Studying a Photography Degree Online

I’d like to talk to you about studying
photography with IDI. Unlike skills-based training courses, studying a photography degree
course will expand your creativity as well as develop your technique. You’ll devise your own photography project through self-generated ideas and in response to professional briefs. Telling a story through photography means working not only on a powerful, single image, but learning how
to develop a compelling series of photographs, which communicate an idea. You’ll
learn to use photography as a visual language, to communicate concepts and
narratives, powerfully and effectively. You’ll gain an understanding of light and exposure, composition and framing, perspective and texture. But what type of photography will you choose?
The University of Hertfordshire’s photography degree enables you to experiment with a wide range of photographic genres, including analogue, digital, photojournalism, portraiture, fine art, landscape, advertising and fashion photography. You’ll develop your own professional portfolio by exploring imaginative approaches to the physical and digital formats, including photography books, print portfolios, and online and video portfolios. You’ll also have the opportunity to collaborate with other IDI photography students globally, in preparation for working in the creative industries. Photography is undergoing a period of
dynamic change, and at IDI you can participate in current debates through your own creative work and through discussions with your tutors and fellow students. Expert tutors who are practising photographers, artists and researchers will support you throughout your studies. We look forward to welcoming you to the vibrant, international IDI photography community.

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