~How I make my videos~ Part 2: EDITING [CC]

Alright welcome to part two of this three-part mini-series where I show you how I put together a youtube video using this video as an example. Editing is by far the most time-consuming of the five steps I told you about in the last video and where most of the creativity emerges in my videos. Read more…

Background change | How to change photo background | photo editing app

Hello friends In this video i recommend you How to edit your Photos in android mobile


– I’m up! Before we begin, I just wanna say thank you to SeatGeek for sponsoring this video and sending me and my friends to Coachella. I told them that I wanted to go to Coachella and they sent me. (cameras flashing) If you don’t know what SeatGeek is, it is an app that makes Read more…

Make Outro In VSDC Free Video Editor|Easy Way|Animeted

Hi Friends First Apply Your Settings Add Circle Add Circle Now Add Rectrangle Thanks For Watching

Photoshop Outdoor Fantasy Photo Editing With Free Preset

Hello Friends

Marshmello – Here With Me Feat. CHVRCHES [Alternative Music Video]

Can I tell you something just between you and me? When I hear your voice, I know I’m finally free Every single word is perfect as it can be And I need you here with me When you lift me up, I know that I’ll never fall I can speak to you by saying nothing Read more…

Toronto 2017 – Greg Skriloff

I never would have thought that a group of kids I met online a few years ago would become some of my best friends. Fast forward to 2017, now we travel the world together doing what we love.

Kids Meet a Photographer with Tar Syndrome | Kids Meet | HiHo

– Do you have a girlfriend? – I don’t have a girlfriend. – Do you have a boyfriend? – I don’t have a boyfriend. – You have no-one? – Will you be my friend? – Yes. – Okay, I have you now. (chuckling) (classical music) – Hello, what’s your name? – Jacob. – How about Read more…

DIY CLOTHING AND FASHION HACKS || Cool Clothes Upgrade Ideas by 123 GO!

Listen, life can throw you some serious curve balls. Whether it’s at work, school, or in your dating life. But when it comes to your clothes, you should always be prepared to adapt to changes. Even if that means getting a little messy. Be prepared for just about anything with these life-changing clothing hacks! Alright, Read more…

Junoon Feat Rahat Fateh Ali Khan & Ali Noor, Sayonee, Coke Studio Season 10, Episode 2.

ہر دم نام سنبھال سائیں دا (ہر لمحے اپنے ربّ کے ذکر سے اپنی زباں تر رکھو) har dam naam sambhaal saaeen da Cling to your Lord’s name at every moment and with each breath ہر دم نام سنبھال سائیں دا (ہر لمحے اپنے ربّ کے ذکر سے اپنی زباں تر رکھو) har dam naam Read more…