Rainy Night Photography – Wangsimni, Seoul

so there’s a typhoon coming into Seoul
and I thought it’d be a good idea to go and shoot around Wangsimni station some
night shots so Wangsimni stations actually located
on the north side of Seoul it’s not a touristy place you know not many people
come up here and this isn’t unique you know there’s actually neon lights all
over the city it’s not just one area but the way I take photos is basically I
just like exploring you know trying out different areas see what I find that’s
one reason why people can’t copy my Instagram photos because I’m always on
the move I’m always going to new faces obscure places different areas so
basically I just walk and go in the direction that I’m going there’s nothing
particular that I look for when I take photos it’s just it looks good to me I
take a picture you know not our pictures are great on a good night I might shoot
around 500-600 photos and maybe a handful of them will be decent and yeah
I really it’s just up to the photographer to decide what looks good
to him or her you know and I always get this question for like regarding
settings I’m actually shooting Auto we’re not exactly Auto it’s more
like aperture priority but with auto ISO Auto shutter speed all that stuff so I
don’t like to worry too much about the settings when I’m taking pictures I just
like to focus on taking the picture itself you know
so these streets are actually a pretty busy despite it being a rainy day I like
the ambiance you know it’s not too noisy it’s just right people are going about
their own business they don’t seem to mind me stopping to take photos actually
there’s a really a big ball on your visor or maybe
they’re used to it but I just liked the raw feeling of it you know it’s like ah
like I said it’s not a famous area it’s just it’s just another neighborhood and
you’d be surprised what kind of things you can find in your neighborhood you
know if you just go out and explore and just go out and take pictures whether or
not there’s a typhoon regardless be sure to leave a like leave
a comment and subscribe if you haven’t we’ll be doing more of these you know I
am the rain photographer so thank you for everything
have a good one

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