Restaurant Flyer Design – Photoshop Tutorial

Let’s start by creating a New Document CTRL+R to show rulers Grab 4 guides to the 4 edges Increase Canvas by 0.25 inch in both Width and Height The area outside the guides is the Blead Area “This area will be cropped in the flyer printing process” Hold ALT+SHIFT to resize with a fixed ratio around center Add Levels to darken the background Add a new layer below Levels layer Grab a Brush tool with low Opacity and Flow Paint to add some darkness to the other edges CTRL+ALT+Z to Undo CTRL+H to hide guides Change to Multiply mode and reduce Opacity Select first layer then hold SHIFT and select last layer to select all layers between them Open the Ribbons image NOTE: If you have Illustrator you can open the ribbons .ai file and copy the ribbon you want from Illustrator and paste it in Photoshop. Use Magic Eraser Tool to remove Background Keep Tolerance high a bit Select the ribbon with any selection tool then Press CTRL+J to take it to a new layer Drag, Hold, Drop Take this part with CTRL+J CTRL+T to free transform Use Eraser Tool to remove the unneeded parts Decrease Size and increase Hardness Merge Layers Select then Ctrl+J Add the restaurant name Font: Archive, Size: 35 pt Double-click to open Layer Style Add Stroke Right-Click this little arrow and choose Create Layer to separate the stroke to a new layer Now we have a text layer and a stroke layer below it Hold CTRL and click to make a selection from the text layer Select the stroke layer and grab the Eraser Tool CTRL+D to remove selection Select the Move Tool then with the arrow keys start moving the stroke like this That’s it Font: Atlantic Bentley, size: 21pt Add another text layer “Presents” Font: Nexa Bold, Size: 7Pt Add another text “Free Delivery” or whatever you want CTRL+A to select the text then set the leading to auto Type the plate name. In my case it’s called “Spanish Paella” Warp Text: Flag Increase the ribbon size Add Color Overlay: white to the whole group Since the plate is circular, I’ll use the Elliptical Marquee Tool to select it From Center of the plate create a circle Hold ALT+SHIFT to make the circle goes from its center with a fixed ratio From Select>Transform Selection Adjust the selection to the plate edge Hit ENTER Drag, Hold, Drop With the same technique select the other 2 plates Adjust each plate brightness using a Levels adjustment layer Grab 12 icons and drop them in Photoshop Press ENTER multiple times Select first layer then hold SHIFT and select last layer to select all layers between them Group them Add a white color overlay to the group Check Auto-Select then distribute icons around the main plate Let’s speed things up a bit Drag “Icons” group under “Plates” group CTRL+X then CTRL+V to take what you’ve selected to a new layer CTRL+X and CTRL+V to take what’s selected to a new layer CTRL+X and CTRL+V to take what’s selected to a new layer Grab 2 guides to adjust fork and knife sizes Select the arrow layer Press CTRL+J then CTRL+T to duplicate a new arrow layer to the other plate then Flip Horizontally Again CTRL+J, CRTL+T, Flip Horizontally Select first layer then hold SHIFT and select last layer to select all layers between them Make a selection using the same previous technique as seen or use the Pen Tool if you want Select the “Background” layer then press CTRL+J to take what is selected to a new layer I’ll use the Pen Tool here for making a selection CTRL+J to take what is selected to a new layer I’ll use the Quick Selection tool for this tomato slice CTRL+J to take what is selected to a new layer Duplicate and put both at the left edge Let’s add a simple footer text to the bottom This footer consists of a 3 text layers with a 3 black rectangles Very Easy!, Do it on your own. I’ve used Bebas Neue Font here Let’s add some Adjustment Layers You can change all text and shapes blending mode to Dissolve and decrease Opacity a little bit to give you a chalky effect as seen Great!


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