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In this clip, I’d like to talk about the cove.
The cove is this area behind me. It’s a curved surface that curves away from the shooting
side of the studio up into the wall so that there’s no seam. These can be made out of
– well, I’ve made simple ones in the past out of the backside of linoleum. What I’ve
done is I’ve just taken it and roll it up the wall, nail it up the top, pull it out,
got the right kind of curve to it, and then ran nails or staples through the floor. Makes
it real nice and simple. This particular one is made out of Masonite and plywood. They
cut the plywood in a 3-foot diameter circles, and used the cutout part – the negative part
of the circle – as support for the cove in the background. And this can be painted any
color and as you can see, it’s used a lot here, but you don’t want to step on it. Because
you can see we’ve got little signs everywhere that says, “Do not step on the cove.” Once
the curve starts, there’s like a support like every two feet, but if you step in between
that two feet, you’ll break right through the cove. It kind of makes things simple as
compared to seamless paper. Seamless paper is the same type of thing, but this is a lot
sturdier, easier to clean.

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  1. David Kasman October 6, 2009 at 12:28 am

    That was a very helpful description of your cove. Thank you.

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