Youtuber Making Spaghetti From Camera ASMR – How Cook

The most unique recipe for making Spaghetti from camera. Hope you have a relaxing time with our video.

How to Make People Fall In Love With You on Camera

The bright side of branding business and being your own boss. Hey, boss. It’s Sunny Lenarduzzi, and today I’m going to teach you how to make people fall in love with you. On camera. If you ever have said the words, “Ugh, I hate myself on camera,” or, “Ugh, I hate the sound of my Read more…

They Call It The Hover Camera…

K – it’s official: we’re in the future now. I’ve got another thing that flies, here on the table today. Yes, I’m excited. You should be too. It’s called “The Hover Camera.” They hit me up, they were like “you wanna be the first.. …to take a look… …at our hovering camera that will follow Read more…

Highlights of using MovieMaker (free) video editor

Creating and editing basic videos using Microsoft free download software. Windows has a Free Movie Editor that you can get by going to its website and downloading it. It will take you a little time, it’s a fairly rich download. Directions for using movie editor are found at this website and it’s broken into an Read more…


Vlogging Camera Setup!

How to Change Shape in Photoshop cc l 2 minute Photoshop Tutorial

INTRO Welcome to “YOUTUBE TUTORIALS TUTS” First make any shape On edit option choose transform and click warp

How to Create a passport size photo in Photoshop Cs3 2017 Bangla Tutorial 2017

How to create passport size photos from any picture. Do you want to create passport size photographs of yourself