[Please select the language of CC subtitles] Hello, I’m Illustrator ETAMA. Congratulations on the 10th anniversary of the League of Legends. I’m going to draw a picture to celebrate the 10th anniversary of my favorite game, and today I want to draw it a little differently. There is a very cute character called ‘Zoe’. Let’s imagine her mother. Once you have a quick sketch, let’s use Layers to paint the area. If you specify a color, it’s a good idea to imagine the finished feeling as closely as possible. I want to draw hair that shines like the Milky Way. And I think of classical myths and draw white costumes. I tried to imagine ‘Zoe’s mother. When deciding on the layout and atmosphere, I thought about ‘Zoe’ character a lot. And since ‘Zoe’ has a skill to move using a circular portal The mother of ‘Zoe’ made the layout with the impression that appeared in the circular space. Create a new layer on top of the Color layer and draw her face. Please also express the red part of your skin such as eyes and nose. Expresses lips and shading. Let’s also express the eyelashes. The sketch layer is at the bottom, above which a new layer exists. If you want to create an outline on a new layer, be careful not to get the layer structure tangled. Roughly painted facial features. Think about how to express your hair. I want to express a material that is diverse in color but low in reflectance. Think of it as if it was a soft glow, like translucent lighting. It’s roughly going to determine the plan in your head, and then trims the form one at a time. Plan how you will complete the objects in the background. This is where earrings should be, but I didn’t draw them first. When painting the glowing areas of your work, try to draw as much as possible while checking the entire area. The appearance was determined. Now imagine the layout of the background and proceed roughly. If you use the Lasso tool or separate layers, you can always vary the color. It’s a good idea to take your time and adjust your work until you get the feel you want. I wanted to create a double layer border from the doodle I’m going to draw, so I created more layers than usual. We’ll draw a thick outline anyway, so we’ll work on the edges without trimming them. If you are doing doodle without restrictions, Whenever possible, it’s a good idea to paint the colors and colors of materials you haven’t. Of course, everyone can be hesitant at first. But if you go through various trials and errors, you can get better expression later. I think the appearance of my hair is well expressed. Occasionally flat and rounded. I tried to find various ways to draw my doodles. This is the same brush I usually use. But from the material I saw, I came up with impressive pictures. Sometimes I thought of drawing less, mixing colors together. So I often try to think like using real paint. If you haven’t worked with real paints, I recommend you do it once. It’s ok if you don’t handle it well from the start. Your experience with other materials will accumulate, and it will surely lead to good results for digital painting. I decide to some extent the draft of the background layout. I keep adjusting the brush spacing, like narrowing or widening. I think it’s good to be close to your favorite music or media to keep track of your feelings as you draw. I mixed the colors a lot so that the feeling of clothes was not monotonous. There is a reason why there are so many stars in the background and costumes. The character concept of ‘Zoe’ is the universe and the stars. I remember once suffering from ‘Zoe’ in the Mid Line. ‘Zoe’ is so powerful. Your hair is almost finished, now you need to go through outlines, costumes, and backgrounds. Proceed without organizing for outline. To darken the colors, we used the Color Burn and Overlay properties. When painting bright colors, we used the Screen and Color Dodge properties. Let’s draw the outline as planned. Sometimes it’s okay to draw neat borders, I drew a border with height. When drawing two layers of outlines, be careful not to color other layers. While drawing the outline, I took into account the overall look and adjusted the color of the background. The lower part of the costume I imagined was indirectly affected by orange light. I connected the surrounding colors so that the colors can be connected naturally. I colored the orange here using the Color Dodge property. Excessive use of the Color Dodge property can sometimes make your picture very light. So after coloring the bright parts, it’s a good idea to proceed with checking the work as a whole. In the case of the second outline, I wanted to express it slightly differently from the first outline. Now that the doodle is nearing completion, let’s color the brightest spots. And in the background we added lines that reflect the surrounding light. In fact, there is probably a better way and functionality to add lines. I didn’t know much about the various features, so I drew them in shapes in Photoshop. Or using an external source is a good idea. Simply trim your skin and hair and move on to the background object. I want to draw the outline of the background in bright colors. But since the second outline in front is bright, I colored it blue to make it easier to distinguish. And I colored the background object with care not to be too dark or too bright. Since we’re going to draw an outline, let’s draw the borders. The current outline is a total of three layers. On my basis, the structure of the layer is rather complicated. So when I’ve done some work, I’ll merge the layers and reduce the number of layers. However, to avoid further modifications, it’s best not to merge the layers whenever possible. So keeping the layer is a good way. It’s also a good idea to use texture sources without painting stars, flowers, or planets yourself. Since the background is almost finished, I changed the outline color. I copied the stars and made earrings too. And finally, the coloring of the flying stars and the Milky Way of the hair is complete. Adjust the brightness until the end according to your taste. Thank you for watching and see you in the next video.


  1. Solacira October 21, 2019 at 12:01 pm

    Your drawing is gorgeous. I really enjoy your creativity.

  2. Lucas Marques October 21, 2019 at 12:14 pm

    Thanks fot the tips, awesome work!

  3. Leech October 21, 2019 at 1:30 pm

    Hell yeah ! Another gorgeous artwork <3.

  4. SPICY DRACULA October 21, 2019 at 2:39 pm

    So awesome love it!

  5. Ame Naru October 21, 2019 at 3:36 pm

    The art is so nice and thank you so much for the tips ! (‘ V ‘)b

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