RED and Facebook unveils the Manifold, a 3D and 360° VR Camera with 16 separate RED Helium 8K sensor

red and facebook have unveiled manifold
the new VR camera for shooting 3d and 360 degrees imagery it’s a first studio
ready camera system for immersive six degree of freedom storytelling inside
the manifold are sixteen separate red helium eight K sensors that arranged to
capture a full 360-degree six to F view the camera can record 8k raw footage at
60fps from all 16 cameras at the same time on the outside of the camera are
sixteen custom Schneider eight millimeters F / four 180-degree fisheye
lenses the control and storage devices can be placed 328 feet or 100m away from
the camera head itself using a single SMPTE 304 m cable for power control and
data footage Nats captured by the camera goes through Red’s image processing
pipeline and then Facebook’s depth estimation technology the end product is
high-quality video bursting with enhanced volumetric detail and movement
manifold is a single product that redefines immersive cinematography with
an all-in-one capture and distribution framework giving creative professionals
complete ownership of their 3d video projects from conception to curtain call
what this means for audiences is total narrative immersion in anything shot on
the new camera system and viewed through 6 – f VR headsets it’s nothing short of
a paradigm shift in our ability to tell stories the camera is designed to be
powerful enough to capture immersive Hollywood caliber movies instead of
sitting in a set watching a 2d movie you’ll be able to watch the movie from
inside the story manifold is the first professional camera to fully capture a
spherical set of images to accurately recreate entire scenes pricing and
availability of the manifold will be announced at a later date

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