HACKER is Missing in Real Life! (Hidden Camera Reveals the TRUE identity of Game Master)

iS CAMERA MAN Daniel a Liar? (Lie Detector Test on Game Master Spy to Find the Truth about Quadrant)

welcome back to the battle Rebecca channel we just saw security footage that makes it look like our cameraman Daniel is working for the quadrant we thought he was working for the gamemaster but he somehow helped RZ Twin escape which we caught on a hidden camera that he had no idea about and right Read more…

I Bought a New Camera

Alright. hey guys i’m just testing out the “new” webcam mic u h m m it’s gone a bit purple for some reason Idontreallyknowhy it’s done that u h m m hang on i’ll just open the window Vroooom VrOoOoOm Vr FFSSSSHH *demonic gateway opening* minecart noise minecart noise is that any better? mat_fullbright 1 Read more…

WE STOLE MYSTERY NEIGHBOR VLOG CAMERA!! (Tracking Device Prank to Reveal True Identity)

GAME MASTER FACE REVEAL in Real Life! (GM Rescue after 24 hours at Quadrant Headquarters)

hey zamfam it’s Rebecca and early this morning when it was still dark outside we escaped with the gamemaster from the quadrants top-secret headquarters we were there overnight for over 24 hours it was close but we did escape and now we’re gonna take the gamemaster inside to where it’s a lot safer and we’re Read more…

Our Camera Man Finally Does A FACE REVEAL! (Hidden Secrets about Game Master vs Quadrant Event Date)

GAME MASTER has a REBECCA ZAMOLO Twin Disguise! (New Hidden Camera Face Reveal in My House)

i Trapped GAME MASTER Spy and TOOK OFF his MASK! (Face Reveal using Ninja Gadgets and Clues)