Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra vs iPhone 11 Pro Max

– The Samsung Galaxy S20’s
are finally official. I’ve had some early
hands-on time with them, and in this video, we’re
going to be looking at how the Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra compares to the iPhone 11 Pro Max. What’s up guys, Saf here on SuperSaf TV, and let’s break down all of
the differences SuperSaf style. Now, looking at the sizes
of both of these devices, they are both very big. “That’s what she said” (laughs). “Micheal”. Now, the S20 Ultra I would
say is bigger overall. It’s quite a bit taller, it’s also a little bit thicker. But, the iPhone 11 Pro
Max is slighter wider, and it also weighs a bit more. Now, the reason why
the S20 Ultra is taller is because it does have a larger display. 6.9 display versus the 6.5 display on the iPhone 11 Pro Max. The iPhone 11 Pro Max has that notch with uniform bezels all around. The S20 Ultra has slimmer bezels and it has a punch up for
the front-facing camera. This is going to give you a
higher screen-to-body ratio. Now although both displays are based on OLED technology, which
is going to give you vibrant colors, very deep blacks, the S20 Ultra does have
a higher pixel density, which is going to give you sharper images, and more importantly, it does have support for a 120 Hertz refresh rate. Now the 120 Hertz refresh rate is only enabled at full HD plus. So, you are going to be
losing a bit of resolution, but in exchange for that,
you are going to be getting a much smoother experience. Now this will be particularly noticeable when you’re scrolling for example, or when you’re in games
and this is a big advantage that we’ve got here on the S20 Ultra. And overall I think it’s easy to say that the S20 Ultra does get the
win here for the displays, and it’s got one of the best displays in the market, no doubt. Now let’s talk a little bit about the overall design and build. Both of these are very premium devices. We’ve got a combination
of metal and glass. The iPhone 11 Pro Max has
a stainless steel frame. The S20 Ultra has an aluminum frame, and both devices are also
IP68 water and dust resistant. Now the glass on these
devices is different. The S20 Ultra has a glossy
glass on at the back, and the iPhone 11 Pro max has
frosted glass on the back. Now I do prefer the frosted
glass on the iPhone 11 Pro Max because it attracts less fingerprints. The S20 Ultra can quite easily attract those fingerprints. You also have more color options
on the iPhone 11 Pro Max, four in total, whereas on the S20 Ultra, you only have the two color options. The Cosmic Gray and the Cosmic Black. Now things get quite interesting when we look at the camera modules. So, the iPhone 11 Pro Max
has the square camera module, and the S20 Ultra has quite a large rectangular camera module, which is also on the left-hand side. Now design-wise which
one of these you prefer is going to come down to
your personal preference, but we do have these camera modules for particular reasons. Let’s talk about the cameras. The iPhone 11 Pro Max has
a triple camera setup. All of these are 12 megapixels. You’ve got an ultra wide camera, you’ve got a primary camera and you’ve got a telephoto camera, which is going to give you
up to two times optical zoom and up to 10 times digital zoom. Now I’ve been using the iPhone 11 Pro Max since it came out and it’s
one of my favorite cameras. Very, very consistent indeed. Now the S20 Ultra goes
a little bit insane, because you also have the ultra wide, a primary, a telephoto. In addition to that you have
a time-of-flight sensor, which is going to help
with depth information, but let’s talk a little
bit about these cameras. So, the ultra wide 12
megapixels, it’s slightly wider than what we’ve got on
the iPhone 11 Pro Max, but then the primary camera
is a 108 megapixel camera, which is absolutely insane. That’s going to give you some
insane, insane resolution, and by default, you are
going to be shooting at around 12 megapixels but
what this is going to mean is that you’re going to be able
to combine nine pixels into one and that’s going to let you
get a lot more light captured on to that sensor. But if you do want to go full fledge and get the 108 megapixels resolution, you’re going to be able
to do that as well, and this is something that
I cannot wait to test out, but it doesn’t stop there. The telephoto camera on the S20 Ultra has 48 megapixels for resolution, and use this Prism Technology. This is something that we saw
last year on a few devices and it’s going to allow you to have up to 10 times hybrid optic zoom, and up to 100 times super resolution zoom, which Samsung are calling Space Zoom. Now I’ve only had a brief time to test out these cameras in the demo room. I couldn’t actually take any images away, but of course as soon as
I’ve got the S20 Ultra retail version in hand, we’re going to be doing a Supersaf style
side-by-side camera comparison and putting it up against
the iPhone 11 Pro Max. If you want to see that first, then be sure to subscribe
and hit that bell icon so you don’t miss that coverage. For video, the iPhone 11 Pro Max 4K up to 60 frames a second on all cameras, and I’ve said this many times before, but it has to date been
my favorite smartphone camera for video. Very, very consistent. The dynamic range, the colors
are all really, really good. The S20 Ultra also looks very promising and it can offer up to 8K video recording. Now this is the first
mainstream smartphone that’s going to have 8K video recording, and that’s just, maybe and I’m
just like absolutely baffled. 8K video recording on a smartphone. Now how good it’s going to be. Again I’m going to have to test this out. It’s very early stages right now but just having that capability on a smartphone is amazing. 2020 what a year to be alive! Now for the front-facing cameras, the iPhone once again
