Ricoh Theta V 4K 360 camera review… in 360° VR… and 4K

hi everyone and welcome back to my
channel. Today we are reviewing the new Ricoh theta V 360 camera which films in
4k. I have concocted this amazing thing I
have on my head. I think it would make any inventor jealous… or maybe not
I took a GoPro head mount, i screwed on a small tripod and then set the 360 camera
onto that one. It’s filming upside down but i’ll turn that in post. I’ve had
the Theta S for a few years now but I got to borrow this theta V not too long
ago, and this is my review. I do hope that the sound will be okay and not pick up
too much wind. One thing I noticed when I was gonna set this up is that the audio
input or output is blocked by any or every tripod I have. That sucks because I
wanted to use my small lapel mic and I did try it without the tripod and it did
sound pretty ok so. I might be losing this head the
contraption of mine. oh wow. Just look that way, that way, and you’ll
see the god rays coming through the clouds. It’s kind of cool.
Anyway the new theta v 360 camera does shoot in 4k so I’m very excited to see
the results of this. It also features 360 tiny planet stitching. I can show you
some of that in a bit, but basically you can make the footage like a tiny planet
and it’s really cool. And as I’m talking now you can can look around and you see
the snow-covered trees and yeah I’m walking in the middle of the woods here. I’m just gonna try to move slowly out of
here and yeah, I think that my head contraption might not been the best idea,
so I’m gonna head to my car again and I’m gonna plug in the lapel mic and
hopefully we can get some steadier shots. And better sound so just walk with me
enjoy the view and yeah let’s head to the car. I’ll try to keep this as steady as I
can. I think the sound is much better now with the new mic. Here’s a photo of the
bottom of the Ricoh theta V and as you can see, I plugged in the mic and there
is not much room left for any tripod of any sort, and that really bugs me because
you have to hand hold the theta V, if you’re gonna use mic or something. I do
like the camera. I really enjoy it. The thing is you need to set it to
manual because I tried it so many times doing Auto mode and the white balance
also in order it was completely off the charts it was so blue now did not yeah I
couldn’t even save it in post in premiere because the blue was destroying
the footage the problem is if you’re gonna set it to manual you need a phone
and the Ricoh theta app and that’s where you set all the settings let’s see I
wrote something down here so yeah the Ricoh theta V has a
proximity distance of about 10 centimeters so I can put this like this
and it should be focused maybe not I don’t know 10 centimeters but anyway the
shooting modes are as follows the still image you can choose between auto auto
settings shutter priority is a priority and manual and a manual yep you have to
use the app for that but it’s totally worth it because the
all the settings they don’t they just don’t cut it the video it’s Auto but you
can set the exposure compensation and the ISO or sorry the exposure
compensation and the white balance the ISO settings for still image it’s
automatic ISO between 64 and 1600 in pride ISO priority mode it’s between 64
and 3200 in manual mode you can set it as same as ISO priority mode from 64 to
3200 in video you can choose between sixty four and six thousand six thousand
four hundred it’s a bit high and you get a lot of grain but as for white balance
you have the in still image mode you have Auto the outdoor shade the cloudy
the incandescent light one two daylight color fluorescent light natural white
fluorescent light white fluorescent light light bulb color fluorescent light
color temperature between 2,500 to 10,000 kelvins
oh that was hard to say I strongly urge you to use the manual mode in the phone
app I can show you if you look the other way like that as you can see I I don’t
have a live view when I’m recording video which kind of sucks but ya can’t
do much about that right now I’ve set it exposure
compensation to 0.7 the white balance is at 5300 I might have overblown this a
bit it’s a bit light but then again the weather is switching so I wanted to be
on the safe side yeah you see the remaining time I can
film 4k footage up to 25 minutes at a time 4k battery level and yeah that’s it
in still image mode you do have some you do have some options down here for HDR
rendering and search it’s just but yeah the the app is preferable when shooting
video the worst thing that happens is you shoot some images you think they
look great and you come home and they’re not that great at all they blew their
grainy smut not much you can do after that
I guess when the camera stitches it all together to a 360 video it kind of
distorts the image a bit and you lose some quality one thing I’ve noticed with
the theta V is that the backlands on the this side is sticking out a little bit
more than the lens on this side and I know I talked in my video at the first
look at the theta V that didn’t do a good job at stitching so I might it
might be that I got a faulty product or that the lens sticking out on the back
it’s a yeah it’s a manufacturing error and I think that might be the reason why
the stitching isn’t that good I’m going to show you on the theta s here let me
get it the theta s looks almost identical to
the theta B as I said in my previous video the only noticeable thing is that
this has a darker color and it doesn’t have the audio output input here the
thing is they have removed the HDMI port and put our audio input there as you can
see in the middle here that’s the tripod screw and beside it is where the audio
port is on the theta V I don’t know about you but I can fit the tripod here
anywhere so using the theta V with a tripod and a mic it’s not really
possible if you don’t have a special special tripod with a long screw which I
