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How’s it going everyone Kellan Reck here and today we’re gonna talk about three more camera moves that are gonna make your footage look cinematic and again for this one all you need are your hands and a camera okay that’s a lens but let’s just pretend it’s a camera cue the intro so just Read more…

Does Your Camera See in the Dark Better Than You!? | 10 Lens Giveaway!

– So I was looking for a good spot to film an intro to this video, and I was like, “this looks like a pretty good spot,” “even though it’s super dark,” and it kinda got me thinking, when did the low light on these cameras become so good? Because I remember 10 years ago, Read more…

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– Psst, psst. Yo you gotta admit I’m getting pretty good at this clickbait game. Well hold on a second, ’cause you’ll be surprised at how many people think they’re keeping their gear nice and shiny, but secretly damaging their gear in the long run. Like for example, who knew that dropping a lens into Read more…