HACKER is Missing in Real Life! (Hidden Camera Reveals the TRUE identity of Game Master)

Searching for QUADRANT HACKS & Destroying CAMERA w/ Ninja Gadget (Game Master Gift Drop)

GAME MASTER Took Off His MASK! (True identity at Secret Meeting reveals mystery box trap at 3am)

GAME MASTER FACE REVEAL in Real Life! (GM Rescue after 24 hours at Quadrant Headquarters)

hey zamfam it’s Rebecca and early this morning when it was still dark outside we escaped with the gamemaster from the quadrants top-secret headquarters we were there overnight for over 24 hours it was close but we did escape and now we’re gonna take the gamemaster inside to where it’s a lot safer and we’re Read more…

DO NOT BAKE A CAKE AT 3AM (Voices Caught On Camera!)

*Ominous whispering; What was that?* [Bang] What WAS THAT? [Fire alarm Beeps] What is that? What is that? [More Beeps] [More Beeps] *earlier that night* *3:00 AM* [Suspenseful Music] What’s up Youtube So welcome back to another 3 AM video Today we’re going to try to make a cake. So we are going to try Read more…