Searching for QUADRANT HACKS & Destroying CAMERA w/ Ninja Gadget (Game Master Gift Drop)

Little-Known PHOTOSHOP TRICK to Animate and Mask Layers – Complete “KNOCKOUT” Guide

Welcome back to another very exciting tutorial here at the My name is Jesus Ramirez and you can find me on Twitter @JRfromPTC. In this tutorial, we’re gonna talk about how to create a Knockout using the advanced blending options in the Layer Style window then we’ll use the Photoshop Timeline to animate the Read more…

Our Camera Man Finally Does A FACE REVEAL! (Hidden Secrets about Game Master vs Quadrant Event Date)

Bizarre scene as woman spotted taking man for walkies on dog lead in London street

The smartly-dressed man in a trousers, shirt and shoes is seen being pulled along with a pink lead around his neck on way to work. This was the bizarre scene when a woman was spotted taking man for walkies on a dog lead in a London street. The picture was taken by a bemused Twitter Read more…

Arizona Democrat Accused Of Taking Racist Picture

Democratic gubernatorial candidate in Arizona Fred Duval was double that by the Arizona GOP to be the most all interesting man in the world they said he can’t connect with voters and there’s no way he’ll win and to be honest the new does look pretty boring but up what’s interesting here is what duvall Read more…

Making Photo Frame | PhotoDirector Photo Editor Tutorial

Wie man einen Fotorahmen macht Wie man einen Fotorahmen macht Wählen Sie Ihr Foto als Hintergrundbild. Ziehen Sie ein Rahmenbild in den Layer-Bereich. Ändern Sie die Größe des Rahmens nach Wunsch. Nutzen Sie das „Auswählen-und-bewegen-Werkzeug“ („pick and move tool“) zum Verschieben und ändern Sie die Größe aller anderen grafischen Elemente.