ROBLOX Shark Bite! Let’s Play. EATEN BY & I’M A SHARK!! | Roblox SharkBite (Beta) [KM+Gaming S02E12]

Where is he? He’s gone? Oh, there he is “Set me free” Hello everybody, welcome back to Kid Matters plus TV. Today, we are playing Shark Bite…right And…I’ve played this game before, but not on the channel This is our first video on this channel I’ve played this game on my tablet… …but anyways… Um…the game…the game hasn’t basically um… started yet… It already started, but with different people…not me. I have to wait util the… um…games over Oh, they’ve got a telescope up here Oh, there’s the shark A little view of the…shark there he is “You’re gonna need a bigger boat” There’s the shark Oh, the human the survivor He’s calling out He’s calling out guys Calling out Because he was stranded on the island and he wants to get back out This island. Hi dude Hi…I bet he can’t see me because in the game… …um, you can’t really get on here for some reason, but the other people can see It…makes no sense Oh, you can get out of there, no wonder he’s out of there here Can this go… …out for no reason so… Oh, two people survived Who are those people? Anyways Hmmm Robuxs Well, the flare is 79 I’ll get the flare gun Good use for if you’re like… Trapped on there or… Don’t have a boat… …or if the Shark’s near you can call an emergency signal and they’ll know where (cough)… to go 4…3…2…1 Bloop Who’s the shark? What about me? Ah, it’s not me There’s a world (?) you want Which boat? This boat I’m going to join some people. I’m going to join… …the people that actually survive Unless I want join my boat, I mean it’s a pretty good boat. It’s decent I don’t know that for sure…anyways… So we can steer the boat …by doing the arrow key thing Oh… oh oh boat There we go…um…turn turn Oh, boat, don’t want to go that way Yeah, it’s a pretty decent boat It’s safe for myself But other people all have better boats and I have this kind. So, where’s the shark? I want to shoot down the shark. Be with the person (?) …very first solve the low money (?) Me, I would be surprised Anyways, I’m gonna go on this island and take a little break from all this…stuff No, but then we can’t get back on So let’s turn around and then… Yeah, how about we go… Here we go oh oh Oh, this person has a bad… Oh, I saw the shark Oh oh oh…whoa Whoa whoa whoa whoa no no no no no no oh no oh…oh no, oh no, oh no What happened? …to our boat? It’s like shaking… …it’s like rattling Hopefully this will… Here…let’s just wait it out until it’s balanced. If I see the shark come below me, I am… …going… okay Done shaking Let’s move on That was weird. Once I got, like, off of the boat… really started shaking see…again Oh, I saw the shark No, no time to go fishing Why would somebody want to go fishing? okay where’s the… where’s the… Where’s the shark? Oh, it’s over there Ooo Aw… He wants…oh… Okay, we got to get out of here before the shark gets us okay too fast Too fast…turn This is for somebody, like… I have a fish on the…. Oh my god Oh God I saw the shark um… “My leg” Ugh We died Okay, view of the shark There’s no other sharks with him Anyways, I’m going to… …go up here, like…this one Um… yeah What was that all about? Ah That was the shark. The shark survived. We lost Yeah, I’m going to be locked in the cage too. How are you opposed to get locked in there? How do you locked in there? I’m going to get in there too Oh, come on How do you… How did you guys get in there? Oh oh okay cool We’re in the little jail cell Okay, who’s this? I’m going to choose this boat Uh…I’m gonna join this Oh, he wants to join. Oh sure, join. Oh, no…uh Okay, fine We got…motorcycle (jetski) so at least that’s cool He’s the only one that wants to join me oh my god Hey, get on here…quick Get on Okay, there we go How does this…How do you drive this? Well this is way too fast Oh, alright, okay…she’s… …on the back …of this Yeah, you pull out your gun that’s…that’s a
good choice Because, I’m gonna be driving At least I have… …um…a person behind me too I wonder if I can send a friend request …too Yeah, I’m gonna let her do the friend request thing, but I don’t… Oh, Shark, shark, shoot it Shoot it Shark Oh, that means we got to get out of here Oh, it’s going to be right below us. Um.. If it makes the noise… …then we’re in trouble. Oh Oh, you were shooting behind us A person’s duck boat was there That person has a big, like… …thing over there. Like a big boat. At least we’re surviving…good Like… If the shark ever chases after us We’ll still win, because our turning and driving is super…really good I’m going to go first person, like… We don’t know where the Shark’s going to go Like in real life Oh, that’s cool oh yeah So, we’ve… Like, it’s from real life and we’re in the shark survival thing Have to put on the radio yeah we have no radio Um… H to Honk, it’s kind of hard to drive like that like… oh, go…whoa whoa whoa Oh, that’s you No, I’m just going to go like.. …hang out near these people because it’s free um… Oh, we survived. We got a trophy for that Oh, yeah we
