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How to Easily and Quickly change a Sky in Photoshop CC 2017 Tutorial

– Bonjour mesdames et messieurs, in this episode, I wanna show you a quick and easy way to change sky at will on your photo. (upbeat electronic music) Bonjour, mesdames et messieurs, my name is Serge Ramelli, I’m a French photographer from the amazing, the beautiful city of Paris, France, and I live in Los Read more…

Lightroom Photo Editing Tutorial | Android Mobile | Part 8 | Lightroom best editing

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Lightroom Photo Editing Tutorial | Android Mobile | Part 6 | Lightroom best editing | BB ki vines

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The Try Guys Try Instagram Editing Apps

– Ooh, whoa! No Keith, no! – Today the try guys are gonna finally look hot. – [Zach] Hey! (laughing) – Through editing apps that you can buy on your phone. (punchy upbeat music) – I edit all my photos. If you use the color editors on Instagram that’s editing your photos. We all do Read more…

Composite Workflow: Studio Lighting for Backplates with Renee Robyn | PRO EDU Tutorial

(slow music) – I don’t necessarily think that creating composite photography is absolutely a science. I think that there are, you know, laws of physics and color theory and light that have to be paid attention to, but it’s still a creative field, so I think that understanding how to make great composites is really Read more…

Model Testing | How To Build A Fashion Portfolio With Talent Agencies | PRO EDU Photography Tutorial

(upbeat music) – A model test is an opportunity for a photographer and a model to build their portfolios together. If you start in model testing, it’s gonna open doors in the fashion photography field. The end result that needs to happen in a great model test is that that model looks their absolute best. Read more…

Studio Lighting Fundamentals & Modifiers For Gelled Portrait Photography

So before we get all little lights out and start setting them up and getting the modifiers and getting the gels on the lights and we start getting into the nuts and bolts of it it’s. Just take it back step and just go over some of the fundamentals of gelled lighting and as some Read more…

Compositing & Retouching Advertising Studio Photography of Jim Beam Devil’s Cut in Photoshop

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What Are Three Lessons Photographers Should Learn? | Q&A w/ Chris Knight Episode 1 of 18 | PRO EDU

(upbeat music) – Number one, know that the techniques should never be the goal. They are always a means to an end. They help you achieve your goal, whatever your goal happens to be. So, something that’s well executed isn’t necessarily good. Two, restraint. Never underestimate less is more. Boiling something down simply is sometimes Read more…