Sony DSCHX80/B High Zoom Point & Shoot Camera (Black)

Sony High Zoom Point and Shoot Camera Review. Sony HX80 review by analysing its specs and
features and listing out its pros and cons compared to average competitor cameras in
its class. Considering that the average weight of Compact
type cameras is 188g, Sony HX80 is a significantly heavy camera for its class. With a thickness of 36mm, it is not small
either, 7mm thicker than the average of its class. In order to give you a better idea about the
real life size of Sony HX80, we have added an image of how it looks next to a credit
card and an AA type battery. Weather Sealing : Sony HX80 doesn’t have any environmental sealings
on its body so you got to be extra careful to protect it against water and dust. If you shoot under these conditions very often,
consider checking Top Compact Cameras with Weather Sealing page. Sony HX80 Camera offers exceptional wide angle
capacity thanks to 24mm focal length on the wide end and remarkable super telephoto reach
at 720mm. HX80 is also equipped with Optical image stabilization
system which is very handy especially at lower shutter speeds. Sony HX80 has a Tilting 3″ LCD screen with
a resolution of 921k dots. The screen size and the screen resolution
is up to the standards of this class. Sony HX80 will make your life easier with
its Selfie friendly screen. HX80 has a built-in Electronic viewfinder
has a coverage of 100%. 100% coverage ensures that what you see in
the viewfinder while shooting matches exactly what you will get later in your image. Accurate framing your shots and minimizes
the need for cropping images later. Max Shutter speed : Sony HX80 can shoot continuously at max speed
of 10.0 fps and has max shutter speed of 1 by 2000 sec. Flash : Unfortunately HX80 doesn’t have an external
flash shoe so you are limited with the built-in flash. Focusing : Sony HX80 features a Contrast Detection autofocusing
system. Sony HX80 also features Face detection AF
where it intelligently detects the faces in the frame and locks the focus automatically. Video Features : With Sony HX80, you can record your videos
at a highest resolution and save in MPEG-4, AVCHD and XAVC S formats. Full HD resolution of Sony HX80 will be adequate
in most of the situations. HX80 has a built-in Stereo microphone and
a Mono speaker. Sony HX80 doesn’t have any connections for
external microphones and headphones. Connectivity and Storage : Sony HX80 features built-in wireless connectivity
which lets you transfer your photos directly to compatible devices without any physical
connection. One other feature that we like is the ability
to use our smartphone as a remote to control our HX80. You can change camera settings, release shutter,
view LCD screen and tranfer files using remote control app. You can connect HX80 to compatible devices
via its HDMI port or USB 2.0 port. Battery : Sony HX80 is powered by battery which provides
a shooting life of 390 according to CIPA standards. Considering that the average battery life
of Compact type cameras is 255 shots, Sony HX80 has a good battery life for its class.
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