Salamander Smiles for Camera!

– I always bring a water bottle with me and I actually use it to
help moisten the salamander. There you go buddy. A wet salamander is a happy salamander (upbeat drumming music) Oh hey coyote pack. Mario here. As you may know, we currently have our Brave Wilderness
Adventure Kit out now. And you know what edition it is? The Reptiles and Amphibians
edition, our favorite. Now what’s pretty cool
about what’s in this kit our very first poster, check that out. Now what’s so special
about this poster to me is the fact that we’ve actually used some of my images on here. For example, a lot of
the amphibian species that you see here like this red salamander, this glass frog and this dumpy tree frog. Now you might be wondering, Mario, how do you take such cool images? Well, it’s all about technique. So what we’re gonna do today
is take you out into the field and show you how you can actually get the same type of images. So grab your cameras (camera clicking) and let’s head out into the field and take some pictures. So I’m at one of my locations
where I tend to find a lot of amphibians. And I’ve got this one spot
where I think we could find a really charismatic
species to photograph. (upbeat music) There it is, our target species. The spotted salamander. Now they’re fairly common in this area and to find them all we have to do is flip over some logs. All right, this looks like a good log. It’s big, looks like it
actually situated down into the soil quite a bit. And with any luck, we’re
gonna find our target species. Right there, check it
out, a spotted salamander. This is a perfect spot for you buddy. There you go. The next step is to find a location where we can actually set this guy up to get some really cool shots. Ready? (cheerful music) I think this might be
a good spot to set up for a little photography session. So first step is, gonna actually set up a little spot here where we’re actually gonna
place this guy under. Gonna keep this guy here for now. Nice and hidden. And this is why I actually really wanted to find this species. It’s such an easy species
to handle, it’s safe. And of course we wanna be very gentle and be very conscious of the stress levels of this animal. So the fact that I could
actually place it down and cover it under some
debris to make sure it feels secure is really good. Especially while we set up our cameras. So I always go into the field and have my backpack. So this backpack, my camera backpack has all these little compartments that has my different photography equipment. Of course we’ve got the
main body and the lens. Today we’re gonna be
doing macro photography. And macro photography
requires a macro lens. Now what’s special about a lens like this is that you can actually get
really close to the subject. It’s got a one to on magnification. And that means that you can
see the details really well. And once again get
really close to subjects that are small like that salamander. Now of course every situation is unique. So the fact our subject
matter today is not dangerous. It’s not gonna run fast, it’s not just gonna hop away means that we can actually
be very deliberate with our set up and try to
get the best shots possible. So when working with amphibians it’s very important to
make sure we keep them nice and moist. Make sure they’re out of direct sunlight. And I always bring a water bottle with me. And I use this to keep
my hands nice and moist, it’s very important. And I actually use it to
help moisten the salamander. There you go buddy. A wet salamander is a happy salamander. So once you’ve got your subject in the right spot or position you gotta get creative with your angles. To me it’s very important to
get a nice low perspective on the species. It all depends on the
species we’re working with. For the spotted salamander it lives in a terrestrial environment. So I wanna get nice and low
to show that perspective. Just don’t be afraid
to get down and dirty. The first shot I’m
gonna get is what I call my tight shot. I wanna make sure I get it’s
face in a profile angle. (camera clicking) So when it comes to macro photography the goal is to basically almost
eliminate the background. You wanna make sure
the subject is in focus and that it’s the primary
focus of the viewer. Now when it comes to any
shot that you’re taking of a animal, the eyes are the focus, right? The eyes are not in focus, then unfortunately image is not as strong. Let’s go for the medium shot. (camera clicking) So I’ve got my tight
shot, I got a medium shot so now I’m gonna get the wider shot which is the entire body. This is what I kind of called
the field book shot, right? When you want to identify an animal, wanna make sure you got
the entire body in view. So that’s what I’m gonna do now. Get my wider field book shot. (camera click) Macro photography, it’s
one of my favorite types of photography out there. It really gives us a close look into the world of the small
and bizarre creatures. And I think that’s really neat. Hopefully this little photo session inspires you to go out
and get your own photos of the wildlife that
you find in your area. A spotted salamander
defintely did a great job. I think it’s time to put him back underneath his log. I’m Mario Delcoa. Be brave, stay wild, we’ll
see you on the next adventure. All right, thanks buddy. You were an excellent
model today, off you go. Wildlife photography does not require fancy or expensive gear. You can actually produce great results with a simple point and shoot camera. Or even your cell phone. And most importantly,
documenting your special wildlife encounters should always be a fun and creative process. If you thought the spotted
salamander was interesting make sure to go back and watch the episode where we feature another iconic amphibian, the Australian Green Tree Frog. And don’t forget subscribe and click the notification bell so you can join us on the next adventure. (coyote howling)


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