Lightroom Photo Editing Tutorial | Android Mobile | Part 10 | Lightroom best editing

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Lightroom Photo Editing Tutorial | Android Mobile | Part 7 | Lightroom best editing

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How to Stabilize Shaky Video | PowerDirector Video Editor App

How to Stabilize Shaky Video Footage Once you’ve launched PowerDirector Mobile, import the shaky video you want to stabilize to the timeline. Select the video on the timeline then tap the “Edit” icon and select “Stabilizer” Simply use the slider to control the strength of the stabilize effect.

How To edit Photo on Pixlr editor | Autodesk Pixlr App | Photoshop Photo editing

Select Image You can edit photo individualy Making Color Effecct Export Photo and Share on FB Insta Twitter…

3 Best Video Editing App For Android | Billi4You

Hello, Welcome, My name is Tausif and you are watching “Billi4You” in this video i’m going to tell you about best video editing app for Android I will tell you about 3 app and then you can decide winch is your favorite application and please tell me which is your best app in comment let’s Read more…

WeVideo Video Editor app for Android

WeVideo has made video editing easy and available for everyone and now we are bringing our powerful video editor right to your fingertips. Our WeVideo mobile app works natively with your phone so creating great videos is simple and fast. Record videos straight from the app or access your gallery to get previously captured moments. Read more…

Adding Custom Fonts | PowerDirector Video Editor App

Step 1. Open any file browser app. Step 2. Find your TrueType (.TTF) or OpenType (.OTF) font file. Please note: .OTF fonts require Android 8.0 or above. Step 3. Copy or move your font file to the path: Internal Storage/PowerDirector/fonts/custom/ You may create the folders if you don’t find it. Step 4. Go to Title Read more…

Creating Pan & Zoom (Ken Burns) Effect | PowerDirector Video Editor App

Add a photo to your movie timeline Press the photo to select it Select the Pan & Zoom function Let PowerDirector create the effect by selecting Random Motion Choose Custom Motion to create your own effect Adjust the starting size and position Do the same for the end position Press play to preview the effect

Best Image Editor For Android – Prisma Art Filters and Photo Effects #filter #effects

Hello Guys, I’m Sunil and welcome to SunilTech today in this video we are talking about prisma the best Image effect and Filter App yes Guys it just Launched for Android 1 Hour before it is best for every kind of pictures so let’s start In image Editing and filter android don’t have so much Read more…

Simple Product Photography Using A Smartphone, Natural Light and A4 Sheets of Paper

Hey guys! What’s up! My name is Kunal Daswani I’m a professional photographer based in India today I’m going to show you, quick white background product photos using stuff lying around at home lying around at home and natural light Let’s get started… boom! so here’s my set up so far I’ve got my product Read more…