Using A Camera Strap To Get Steady Footage

hey everybody Clinton here from acumen connections and in case you didn’t already know a real simple yet effective way to get smooth steady footage when you’re shooting handheld with your camera is to of course use a neck strap I know right mind-blowing but believe me this is a real great way to get Read more…

Photoshop tutorials | How to create Hollow Head Effect in Photoshop by samkhancreative

For get the editable PSD Kindly send me your personal ID in Comments box i will send you google drive link at your ID

The Camera that unites races

When using an ordinary camera, Richard and I just couldn’t get the perfect photo. Each shot was either too bright or too dark, we can never get the right- middle ground on it. But with the Optiplex Viewmaster™ you could finally get the- best of both worlds. It’s really simple. You just point and shoot. Read more…

How to Download Photoshop For Free 2019 (LEGIT)

hey guys I am free bomb welcome back to my channel today I am going to show you how to download Photoshop for free disclaimer this video is just for educational purposes only I uploaded this type of tutorial more than three to four times and got removed by YouTube press f to pay respect Read more…

4K Ultra HD Waterproof Wifi Action Camera Review

Unboxing 4K Ultra HD Wifi Water Proof Sports Camera Please SubScribe My Channel

RAW: Toronto road rage caught on camera

There’s a road rage incident just right there. Hey! [whistles]Now’s the time. Hey!Get back in the car! Grow up![indistinct muted shouting]Sit down or you’re going to get arrested![indistinct muted shouting] Listen to the officer!Both of you grow up!Come on,boys! Move it!Everybody’s a winner, don’t worry.

Funniest Daddy Taking Photo Of Baby- Big Daddy

Hilarious times when daddy selfies with babies. Let’s watch and treasure these moments! Okay, we’re trying to take a picture for mommy get your hands out your mouth get him out oh Good you and tagging up. Oh, no, we can’t get Let her lay back Mm-hmm For you

Phone detection cameras are now in operation

The next time you think you can illegally handle your mobile phone while driving and get away with it, think again! Phone detection cameras are now in operation. Don’t get caught illegally handling your mobile phone while driving. Know the rules.