Sound Forge Audio Studio 14 Review – Audio Editing Software with Izotope Ozone Elements 9

In this video I’m looking at the new
Magix Sound Forge Audio Studio 14 This is fairly affordable recording
and audio editing software That also includes
iZotope Ozone elements 9 Which is worth the price alone. I’m Zane and
on this channel I do audio tech tips, tutorials, and reviews to help you conquer the tech
and unleash your creativity and if you want to download the Sound Forge
Audio Studio 14 demo. I’ve put a link in the description so be sure to check down there for that
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Magix Sound Forge Audio Studio 14 along with iZotope Ozone Elements 9 but right now let’s look at what’s new
in Sound Forge Audio Studio 14 well like I said you get iZotope Ozone
Elements 9 with it which is the upgraded version of iZotope’s popular mastering plugin this plugin is worth
$129 on its own and it can really help you polish any track
another new feature is the instant actions window this gives you quick action shortcuts for
frequently used tasks that are broken up into 5 sections workspace actions for frequently used program preference settings and Window Layouts Import Actions: featuring the most important tasks for loading audio creating new files and opening existing files, the most recently used files list also the CD import and the recording
functions are in here. The next section is Effects: You’ll find some common effects in here. Including the new QuickFX Plugins The Mastering Actions area: has a number
of presets for mastering audio, also for certain platforms such as Youtube or Spotify so you can make sure you have the best sound for each platform. And finally the Export Actions area: Here you can access export functions like simple saving burning to CD or saving in just the right format for uploading to platforms such as Youtube or Soundcloud. This won’t automatically upload to these platforms but will give you optimized audio files for those platforms. Sound Forge Audio Studio 14 now has an oscilloscope view for more monitoring options. Another new feature is being able to use Sound Forge Audio Studio from the Windows Context Menu. Allowing you to right click on a media file in Windows Explorer and then quickly convert to another format so like from wav to mp3 or the other way around.
Plus some other formats as well You can also normalize from here and trim the silence from the start and end of a track. It really adds some convenience to your workflow. You also get the Quick FX plugins that I mentioned earlier These are easy to use and easy to access effects that will help you to edit your audio quickly. Something else that I noticed right away was the new VST engine. It seems to scan a lot quicker and the VST management appears to be a lot better. If you’re getting some value out of this
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Sound Forge Audio Studio 14 Review This program is is great for podcast editing,
video audio editing and track mastering You get a nice suite of effects with it. Plus you can add more third party VSTs and use those as well. Also Sound Forge has a great set of
audio restoration Tools for importing vinyl or cassette audio. And You can
record and edit 6 channel audio for 5.1 surround files with recording quality
up to 32 bits at 384 khz making for some very high quality audio. Personally I use Sound Forge Audio Studio for
recording and editing my Podcasts and videos. It can handle long audio files easily so if
my takes go very long I don’t have to worry about Sound Forge
losing quality or stuttering. I have to say, I’m a big fan of Sound Forge Audio studio for my content creation. I Work in a pro studio where I use a similar program that I won’t mention but it costs a lot more than this but I’ve been able to do everything everything that software does in Sound Forge Audio Studio click here if you want to check some mroe
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  1. The BrainChild February 7, 2020 at 3:43 pm

    Is this just for Window's base or Mac as well?

  2. Simple Green Tech February 7, 2020 at 3:49 pm

    Check out this must have plugin bundle next

  3. giovanni svette February 12, 2020 at 3:32 am

    Just got the 13 on steam…I would love to win 14.. I am just starting a podcast and I have to say your really helping me with your videos!

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