VideoStudio – 360 Video Editing

360 video is an interactive video format. Users can change the viewing angle during playback. A touchscreen, onscreen controls, movement of a mobile device… …or a virtual headset can be used to control the view. 360 video requires a special video player. YouTube, Facebook, and Vimeo support 360 video. VideoStudio lets you edit different types Read more…

VideoStudio – Top 10 Basic Editing Features

Basic video editing Trim video Crop video or images Resize video or images Position media Rotate video Add Transitions Enhance Picture Adding Filters and Effects Pan and Zoom Edit Audio

VideoStudio – 3D Title Editor

New to VideoStudio 2018 Ultimate is the 3D Title Editor. This editor allows you to make compelling and highly customizable animated 3D titles. To access the 3D Title Editor, click the icon here. Or start with a preset by clicking Titles>3D Titles. Drag a preset to the Timeline. Double-click the title to load the 3D Read more…

Fabio Wibmer – Fabiolous Escape

Hey man, I’m ready! All right, I’m here waiting for you Just go for it! Ok, give me a few minutes and I’ll be there …and when I’m there, just drive! Drive, man! All right!

The Cannibal Generals of Liberia

SHANE SMITH: In this episode, we go to Liberia and hang out with cannibal warlords. MALE SPEAKER 1: I lift it up on the temple. I’m gonna eat it. [GUNFIRE] MALE SPEAKER 1: It’s a Liberian general’s heart. SHANE SMITH: I was afraid probably the whole time I was in Liberia. There’s always this underlying Read more…