Roblox / Trick or Treat in Hallowsville / Haunted Halloween! Candy for money [KM+Gaming S02E03]

Argh, it’s a ghost! “Set me Free” Hello everybody! Welcome back to Kid Matters plus TV and today we are playing a Halloween …a Halloween game Trick or Tricking Hallows world (Hallowsville) If this is your first time watching, please subscribe And yeah, let’s get it into the game and actually play Ooo, I’m speedy Oh Somebody has a candy request. I only have five pieces of candy I’m not doing any mission. I just want to Trick or Treat for a while Oh, right, and the houses are up the hill I kind of want to do the spider mission …and find all the spiders, so I can get it (them) up to mom (the mother spider). But…after Let’s go find some of the..houses So, let’s ding dong on this door Give me those candies, boy Oh Oh Bye okay Let’s go get this ring-a-ding-ding “ring-a-ding-ding” Nope “Your lights are on…” “…but you’re not home” “Your mind is not your own” Try this house Okay, we got some candy. That was a weird glitch…but yeah It’s okay We grabbed all this candy and we’ve got… 12… …pieces of candy, I think Uh, I don’t know Whew nom nom nom nom nom nom “nom nom nom nom nom nom” Anyways… Um… So, our money… Hello I’ll give you… …five pieces of candy So… Hey…five pieces of candy was good, because now I am back to this Tried this place Looks pretty creepy Oh my god…No Oh I forgot that could happen, guys Oh, I’m down to four pieces of candy because of him What is it? Um… I need apples from the apple tree “On September 26 1774, John Chapman was born in Leominster Massachusetts When Chapman was a teenager, he moved with his family to Pennsylvania and became acquainted with the apple orchards and cider production of that area The beginning of a lifelong obsession with fruit trees in general and apples in particular that would lead to Chapman’s familiar nickname, “Johnny Appleseed”. His work as a pioneering Nursery man made him the figure of folklore and legend while still alive Famed for his kindness and generosity, his leadership and conservation, and symbolic importance he attributed to apples” Actually… I’ll give you my four pieces of candy. Gone. Hehe I need to buy… Is this Robux? Yes it is…(sigh) Cool, apples Okay, we found one apple tree Pumpkin quest. I got killed…I got killed by a pumpkin. I’m not helping that pumpkin We found one tree…ooo. We found a ghost that we were supposed to find on a mission “I ain’t afraid of no ghost” Ooo I can buy a bag. Hmm, which one would I want? I want that skeleton one…nah. That, a ghost A Booey ghost We found a bat for that mission that we had Oh wrong mission Okay, now we need, for this mission, to find all the baby spiders Okay Apples, what we need… Really!? Okay, here we go with the orange house A ring-a-ding-ding Uh..okay, we got some candy, guys There we go Wait one more piece of candy Here it is But wait… “Hello” “Hello…who is it?” Yay, purple house Oh, that’s a lot of candy “Mmm, num nums” “Mmm, oh, yes, num nums” okay, I thought that was a piece of candy ah, there wasn’t Really? You don’t just walk away How did she do that? Hey, by the way, you do not do this…in Trick or Treating, just throwing the candy on the ground. Pick up Candy I’ll give you one piece of my candy That leaves me 11 Somebody was already at this…that house Anyways… Ooo, this house would look Pleasant Huh, wonder what they’re doing with that spider Argh, it’s a ghost Whoa “Spooky scary skeletons. Send shivers down your spine” “Shrieking skulls will shock your soul. Seal your doom tonight” Trick or Treat. Really? And I thought… And I think that was one of her baby…one of her baby spiders…now I think that So, we’re going to the green house or red house? Green, because green is my favorite color What happens if the…in that house is a bad person? Well… Green is my lucky color, so there’s got to be nothing in the green house Retreat Oh, phew, it’s a person So… Not all people make people trick or treat But I want to be Spiderman Okay, hopefully this doesn’t have anything on it Okay, this is gonna be the good house…hopefully it is…or we’re close to getting…you know… Black candy, I wonder what that is Let’s just trick-or-treated Each house… like this one Ring the door Trick or Treat “Trick or Treat” Ah nom nom nom Hehe nom nom nom “A lot of people are using this um nom nom nom nom when they talk about wanting something that’s delicious” “um nom nom nom me? Me? Me um nom nom nom” “yes from you ” “Me actual nom nom nom nom?” “Yes” “Why me not get royalties on this?” Okay Okay, here we go Give me them candy “I want candy” Okay How do you get more candy? “All my candy Ha Ha Ha Ha” Okay, this house looks unpleasant Maybe it is, but it’s not because there’s a person Well, people on this game said nice costume And they didn’t realize that it was… …a passion…you know Oh, the tree Let’s go into the yellow house Ah Ah Whew I thought whoever has the decorations know. That would not be good No And stuff like that Let’s go Trick or Treat this astronaut …because we have enough (candy) “Trick or Treat” “We don’t have any candy” “No, we have a ton in the…uh…” “We did, but it’s gone” Let’s go Trick or Treat you… Hmm…mmm…I don’t know Let’s just go for… 6 Ah-hum spam that many young people. Please rest in peace (sigh) Uh-oh You…not stand in my… [?] Bye, you don’t get any candy Robot guy Wherever you are anyways I’m going to run Ah, whew Why are we getting the most candy, like, 20 I bet somebody got, like, lots and lots of candy There’s one the ghosts ghosty ghost I don’t know Uh…nope, I don’t want Robux Okay, we got… Oh, yeah Ooo, that person put in pretty decorations Except for that mouse, step on it Besides… What can it do to harm you? “Take his brain” “No, don’t take the brain” “Don’t take the brain” “Don’t worry, you won’t feel a thing” By the way, why do you have a mouse on your house? In your house Mmm, Bye Bye bye No, no candy? No? Well, bye “That would be a waste of time” Anyways… Hmm… where… where… Where should we…Ah, a….sss…no, it’s a… Why are there so many motor…motorcycles everywhere Anyways… “It’s a trap” Yep Only two pieces of candy? Really? I want a pet I want a dragon Go to the pet store Ding I should… Ready? Once they shut off the lights… What is it? I already talked to a person (sigh) fine Nom nom nom “Om nom nom, Om nom nom, Yum yum” “You make me go” “Om nom nom, Om nom nom, Yum yum” What else should we get? Hmm… Whoa There’s some quests down here I already did that quest Ready, guys? Set…Jump Criminal bat Pet store, Pet store, what we’re looking for Oh Oh, there’s some ghosty fish and weird looking spiders Um…some are ghosts…for some pets Mouse for pets, I already saw those A skunk for a pet? Who would want one of those? A badger no Where’s the dragon? No Really? You’re going to make me get the litle mousey Okay I can’t afford these? What? Weird I’m getting out of here. Now open Hmm… mmm A pirate ship? “We are away” “2 points to starboard” We’re going to leave it here today If you liked the video, please subscribe And leave it a like And, oh, don’t forget… Learning through play, explore what matters, guys Bye

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