consistent 12 megapixels here. The S20 Ultra 40 megapixels. So, they’re really going insane with all of these megapixels. Once again you are going to
be getting some pixel binning, so you’re going to combining
like four pixels into one to let in a lot more light by default, but you’re going to be able
to go ahead and change this if you do want that full
40 mega pixels resolution. And both devices can also film 4K from the front-facing camera
at up to 60 frames a second. Now let’s talk a little
bit about the internals. The iPhone 11 Pro Max
has the 813 Bionic chip. The S20 Ultra is going to come with either the Qualcomm Snapdragon 865 chipset or the Samsung Exynos 990. Now which one you get is going
to depend on your region, and you also do get more
RAM on the S20 Ultra, but as you guys know when it
comes to actual performance, the software plays a big, big part, and we do of course have
a very different software. We’ve got a iOS 13 on
the iPhone 11 Pro Max. We’ve got Android 10 with One UI on top on the S20 Ultra. Now which one of these you prefer is going to come down to
your personal preference. I’m not going to go into an
Android versus iOS battle. I use both as you can tell, but one of the new
features that you’ve got on the S20 Ultra is Quick Share. Now as far as I understand
this works similar to Airdrop. So, you’re going to be
able to quickly share files between other Galaxy devices. Airdrop something that I
absolutely love on my iPhone, and any Apple products,
being able to share things very quickly and easily. In terms of speed and performance these are going to be absolutely fine. Of course one of the
advantages that you’re going to get with the S20 Ultra is
that higher refresh rate as well as the higher
responsive time for touch, which is 240 Hertz. So, it’ll be interesting to see how much this affects things like gaming. Now for storage, the iPhone 11 Pro Max does come with either 64,
256, or 512 gigabyte options at different prices of course. The S20 Ultra comes with
the base of 128 gigabytes. You can get up to 512 gigabytes as well. Now this is UFS 3.0 storage. So, this is faster storage and with the S20 Ultra, you
do get a micro SD card slot. So, you can expand the storage above that already large storage
version of 512 gigabytes. So, you can get a terabyte micro SD card and you can have up to 1.5 five terabytes on your smartphone. So, for storage the S20
Ultra does get the edge. Now for security the iPhone
11 Pro Max has Face ID, works really, really well. The S20 Ultra has the
ultrasonic in-display fingerprint sensor. And this is similar to
what we’ve seen last year on the S10 as well as the Note 10’s, and this is going to come down
to your personal preference. Now you do have the ability to use face recognition on the S20 Ultra, but this is not going to be as secure because it is just using
the front-facing camera. So, I would recommend using
the ultrasonic in-display fingerprint sensor. Now let’s talk a little
bit about the audio. So, both devices do have serious speakers, and unfortunately neither
of these have a 3.5 mm jack. This is something that
was kind of expected with the S20 Ultra. It seems like the S10’s from last year were the last Samsung Galaxy S devices with a 3.5 mm jack. And for batteries, the S20 Ultra does have a larger battery. You’re looking at around 25% larger. In terms of usage we’re going
to have to wait and see. The iPhone 11 Pro Max has been giving me some great, great battery life. So, it’ll be interesting to see with that 120 Hertz refresh rate how much of an impact that
has on daily battery usage. But the S20 Ultra does have
faster charging compared to the iPhone 11 Pro Max. Both devices also support
wireless charging. However, the S20 Ultra does have support for Wireless PowerShare. This is where you’re going to
be able to use your S20 Ultra to charge other devices wirelessly. So, this is particularly
useful for things like earbuds. If you’ve got your phone in
charge you can just flip it over and leave those on there. This is a technology that
we saw introduced last year with the S10’s and the Note 10s. Now before we look at the pricing, one big advantage that the S20 Ultra has is that it’s got support for 5G. This is something that the
iPhone does not have as yet. So, now this may or may
not be important to you, but if you are in a 5G enabled area, with the S20 Ultra you’re going to be able to take advantage of that because it comes default out
of the box with 5G enabled. Now let’s talk about the price. So, the S20 Ultra is coming in higher but you are getting more
storage and of course you are getting 5G. And this is going to vary,
this price is going to vary depending on your region. And in terms of availability
the iPhone of course is available right now. The S20 Ultra is going to
be available for pre-order from the 21st of Feb. And it’s going to be releasing
around the 6th of March in US and those all of the key differences between the iPhone 11 Pro Max and the Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra. As mentioned as soon as
I’ve got the S20 Ultra retail version in the house, we’re going to be doing
lots more coverage with it. If you want to see all of that first, then be sure to subscribe
and hit that bell icon so you don’t miss any of that. What do you guys think
of the iPhone 11 Pro Max versus the S20 Ultra? Which device would be your pick? Definitely drop me a comment below and let me know your thoughts. I hope you enjoyed this
video and found it useful. If you did, then do hit that
thumbs up button for me. Thanks for watching. This is Saf on SuperSaf TV. I’ll see you next time. It seems like the S10’s… – [AI Assistant] Guess what I found? – Shut, shut up.


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