survived Okay, I’m going to trap myself in here with her just…up… You know I feel a kind of blame, it’s actually kind of… …waiting in here..and you get the… Only two people can join your boat Here we go Oh, there we go Get on…Get on If I become the shark, I won’t harm this person Because at least I know she always has the motorcycle Duck Oh, wait Oh, the shark’s, um…coming. Oh, we survived? Yeah Does the shark keep quitting? Please no…no, whew At least it’s not us. Hmm Uh… Where is she? Unless she doesn’t join, I’m just… Because I have nobody else with me ah Oh, my god Okay, survival…survival tips Well, this is cool, doing the first person. I’m going to honk. I’m going to crash into this person, alright? Oh, unicorn boat No, I’m not going to be one of those trolls I mean one of those trolls Oh, god. Shark near Shark near Shark near, Oh Where is it, that… Where did the shark come from? That’s why you always…have it out this way So you know where the shark is? But apparently it’s underwater, so I have nothing… …to worry about oh woo Oh, there’s the shark I’m going to come towards him because he’s a shark Okay, if I hear a “Da da da” Let me… Oh… Where is he? He’s gone? Oh, there he is Reload is R? Away! Go You’re worried not cool Oh God I was not prepared for that. He’s coming for me Oh, there’s… …the shark. I thought I was coming for me He is, but… Oh I’m going to pull out my gun. If I… If I hear… I’m gonna sit… Okay, I going to sit on the top of my boat Like… Oh, it’s gone dark…that’s… Who are you? Okay, come on Back on my boat…back The back of my boat Get on Hi dot dot dot Yeah, I’m just gonna drive, right No time to be talking “When you have to shoot, shoot. Don’t talk” There’s a shark out there Yes, seriously, if you were in a shark Um, danger thing there’s no time to talk to someone Like, no time Yeah, I can’t respond to you because I don’t know how… Oh, hehe At least she survived… At least she wasn’t near the shark I mean, I’m here…I’m only on this boat to kill the shark And you don’t want to be…with that shark okay shark Shark going to be here? Huh? No? no? Not a single shark? Why isn’t the shark coming for me? Because…because I’m…trying to hurt you? yeah It’s a good answer This is…junk I wonder if he’s coming after me But, I don’t know Time’s up we win Somebody died So whose the shark? I am Woo You are the shark Attack the boats oh there’s a target eye I’m a shark Five points…for getting a boat because he’s noob, and you can see the glare of the engine And their swimming path Good so… I…what nobody knows…is that I… Huh Oh, how do I stop? ah ah How do I get out of here? Dark Yikes Do you always wander? What Okay, so you try to stay under the water What’s that? Oh, that’s an engine Nope, so if I come up… …right on top of it Then my (?)… Oh Got hit okay Ow, who’s shooting me? Oh, that’s under the water dude dude dude dun dun…Oh Sh…uh Yikes, there’s a lot of people under the water Oh, there was a lot of people on this boat Guys…and this is the most… Ugh…yeah Really, I’m swimming away. Swim Away Swim away Okay, five shark tooth Glitters, I need to find Glitter That’s one I’m going really fast Nice Oh swimming tell bad (?) Oh… …he said “my leg” Looks like that kind of… (?) “my leg” heh Well, you’re not going anywhere Because this guy’s going somewhere okay Yeah, it looks like he’s going up. I’m going for the boats now How about I go for the boats, yeah. There’s a boat Really? Directed Got him okay He’s…deep here So, we’re going to get this…person…that’s swimming… …this way I wonder if any, like… …boats are around, because that would be bad There’s no boats, like, literally. I destroyed… Wait… There’s one last boat? No, that’s a human No, that’s a boat boat Yeah, that’s a boat It’s a boat What, they aren’t on there “my leg” Oh, I ate the person Did I get everyone? No, there’s still a boat “Well, the pitty pitty patter of the little bitty feet’s…” “Gonna pitty pitty patter through our house” I’m a savage shark Savage Time’s up Two people survived Looks like I… …mostly did good Shark tooth, good Heheheh I’m the winner the shark eating But anyways… That’s going to be it for today, everybody. If you enjoyed this video… …give it a like and subscribe and hit the bell icon too If you see the little bell icon empty and not ringing the sad little bell Thanks for watching Bye


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  2. Sharon Koenig November 11, 2017 at 2:46 pm

    Sophia and I are watching, she LOVES Roblox! She hasn't played this one. You've gotten her so excited to go play it now. LOL

  3. Joseph 47 November 11, 2017 at 3:05 pm

    Hi KidMattersTV, Awesome Video!  👍

  4. Two Geek Girls November 11, 2017 at 5:00 pm

    ROTFL at the Jaws clip. Cool game. I've never heard of it but thanks for sharing the walk through.

  5. Anneaventures toys review November 11, 2017 at 10:45 pm

    This game is super cool
    My daughter use to play

  6. 1DoctorGenius November 13, 2017 at 6:23 pm

    nice gameplay :)Like #9

  7. Zwilookids TV November 21, 2017 at 5:43 pm

    Great game, great background my friend.

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