 years ago. Whenever I needed his presence in my video, he was always ready to be in. He enthusiastically supported me. In 2019, he experienced the hardest time. His channel didn’t receive a lot of views. Because, first, he didn’t frequently upload videos. Second, we all stopped Minecraft content. If you’re a big fan of him, you already know that he’s so good at PvP games. Unfortunately, PvP Minecraft in Vietnam was no longer developed. Kids prefer Minecraft but its role-play genre. That’s why he didn’t receive any views and couldn’t earn a coin. Thus, in 2020, I advised him to create a new channel – Bao Chill. This channel focuses on daily life vlog of Oops members. Edit and upload these videos. After stopping Minecraft, Bao’s income is nearly described as zero. He was born in 2000. Back then, he asked a permission to join in my team. He told his father that he had a dream of being a Youtuber. And I had a promise to his father that I would take care for his career. Kind of that. That’s to make sure that he can have a stable career. While recording this video, I monthly send him 5 million as a subsidy. He eventually can’t afford his life. I mean, payment for vlog, food or house renting. Therefore, I send him that amount though it’s not pretty much. But he could make a living with that amount and film vlog videos for you. You don’t have to click like for this video. Just jump into Bao Chill channel and click subscribe button for him That’s also you’re helping me. Grab deliverer has come. I’ll get down and take my package. Ok! This is lens of Carl Zeiss. F4 and E 16-70 mm. It costs 16 million. This Mic Pro+ costs 7.6 million. This is secondhand Sony A6400. It’s 20 million. In total, it’s approximately… Nah! It’s over 40 million. I’ll send these to Bao as a gift. I hope that he has a good camera like the one I’m having. so that his Vlog will be better. Also, in future, as a Youtuber, he can make a living with these tools. That’s enough. Just that. This is a picture of Tran Thanh Dat. He drew this by himself and sent me. This picture is about first-generation members of Oops Club. Banana, Lucy, Channy… I think this is Zeros, Gumball and Mazk. Hello!!! Too many people. Why’s there a couple chair here? Couple chair in cinema. And 3 people here? What is this called? Triple chair? Threesome!!! Threesome? Actually, I have a gift for you today. *Really? It’s so fancy!! Stop! Seriously, man. Today, this is a gift for you. Unbox this yourself. He reveals the second candy. Bao! It’s a robot! Transform!!! Hey! This one is fancy!!! Kamen Rider!!! A camera! What’s this? Lens!!! Look like a ring…. Nope… Hey! Hold on!!! This is Valentine gift but not for him. – Of course….
– Yes, of course not for me. But for whom? Guess it! What should a Valentine gift be for? You told that you had different girls in 54 provinces and cities in Vietnam…. Hey…. Fun fact!!!! In one province, Banana has a girl. Thanks Banana for this sponsorship. A Sony camera. Just subscribe to my channel. Of course I always support you and subscribed your channel already. But my audiences matter. Let’s say something that they will subscribe to your channel. If you want to chill, just come to Bao Chill channel to chill. If you’re watching this video, please come and subscribe to Bao Chill channel. His channel will upload more vlog videos about Oops members. Now let’s move to Bao’s house so that we have a conversation with his father there. In our team, one person’s going to get married. That’s your son, Bao. He’s going to get married. Right, Bao? He even doesn’t have a girlfriend. I always remind him. Let’s talk together in this car so that I’m not embarrassed. Let’s say something. This is Bao’s father. How to say… I think you still remember my first time of coming here. I talked to you for the first time too. That happened 2… 2 or 3 years ago, right? You leave all of hope about your son to me, my Gaming House at that time. You wanted him to live there because…. he was still stuck in school stuff and he kind of preferred pleasure to studying. Yes, he preferred pleasure to studying… He… how to say…. He wanted to be in his friends’ position and that’s his desire to be a Youtuber. In first days of being at Gaming House… Actually, you didn’t let him come. He asked me to come to get your permission. As a reliable man, I would make sure that he came into Gaming House for studying and working there. At that time, we had our own to-do work. Some of us had…. entered Creatory and started their career. And about Bao… He didn’t try his best. Also, he wasn’t as luck as others. So he’s not successful. Today, I come here. I want to apologize to you. In 2018 – 2019, perhaps I…. I didn’t notice and have a good care for your son. I just want to share this with you. I think… My promise to you was a too big but I haven’t done anything yet. That’s why I come here to truly say “I’m sorry” to you. Today, I want say that to you. In this 2020, I’ll make this promise again and take a good care for him. Actually, it’s really poor for Bao. Six of us started from the same place but just some go forward. It’s not about over-expectation. I just hope that he will have a better and stable career. A better income so that he could make a living. I know what you mean. You just want that he will have a job and he can live with it. Just for himself. That’s enough. You just need him to take care for himself. That’s enough. Everything you said, I always bare it in mind. I let him get outside and start his career at that early age. I was doubtful that he would turn ruined. But luckily, he has your crew. I’ve been watching you. Honestly, you all are good men. You’re good men, not the bad ones I thought. But today, you come here and say this to me. I’m so happy for this, son. Please, help him step by step. Yes. He’s able to make a living with his career. – Yes.
– I’m his father… Seeing my child’s growth and success is a happy ending. I hope that you’ll be healthy. Thank you so much. My conversation with Bao’s father is done. Hope that you like this video. You don’t need to click like button to this video. Just come in Bao’s channel and click subscribe button to his channel. Watch his video too. That’s also to help me a lot. Like you’re helping me to fulfill my promise to Bao’s father.


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    ► Đăng ký ủng hộ kênh của Bảo tại đây: http://bit.ly/2ZW3pVj

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