New Camera Evidence Leads to Project Zorgo Scavenger Hunt Clues!! (CWC Mystery Decoder Found)

okay walkie-talkies in the bag walkie-talkies check oh hey Sharers what’s going on Steve what is that when we go exploring in the snow outside if we get cold we can turn this thing on warm our hands check this thing out it’s our latest spy gadget and we’re ready to put it to the Read more…

Project Zorgo Camera Evidence REVEALED!! Game Master Mystery Snow Track Leads to Scavenger Hunt Clue


GAME MASTER MYSTERY EXPERIMENT Amazing Results!! (New Project Zorgo Camera Evidence Revealed)

CAPTURING THE GAME MASTER! (Exploring Project Zorgo Secret Base)

previously hello is it recording cheek what are we doing joining the game master I’m looking I told you to trust me guys if we join the game master we can figure out who he is we can figure out what he is we can be double agents we can work for the game master Read more…

Pumpkin Patch Hacker Spy Caught on Camera Breaking Into Our House!

in the world it’s after the DMC date and we’re still here YouTube is still on you guys are still watching this that is crazy for all your haters out there you said that we don’t catchin a fake gamemaster well how come YouTube is still there if this was the fake one YouTube would Read more…

Confronting Our Camera Man about Working for the Game Master (Daniel Gives New Mysterious Clues)

iS CAMERA MAN Daniel a Liar? (Lie Detector Test on Game Master Spy to Find the Truth about Quadrant)

welcome back to the battle Rebecca channel we just saw security footage that makes it look like our cameraman Daniel is working for the quadrant we thought he was working for the gamemaster but he somehow helped RZ Twin escape which we caught on a hidden camera that he had no idea about and right Read more…

Searching for QUADRANT HACKS & Destroying CAMERA w/ Ninja Gadget (Game Master Gift Drop)

Found a Secret Hidden Camera in My House by Game Master! (Quadrant Device Hacks Roblox in Real Life)