Single Light Studio Portrait Photography : Single Light Studio Photography Portrait Angles

In this segment, I just want to talk a little
bit about angling the soft box. A lot of times, I tend to use my soft box pretty well parallel
to the subject. But, you can point it in too, and as you can see, it illuminates the background
a little bit more. But it also provides a little bit more contrast on one side of the
subject. The shadows tend to get a little bit stronger around the nose. But, it also
helps for people who have inset, whose eyes are pretty well inset, and I think it tends
to work a little better with women sometimes. It’s one of those things that you just want
to play around. Each subject is different, and it’s just one of those things where you
just kind of want to move your light around until you get it where you want it. And the
only way you’re going to know, the most important thing is when you’re starting to play around
with this is play with it a lot. And then you’ll start to understand what you’re looking
for, and you’ll be able to achieve that.
In this segment, I kind of want to talk a little bit more about positioning the soft
box. Sometimes it looks great just to have it kind of, if you see a little bit more of
a fashion look, to almost have it pretty much straight in, you know, then you’re just kind
of peeking around the side to get the shot that you’re looking for. The nice thing about
the soft box is you can illuminate the background also at the same time without a big strong

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