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(AUTO GENERATEDTEXT) what’s up guys are back here the new
Indian today i’m going to introduce with the free wrightington software quality
it from the three experts yes so this is free hitfilm 3 X + video
reaches offers you can use to edit your videos and to manipulate some effects
animation and some cool things so to get it download first you have to
shake it’s linked to any public social (AUTO GENERATEDTEXT) sharing sites ok so i’m sharing it to the google plus
and now we have a career around to just put your name email address and password
and hit the purpose for logging and send (AUTO GENERATEDTEXT) free link okay so it says me to put my credential
in its history no I don’t want and one more thing the name is accessed
ok so let me just different name okay in the Pops oh so you can see email
has been sent to my inbox and now i’ll (AUTO GENERATEDTEXT) get the the download link so here is some information and ok let’s
go ahead and just down a bit so here are two kind of installer first
one for the windows and second on for the mac so as I’m using Windows
operating system i’ll go with the windows one and if you’re using the mac
and go with it so as a download gets complete we have
two followed the same installation model which we follow for almost every
software just installed next next next (AUTO GENERATEDTEXT) and that’s all it’ll get done well what I love about it it’s really
very cool which is really very free of course and
it have a really cool design means its user interface is very very nice so to get it activated you don’t need
any kind of serial key and support from (AUTO GENERATEDTEXT) it’s a no technical help right and you just
have to put your use email ID and possibly we have created earlier and
then it will tell you to restart I mean just the software ok so we have
to win the video editor again and it will get to done by itself so activation
is not complete and now we can go with the for the video
editing demonstration so here is the complete panel now we
have to create a new untitled project so let me make some common settings and
now we have to import some videos okay so mine one think that is this does not
support the dot avi . MOV files it does not support that kind of
extension it just supports . mp4 file so if you want to import all those r dot
avi and . a movie fight it’s very first convert them and then
try to import it in the video danger so you can see I have dragged the . mp4
file extension type and do you can see it’s in the timeline so the left panel
have lots of features and which you can try and you can play it so if you want
to learn about this i’ll give shortening in the description where you can learn
about it so tutorials that how to import export and what changes you can make in
it and how to give it all toward party animation effects and to export is very
simple who put the top of the corner and export to the directory where you feel
it will be great and do this is the link channel you will you will learn the
tutorials so i’ll put this link in the description of this was the video bomb
this video is really if you like this video don’t forget to
share and subscribe and see you in the next video goodbye yeah

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