don’t have I can always do like this I can hold it but sometimes you just want
to put it on a tripod show something and talk while you do it
I can do like this but it’s not optimal and I would love for the audio jack to
be on either side of the camera instead it would be so much better as for price
yeah it’s almost $500 in Sweden I think oh maybe even more it’s an expensive toy
I am however going to the local hotel in a few days to shoot some room images for
them so it can be used for professional use but it also is a very fun toy to
play around with especially here in the slopes because putting this on someone
who snowboards or skis it could look pretty cool with
the tiny planet edits which you can do in the theta app it’s very easy you just
connect the camera to the phone via Wi-Fi and you transfer the images or
movies the thing is transferring videos is
super slow and I would recommend importing them to a computer it’s much
faster but you do have to you do have to convert the footage through the reco
computer app unfortunately but yeah you can edit this footage in premiere for
example I done it today the file sizes of the footage are huge let’s see I
don’t know if I can show you now camera is basic but the 3-minute video which I
recorded now is about 1.5 gigabytes and that’s pretty big I know I haven’t done
any cool views or something or edits in this video but it’s mostly because I
wanted to show you how 360 camera operates and that you can move around
while watching this and hopefully it still looks pretty cool I will take a
stroll to the lookout point again with the lapel mic and maybe you can hear
something other than the wind just gonna lock my car you never know who’s up up
at the mount and trying to steal stuff probably no one but you know no there we
go so this is where I usually go to shoot I think it’s a beautiful place and
I really enjoy being up here yeah would I recommend you buying this camera
yeah if it’s for fun to to shoot some planet videos to maybe bring with you
when you do some fun stuff going on holiday or something once again if you
look that way that that way you can see my hometown of Europe so down here it’s
a pretty stunning view and this is actually where I shot most of my photos
you see on Instagram I’ll link it in the description I don’t know if you can see
this on the camera but there’s some awesome God raised over there and God
raises when the Sun comes down through the clouds and you see the different
race like that it looks stunning I haven’t done much reviewing of technical
stuff yet and I don’t know if this is a good one
but I hope this will get you some information and an idea of the Ricoh
theta V camera I do like it it’s fun to play around with and I have borrowed
this from the Swedish distribute distributors and I’ll link to them below
I’m gonna return this in March so hopefully I’ll get a few more 360 videos
in here on my channel hey try not to fall here
but yeah I I do I do enjoy it it is somehow it adds a bit of flair to
the videos and especially we can get those tiny planet once they look really
cool blending in with regular footage put footage
sorry for my mumbling here but it’s hard walking talking and holding this at the
same time and yeah 360 video you can edit it edit that pretty much as any
video you do you can change the settings in Premiere to see a 360 view kind of
you see you get a little square like that and you can choose the starting you
and yeah you see it like like you see on YouTube for example it’s pretty easy and
yeah you can cut and edit as much as you want you can color correct and
everything so I did get a warning on the theta V a red light started blinking it
looked like there was some insufficient space on the built-in memory card but I
deleted some old videos and it went away the hardest thing with this camera is if
you’re gonna film and the lights change you have no idea how the footage will
look until you watch it off you recorded it because you can’t see the live view
as you can see here it’s all black and yeah it’s hard to to review the footage
before you get home because if you click and I want to preview the footage on the
phone you have to click the image on the camera and it will download so if you
have a over 1 gigabyte file it will taste you up towards 10 minutes to
transfer that file because the transferring is pretty slow
and that’s why I recommend you to transfer it when you get home but yeah
that’s about it I hope you liked this review I know it
wasn’t the best one and I stutter and I drift away and I’m not that good at
talking but I hope you liked it and please ask me some questions about the
camera if you want to know because I really enjoy it even though it’s pretty
expensive the files are big the other settings isn’t that good and the problem
with the audio input it it actually is pretty fun so thank you for watching and
I’ll see you next time see ya you


  1. Carola in Paris February 23, 2018 at 5:36 am

    Oh, interactive video watching. Quite cool that this is possible, but I think I won't be watching many videos in that form, too much decision of which way to look. 😂

  2. NERDSMERIZED February 23, 2018 at 6:06 am

    Very cool brother this was dope great review keep it up

  3. Mangiacake February 23, 2018 at 6:41 am

    Nice rally lights 🙂

  4. Lars-Åke Ahlm February 23, 2018 at 6:50 am

    I don't like the blue shadows in the snow.
    Stich looks bad.
    Perhaps the white snow bothered too much.

    We'll see how it will look like when I bring my Theta V to Miami and New Orleans in March.

  5. The Beard Bringer February 23, 2018 at 8:04 am

    How do you like 360 videos like this?

  6. Stupid Robot Fighting League February 23, 2018 at 8:21 am

    I just watched your beard. You are like sooo nerdy about cameras. Right on!

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