Sonic the Hedgehog Race! CAUGHT ON CAMERA Beyblade Burst

Hey Guys welcome to the Blast Zone! today is very exciting and interesting I just got out of the new Sonic the Hedgehog movie It was amazing and so funny! Im gonna show you a little secret I saw in the movie. From 1 scene They released a code for Sonic the Hedgehog to appear in the real world Im gonna have Sonic the Hedgehog in my studio! right now! Im so confident this code is real Im gonna challenge Sonic the Hedgehog to an actual race Why are these Hot Wheel tracks here? i challenged Sonic the Hedgehog to a Beyblade Race! Its a very special custom beyblade Like and Subscribe to my channel! Heres how the race is gonna happen Its a beyblade race against Sonic the Hedgehog Im gonna say the secret code for Sonic the Hedgehog to appear and then the race will begin In order to capture the speed of Sonic the Hedgehog i got this super slo motion camera

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