Taking Street Fashion Style Pictures of Strangers in Vietnam-EP02 / 베트남 일반인 스트릿 패션스타일 찍기-EP02

Discover at the beginning! May I take a picture (Thumbs up) The motorcycle is cool Thank you Anh oi (can talk with eyes) Necklace swag Thank you! Is the color of the shoes …? (Let’s take a picture) I like your fashion. I’ll take a picture (Off the mask) they were at just behind (Let’s talk) Can I take a picture? (what pose we can do?) (In consultation) (So ​​common) Let’s take another shot Nice pose! Its getting dark in Ho Chi Minh City Now its Monday and because of corona Virus.. Not many people on street… (Please enjoy the city night view for a while) The famous building mentioned in the previous video (night version) Ao Dai found! What are you shooting? What are you doing No matter what, I take my picture Vietnam Flag Concept Ao Dai + Vietnam Concept Nonra (Straw Hat) Found It’s too far Professional runner? Too fast Is it because her legs are long Fast>>>Faster>>>>>>>>>Can I take a picture of you? What? (Rejected …?) She said it would be okay if she didn’t remove her mask It’s darker than what you see in the video I should shoot at a higher shutter speed … I didn’t get the picture as I thought..it was too dark 🙁 Thank you for watching my second YouTube video! See you soon with a better video Thank you So much!

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